SAPA Summer School Wizard of Oz Script

Narrator 1: Auntie Em:

On her Aunts farm in Kansas, Dorothy would spend her days with her dog Toto dreaming she could be far, far away. Dorothy! Miss Gulch said if Toto doesn’t keep off her path she is going to hit him with a rake! Now please do me a favour today and go and find a place to play where you can’t get into any trouble. Oh Toto, I wish I could find such a place. Somewhere where everything is good. (Song - Somewhere over the rainbow)


Narrator 2 Dorothy Aunt Em Dorothy Aunt Em Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Narrator 1 Dorothy Toto Doroty Toto Glinda Dorothy Glinda Munchkin 1 Munchkin 2 Dorothy

Little did Dorothy know that her life was about to change. Oh no! It’s a cyclone! Dorothy! Toto get into the house! Dorothy! The house began to shake, The house began to shiver, The cyclone ripped the house from the ground and into the air…………. Suddenly it fell to the ground. Dorothy found herself in a colourful and magical land. I think it’s all over Toto. I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. No we’re not. Toto you can talk! Haha, yes it looks like I can! Hello there. Who are you? I am Glinda the good witch of the north. But the question is….. Who are you? I’m Dorothy. From Kansas.

Wait here and the Wizard will be with you as soon as he feels like it! I am the great and the wise and the wonderful Wizard of Oz! How dare you disturb me from my Wizardly….Munchkin 1 Munchkin 2 Toto Glinda Munchkin 1 Munchkin 2 Glinda Is Kansas a big Kingdom?. Welcome to Emerald City. They are very magical shoes.. Oh great evil one. Why should I do this for you? You have no right to ask me to do anything for you unless you do something for me. Please your Wizardship.Ding Dong the Witch is Dead) Dorothy Glinda I can’t stay here. Wizardness! Who are you? Explain yourself! I am Dorothy. I have to get back to Kansas.uh…….. Get to work! (Gives her a . Don’t feel bad.. Good bye. Munchkin 1&2 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! Glinda He lives in Emerald City. A flying monkey greets them. The only one who can help you is the Wizard of Oz. (Song . I need to get back to my home in Kansas. Wicked Witch I know what you’re up to. To get there you must follow the yellow brick road. You must kill the wicked witch of the west! Don’t come back until you do! I have spoken! Scene Change Narrator 3 Monkey Dorothy and Toto make their way up to the Castle of the Wicked Witch of the West. (Glinda gives Dorothy Ruby Slippers) You must take her slippers and never take them off or give them to anyone. Munchkin 1&2 Follow the yellow brick road! Glinda Good luck Dorothy! Remember what I said about the slippers. (Song . Full of magic? Nope! It’s just full of Cornfields! You’re funny! Welcome to Oz! We want to welcome you to Munchkin Land… and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for killing the wicked witch of the east. she was a very evil witch. The wizard sent you to kill me! Isn’t that amusing! Seize her! (Monkey seizes Dorothy.Yellow Brick Road/ We’re off to see the wizard) Narrator 2 Gate Keeper Wizard Dorothy Wizard After a long and adventurous journey Dorothy and Toto arrive at Emerald City. there is someone here to see you.) Here’s my broomstick.

I don’t remember a promise ………….mop and a bucket) And when you’re finished you can mop the floor! (She noticed her shoes) Those shoes. I am an ordinary man. Hip hip Hooray! She was a very evil witch! You have saved us from her! All hail Dorothy! We’re free!!! Glinda Dorothy . you will be home.) There’s no place like home. in the blink of an eye. Here goes! (She closes he eye and clicks her heels. I killed the Witch like you asked. I killed her…. (Glinda appears) I am so sorry the wizard could not help you. where did you get them? Dorothy From the Wicked Witch of the East. they are magical! All you have to do is click them together three times and say “There’s no place like home”. What do you want? I want you to keep your promise. Come back tomorrow! Woof! Woof! Toto! No! (Toto barks at the wizard who starts to cry! You’re not a wizard at all. I was riding a hot air balloon one day and the wind carried me to Oz. I had no idea water would make her melt. There’s no place like home… You’ve killed her! You’ve killed our witch! Oh I’m sorry. There’s no place like home. you’ve been lying to us! I’m afraid so. It was an accident! Wicked Witch You killed my sister! It was you! Give me those slippers! Dorothy No. You want to go back home so very badly don’t you? You can use your slippers.. Wicked Witch Ahh!!!! What have you done! I’m melting!!!! Meeeeellllttttinnnggg! Monkey Chimp Dorothy Monkey Chimp Monkey Chimp Scene Change (Song – We’re off to see the Wizard reprise) Gate keeper Wizard Dorothy Wizard Toto Dorothy Wizard Back to Emerald City already? I’m surprised the Wicked Witch didn’t capture you! The Wizard will see you now. here’s her broom stick to prove it! Yes well. I am the great and wise Wizard of Oz. And. get away from me! (Dorothy throws water over the Wicked Witch).

. Narrator 2 and Monkey(8) 7. Narrator 1 and Chimp (7) 6. I promise Auntie Em! There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home! The End Characters – Dorothy (15 lines) Glinda (8 lines) Wizard (5 lines) Wicked Witch (3 lines) Munchkin 1 (5 lines) Munchkin 2 (5 lines) Narrator 1 (4 lines) Narrator 2 (4 lines) Narrator 3 (1line) Monkey (4 lines) Chimp (3 lines) Aunt Em (4 lines) Gate keeper (2 lines) Toto (4 lines – on all the time) Suggestion for parts: 1. Wicked Witch and Aunt Em (7) 5. Toto (4) . Wizard and Munchkin 1 (10) 4. Gate Keeper... narrator 3 and Munchkin 2 (8) 8. Glinda (8) 3.Auntie Em Dorothy Toto!. Dorothy! Where have you been? I have been far away to a land you can only dream of... Dorothy (15) 2.

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