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ICAHD Alternative Tours

ICAHD Alternative Tours

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Published by: Itay Epshtain on Aug 22, 2012
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Join us for Alternative Tours of Israel and Palestine

Having provided thousands of people from around the world with top-quality critical tours for over 15 years, the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) is widely known for its knowledgeable tour guides and its grounded approach to the politics of Occupation and the difficulties of Palestinian life. On our tours you will see how Israel’s settlement project has created irreversible “facts on the ground.” You will better appreciate what a truly just and lasting peace would entail. If you wish, you can meet Palestinian families suffering under Israeli policies of separation and home demolitions. ICAHD believes that first-hand learning is the only way to grasp the social, cultural, political, and historical issues that underlie the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) is an Israeli peace and human rights organization established in 1997 to end Israel's Occupation of Palestine and to advance a just peace between the two peoples.

Tour Registration
To book a tour, contact the ICAHD Tour Coordinator at tours@icahd.org +972-2-6245560 or fill out the on-line form at www.icahd.org For group fees, please contact the Tour Coordinator. Tours depart from ICAHD's office located at 12 Hillel Street in downtown West Jerusalem. Groups can arrange for tour departures and briefings at their hotels. We look forward to seeing you on one of our tours.
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Alternative Tours of Israel and Palestine
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Contact Us
ICAHD 12 Hillel St. 91020 Jerusalem P.O. Box 2030 T +9722-624-5560 F +9722-622-1530 E info@icahd.org www.icahd.org








Our Tours
East Jerusalem Tour
Visit the settlements in East Jerusalem and the Palestinian neighborhoods threatened with takeover by Israeli settlers, the Separation Wall, the segregated Israeli roads that connect to Jewish settlements while isolating Palestinian neighborhoods, and see Palestinian homes demolished by Israel. Explore Jabel Mukaber, Silwan, Shiekh Jarrah, and Ras al-Amod to witness first-hand the Israeli policy of ethnic displacement and the disparity between the quality of life provided for Palestinians and that enjoyed by Israelis in Jerusalem.
3 hours / 150 ILS per person.

Jordan Valley Tour
On this tour you will be exposed to the Matrix of Control that Israel has laid over the strategic and fertile Jordan Valley, and to the exclusion of its Palestinian residents. Departing Jerusalem, we will visit the Palestinian villages of Fasayil al-Wusta and Al-Jiftlik. We meet Palestinian residents whose homes have been illegally demolished due to nearby settlement expansion. We observe the al-Hamra checkpoint and learn about restrictions on Palestinian movement throughout the Jordan Valley. Tour participants learn about the ways in which Israel’s Matrix of Control results in the immensely disproportionate amounts of water used by Israelis in settlements as compared to Palestinians in the region. Participants also observe how Israel expropriates Palestinian land by declaring “closed military zones” and “nature reserves.”
5 hours / 250 ILS per person.

Extended Study Tours
The extended study tours target internationals who seek participation in a tour which goes beyond the traditional tourist sites. We explore Middle Eastern history and culture and the social and political realities that affect Palestinians and Israelis. Participants witness the situation on both sides of the divide and travel to different geographical areas. Unique opportunities are provided to meet with key leaders to gain first-hand, in-depth knowledge and some of the latest analysis. Participants also sit with local people and hear their stories.

Tours take place in spring and autumn, and usually last for 11 days. Shorter thematic tours cater to specific interests and include healthcare and international law. Contact for more information and pricing.

Beit Arabiya
Located in the West Bank, on the outskirts of the village of Anata, just to the northeast of Jerusalem, Beit Arabiya is a living symbol of resistance to Occupation and the desire for justice and peace. As its name suggests, Beit Arabyia s a home belonging to Arabiya Shawamreh, her husband Salim and their seven children, a Palestinian family whose home has been demolished four times by the Israeli authorities and rebuilt each time by ICAHD‘s Palestinian, Israeli and international peace activists. The home is still threatened, but Arabiya and Salim have dedicated it as a center for community empowerment. Beit Arabyia provides a welcoming and functional setting accessible to everyone. It can accommodate up to 150 people, and provides home-cooked Palestinian refreshments.

"Greater Jerusalem“ Tour
The tour of what the Israeli government calls “Greater Jerusalem” explores the historical and political significance of Judaizing the West Bank in order to forestall any viable Palestinian state. We visit the settlement of Pisgat Ze‘ev to assess the impact of the settlement enterprise; follow the Separation Wall that separates Palestinian communities; and visit the Bedouin community of Khan al-Ahmar, at risk of demolition due to the expansion of Ma‘ale Adumim, a key to establishing a Judaized “Greater Jerusalem” in the center of the West Bank, distrupting the integrity of a future Palestinian state. The tour lasts approximately
4 hours / 200 ILS per person.

Jerusalem Old City Audio Tour
Take yourself on a unique journey that weaves together ancient history and culture with modern life and politics in Jerusalem. While many Old City Tours focus solely on religious and cultural history, ICAHD‘s Audio Tour provides the listener with an understanding of the religious, historical, and political backdrop to life in presentday Jerusalem. For a free, guided tour of Jerusalem‘s Old City simply download the audio files and print out the information flyer available at www.icahd.org
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Israel has laid a complex “Matrix of Control“ over the Occupied Palestinian Territory in order to make its presence and dominance permanent, and to eliminate the possibility of a two-state solution. By the end of our tours you will grasp the reality of the Judaization of the Occupied West Bank through the linked policies of home demolitions, the practice of land expropriation and settlement expansion, the resulting territorial fragmentation, and the devastating restriction of movement.
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