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OB_Assignment MMS-37-A

OB_Assignment MMS-37-A

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Published by: Darshan Patil on Aug 22, 2012
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Report on Organization Culture

Organizational Behavior: Assignment 1

H. K. INSTITURE OF MANGEMENT STUDIES AND RESEARCH Authored by: Darshan S. Patil MMS/2011-13/A-37

Innovation & risk taking: L&T opens doors for new ideas from employees. Cost saving ideas. Employees are encouraged by rewards through many programs. 1. L&T do not stick to the old formats. Following are the list of characteristics along with the feedback that received and discussed during the course of this activity. Engineer. Being an old organization. L&T has managed that with preservation of its culture too. It has waged itself through time not only to survive but also thrive and grow global. a lot of discipline is what helps L&T survive. 2. where cash inflow is uncertain. Patil Technical Services Group. Attention to detail: "I believe that in a business. Safety Ideas. For example. adapting itself to the modern day corporate environment is not easy to imagine considering such a huge structure. Sr.” Report on Organization Culture | MMS/2011-13/A-37 1 .Report on Organization Culture Organizational Behavior: Assignment 1 Name of Company Interviewed person Department & Designation Interview Date : : : : Larsen & Toubro Sagar B. run by it HR and welfare departments for employees so they come out with new techniques. Environment friendly ideas etc. 2st December 2011 This report is to analyze the culture inside the L&T campus on the basis of certain characteristics. they changes it whenever necessary through their Research and Development Department.

having proven track record and professional skills. If you are bound to your work always take initiative and complete your responsibilities then you will be rewarded but failing to do these may lead to strong actions. analysis and attention to detail. 3. 4. In this organization employees are expected to exhibit precision. a caring and supportive culture. People Orientation: L&T has a very strong value system. There is a sense of pride in belonging to a fine organization . where individual and organizational goals blend for mutual success. Outcome Orientation: Because of the professional behavior constructed in the L&T output of the employee expected by management is always up to the mark.In L&T management pays an extra attention to the employee in terms of the precision of the work.of being part of one big family and of a winning team. woven together with a common culture of trust & caring. where talent is encouraged and skills honed. worldwide.where professionalism is a way of life. Team Orientation: L&T is a team of more than 29000 L&T-ites spread across multiple locations across the globe. disciplinary measures etc. 5. It has a culture that fosters positive and healthy competition between individuals and provides opportunity to learn and grow with the organization. It was concluded by one of the World's Big Five Consultants in a recent study conducted that L&T's culture was stronger than any of the other companies studied by the consultant. L&T employees share one common feeling . 2 Report on Organization Culture | MMS/2011-13/A-37 .

but at the same time. Aggressiveness: "L&T's culture focuses on delivering customer satisfaction through efficiently executed projects that meet the agreed-on criteria." 7. Stability: L&T offers employees more than a job . there exists a natural camaraderie among team and taskforce members that eases this stress greatly and contributes to a good working environment. L&T cares for the organizations growth as well as individual employee. Report on Organization Culture | MMS/2011-13/A-37 3 .it offers them a lifetime career with challenging opportunities for continuous development and growth in diverse fields of business.6. This demands high performance levels throughout and under tremendous time constraints. Ie. even under these stressful conditions.

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