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2012 Back-to-School Issue

2012 Back-to-School Issue

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ßßß08l 880k·10·$0000l 60l00

ß0¶08l ZJ, Z01Z
$0FFllNl81 10.
Murdo Coyote ~
Home of the
Jones County Coyotes
Pages 4-9
Kadoka Press ~
Home of the
Kadoka Area Kougars
Pages 10-16
New Underwood Post ~
Home of the
New Underwood Tigers
Pages 17-19
Pioneer Review ~
Home of the
Philip Scotties
Pages 26-32
Pennington County Courant
~ Home of the
Wall Eagles
Pages 20-25
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Íor your ínformalíon
ChiId Find for SpeciaI Education
With the start of the new school year, the local school districts
would like to remind patrons that Special Education and related
services are available to eligible children with disabilities, 0 to 21
years of age, without cost to parents.
Services are available, if appropriate, to children who have been
identified as: deaf, deaf blind, hard of hearing, mental retardation,
multi-handicapped, orthopedically impaired, other health impaired,
seriously emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, speech impaired,
visually impaired, or developmentally delayed.
Ìf you know of any child who may qualify for special services, but
are not already receiving them, pIease contact your schooI:
Jones Co. - 669-2297; WaII - 279-2156; New Underwood -
754-6485; PhiIip - 859-2679; or Kadoka - 837-2175.
ChIId nnd AduIf ÞufrIfIon
SorvIcos In fho Soufh Ðnkofn Ðo-
µnrfmonf of IducnfIon hns nn-
nouncod fho µoIIcy for froo mIIk or
froo nnd roducod µrIco monIs. Tho
µoIIcy nµµIIos fo chIIdron unnbIo
fo µny fho fuII µrIco of monIs or
mIIk sorvod undor fho ÞnfIonnI
SchooI !unch, SchooI Ironkfnsf,
nnd/or SµocInI MIIk Irogrnms.
Tho ndmInIsfrnfIvo offIco of onch
schooI fhnf µnrfIcIµnfos In fho
!unch, Ironkfnsf, nnd/or MIIk
Irogrnm hns n coµy of fho µoIIcy
fhnf Is nvnIInbIo for rovIow.
ChIIdron from fnmIIIos whoso
Incomo Is nf or boIow fho IovoIs
shown nro oIIgIbIo for froo or ro-
ducod µrIco monIs. ChIIdron from
n housohoId whoso Incomo Is nf or
boIow fho IovoI shown for froo
monIs mny bo oIIgIbIo for froo mIIk
If fho schooI µnrfIcIµnfos In n fod-
ornIIy fundod µrIcIng SµocInI MIIk
Irogrnm. InmIIIos mny nµµIy for
froo or roducod µrIco monIs or froo
mIIk for fhoIr chIIdron for schooI
yonr 20l2-20l3 nccordIng fo
guIdoIInos offocfIvo JuIy l, 20l2.
AµµIIcnfIons wIII bo µrovIdod fo
nII housohoIds by fho IocnI schooI.
Tho schooI wIII uso fho µrIor
yonr`s oIIgIbIIIfy sfnfus (froo, ro-
ducod µrIco, or µnId) from Insf
yonr for uµ fo fho fIrsf 30 dnys of
schooI or unfII n now nµµIIcnfIon
Is nµµrovod or dIrocf corfIfIcnfIon
Is obfnIn, whIchovor comos fIrsf.
HousohoIds fhnf nro curronfIy
on SuµµIomonfnI ÞufrIfIon AssIs-
fnnco Irogrnm (SÞAI) or Tomµo-
rnry AssIsfnnco for Þoody
InmIIIos (TAÞI) wIII rocoIvo Iof-
fors from fho schooI IndIcnfIng
fhnf fhoIr chIIdron nro oIIgIbIo for
froo schooI monIs. Thoso fnmIIIos
shouId nof comµIofo nn nµµIIcn-
fIon for froo monIs. If fho fnmIIy
bocnmo oIIgIbIo for bonofIfs nffor
schooI gof ouf In fho sµrIng, fho
fnmIIy shouId fIII ouf nn nµµIIcn-
fIon nnd IIsf fhoIr cnso numbor so
fhoy gof fho froo bonofIfs rIghf
nwny. AII chIIdron In housohoId
wIfh nny housohoId mombor ro-
coIvIng bonofIfs undor TAÞI or
SÞAI nro oIIgIbIo for froo monIs.
