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Bank of Credit and Commerce International Accusations in India

August 14, 1991 NEWYORK TIMES


India’s present prime minister Manmohan Singh has permitted the opening of the Paki

Crooks and Criminals bank that was operated by CIA and ISI in 1983 in return for favours while Manmohan Singh was the Reserve Bank of India governor. Manmohan’s daughter Amrit Singh got a foreign scholarship in return. BCCI is known to supply Paki pre-puberty girls by plane loads to Arab Sheikhs and the politicians in the 73 nations where the bank operated. BCCI had a protocol department for running the prostitution network. BCCI had a black operations department manned by ISI to further the operation of the bank. BCCI HAD BRIBED INDIA’S PRIME MINISTER INDIRA GANDHI, PRESIDENT CARTER AND SENIOR BUSH AMONG OTHER POLITICIANS. CIA USED BCCI FOR DRUG TRAFFICKING AND TERRORIST FUNDING. MANMOHAN SINGH WAS TAKEN IN TO THE CONGRESS PARTY AFTER THIS. CIA PUT PRESSURE ON INDIA TO INDUCT MANMOHAN TO P.V. NARASIMHA RAO’S GOVERNMENT AS ITS FINANCE MINISTER. CIA HAD AGAIN APPLIED PRESSURE TO PUT MANMOHAN SINGH TO BE MADE THE PRIME MINISTER WITH THE FOREGN SPY PLANT ANTONIA MAINO, ALIAS SONIA GANDHI. FULL REPORTS ARE AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS NATIONS THAT INVESTIGATED THE TERRORIST ACTIVITIES OF BCCI, AFTER THE COLLAPSE OF BCCI IN 1991 WITH A LOSS OF 16 BILLION DOLLARS. NOW READ ON THE NEWS REPORT.

An Indian opposition leader has accusedofficials in the Governments of Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and her son, Rajiv, of protecting the operations of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International. The lawmaker, George Fernandes of the Janata Dal Party, also said that B.C.C.I. had run a money-laundering operation in collaboration with Reliance Industries Ltd., a leading Indian industrial house, and provided jobs for the relatives of officials in Rajiv Gandhi's office. Mr. Fernandes, a former Industry and Railways Minister, made his charges in a letter to Finance Minister Manmohan Singh that was given to Mr. Singh's aides on Saturday. In the letter Mr. Fernandes said that "at least nine persons" from Mr. Gandhi's office had relatives in B.C.C.I. and that 55 Indian Government officials, including "senior civil servants," had "obtained scholarships from B.C.C.I. in foreign exchange for their children to study abroad, and most of these officers are from the Finance Ministry and other economic ministries." Mr. Fernandes did not cite any names in these cases. Reliance has denounced any attempts to connect it to wrongdoing with B.C.C.I., saying that such charges are "false, baseless, mala fide and a malicious attempt at misleading the people."
http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9D0CE4DC153DF937A2575BC0A9 67958260&n=Top/Reference/Times%20Topics/People/G/Gandhi,%20Rajiv

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