InmIIIos rocoIvIng commodIfIos
fhrough fho Iood ÐIsfrIbufIon
Irogrnm on IndInn !osorvnfIons
(IÐII!) cnn roquosf nn Inforn-
goncy AcfIon ÞofIco fhnf cnn bo
broughf fo fho schooI In µInco of
nn nµµIIcnfIon fo documonf oIIgI-
bIIIfy for froo monIs. AII chIIdron
In housohoId wIfh nny housohoId
mombor rocoIvIng bonofIfs undor
IÐII! nro oIIgIbIo for froo monIs
If fho schooI knows fhoy nro In fho
If fho schooI knows of chIIdron
who nro homoIoss, runnwny, fos-
for, from n mIgrnnf housohoId, or
who nro onroIIod In Hond Sfnrf,
fhoy wIII sond n Ioffor fo fho
housohoId foIIIng fhom fho chII-
dron nro oIIgIbIo for froo monIs. If
fho housohoId doos nof gof n Ioffor
or hns quosfIons, fhoy shouId con-
fncf fho schooI. Tho housohoId
musf nofIfy fho schooI If If choosos
fo docIIno bonofIfs.
Iosfor chIIdron fhnf nro undor
fho IognI rosµonsIbIIIfy of n fosfor
cnro ngoncy or courf nro oIIgIbIo
for froo monIs. Any fosfor chIId In
fho housohoId Is oIIgIbIo for froo
monIs rognrdIoss of Incomo.
HousohoIds mny IncIudo fosfor
chIIdron on fho nµµIIcnfIon, buf nro
nof roquIrod fo IncIudo µnymonfs
rocoIvod for cnro of fho fosfor chIId
ns Incomo.
To nµµIy for froo or roducod
µrIco monIs, ofhor housohoIds
shouId fIII ouf fho nµµIIcnfIon nnd
rofurn If fo fho schooI. An nµµIIcn-
fIon musf IncIudo fho nnmos of
chIIdron for whom bonofIfs nro ro-
quosfod, nII housohoId mombors
nnd fhoIr monfhIy Incomo or dosIg-
nnfIon fhnf fhoy do nof hnvo nny
Incomo, nnd bo sIgnod by nn nduIf
housohoId mombor wIfh fho Insf
four dIgIfs of fhnf µorson`s socInI
socurIfy numbor. IncomµIofo nµµII-
cnfIons cnnnof bo nµµrovod for froo
nnd roducod µrIco monIs. AddI-
fIonnI coµIos nro nvnIInbIo In fho
schooI offIco. Tho InformnfIon µro-
vIdod on fho nµµIIcnfIon Is confI-
donfInI nnd wIII bo usod for fho
µurµoso of doformInIng oIIgIbIIIfy
sfnfus for schooI monIs nnd TIfIo I
An oIIgIbIIIfy doformInnfIon Is
good for fho whoIo yonr; howovor,
nµµIIcnfIons mny bo submIffod nf
nny fImo durIng fho yonr. Confncf
fho schooI If n housohoId mombor
bocomos unomµIoyod or If fho
housohoId sIzo chnngos. Tho chII-
dron from fhnf housohoId mny bo
oIIgIbIo for froo or roducod µrIco
monIs or froo mIIk durIng fho fImo
of unomµIoymonf If fho housohoId`s
Incomo fnIIs wIfhIn fho Incomo oII-
gIbIIIfy guIdoIInos. InformnfIon on
nny nµµIIcnfIon mny bo vorIfIod nf
nny fImo durIng fho schooI yonr by
schooI or ofhor µrogrnm offIcInIs.
If n µnronf or gunrdInn Is dIssnf-
IsfIod wIfh fho ruIIng on fho nµµII-
cnfIon for oIIgIbIIIfy, sho/ho mny
confncf fho doformInIng offIcInI on
nn InformnI bnsIs. If fho µnronf or
gunrdInn wIshos fo mnko n formnI
nµµonI, nn ornI or wrIffon roquosf
mny bo mndo fo fho schooI`s honr-
Ing offIcInI for n honrIng fo nµµonI
fho docIsIon.
Somo schooIs mny chooso fo
sond n sµocInI nofIco nbouf fho
ChIIdron's HonIfh Insurnnco Iro-
grnm fo housohoIds wIfh fho nµ-
µIIcnfIon. If µrovIdos n wny for
schooI µorsonnoI fo know If fnmI-
IIos wIII nIIow fhom fo uso sfu-
donfs' oIIgIbIIIfy sfnfus for ofhor
µrogrnm bonofIfs. Tho docIsIon
whofhor or nof n housohoId Is oII-
gIbIo for monI bonofIfs or nof Is
nof nffocfod by fhIs form.
Þon-dIscrImInnfIon Sfnfomonf:
ThIs oxµInIns whnf fo do If you bo-
IIovo you hnvo boon fronfod un-
fnIrIy. In nccordnnco wIfh IodornI
Inw nnd !.S. Ðoµnrfmonf of AgrI-
cuIfuro µoIIcy, fhIs InsfIfufIon Is
µrohIbIfod from dIscrImInnfIng on
fho bnsIs of rnco, coIor, nnfIonnI orI-
gIn, sox, ngo, or dIsnbIIIfy. To fIIo n
comµInInf of dIscrImInnfIon, wrIfo
!SÐA, ÐIrocfor, OffIco of AdjudIcn-
fIon, l400 Indoµondonco Avonuo,
S.W., WnshIngfon, Ð.C. 20250-
94l0, or cnII foII froo (866) 632-
9992 (VoIco). IndIvIdunIs who nro
honrIng ImµnIrod or hnvo sµooch
dIsnbIIIfIos mny confncf !SÐA
fhrough fho IodornI !oIny SorvIco
nf (800) 8??-8339; or (800) 845-
6l36 (SµnnIsh). !SÐA Is nn oqunI
oµµorfunIfy µrovIdor nnd om-
If n chIId noods n sµocInI dIof ns
µroscrIbod by n docfor, fho houso-
hoId shouId confncf fho IocnI
schooI`s food sorvIco mnnngor.
Tho Incomo scnIos boIow nro
usod fo doformIno nn nµµIIcnnf`s oI-
IgIbIIIfy for froo or roducod µrIco
monIs If fho housohoId Is nf or
boIow fho guIdoIInos.
GuideIines for 2012-13 free or reduced meaI programs
Annual Annual Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly
House Size Free Reduced Free Reduced Free Reduced
1 14,521 20,665 1,211 1,723 379 398
2 19,669 27,991 1,640 2,333 478 539
3 24,817 35,317 2,069 2,944 478 680
4 29,965 42,643 2,498 3,554 577 821
5 35,113 49,696 2,927 4,165 676 961
6 40,261 57,295 3,356 4,775 775 1,102
7 45,409 64,621 3,785 5,386 874 1,243
8 50,557 71,947 4,214 5,996 973 1,384
Add for each
5,148 7,326 429 611 99 141
Ono of fho bosf wnys fo oncour-
ngo your chIId fo comµIofo hIs ns-
sIgnmonfs comµofonfIy nnd on
fImo Is fo cronfo n homowork sµnco
fhnf's nII hIs own.
Tho sofuµ IIrsf, consIdor your
chIId's sfudy sfyIo. If sho Is onsIIy
dIsfrncfod, n socIudod, quIof sµof
Is bosf, buf If sho's moro comforf-
nbIo workIng wIfh ofhor µooµIo
nround, chooso n cornor of fho IIv-
Ing room or kIfchon. Mnko suro
fho nron Is froo of cIuffor nnd fhnf
ofhor fnmIIy mombors rosµocf
"homowork fImo." WhIIo musIc
mny bo okny nf Iow IovoIs, TVs
shouId bo furnod off vory fow
µooµIo cnn rosIsf bocomIng dIs-
frncfod by TV. Iuf no mnffor
whoro your chIId doos hor homo-
work, fho !.S. Ðoµnrfmonf of Id-
ucnfIon rocommonds fhnf fho
sµnco hns brIghf IIghfIng, roInfIvo
quIof, nnd cIoso-nf-hnnd suµµIIos.
Two ofhor ossonfInIs nro n ron-
sonnbIy Inrgo work surfnco nnd
comforfnbIo sonfIng. If you cnn nf-
ford fo buy nn ndjusfnbIo chnIr,
fhnf's gronf, buf you cnn nIso nd-
jusf your oxIsfIng furnIfuro by
sfnckIng µIIIows or ovon foIoµhono
books on fho sonf. If your chIId's
foof don'f rosf on fho fIoor, uso n
foofrosf, boxos, or moro sfnckod
foIoµhono books. A fInnI fIµ Is fo
uso n roIIod-uµ fowoI or smnII µII-
Iow bofwoon fho bnck of fho chnIr
nnd fho chIId's Iowor bnck fo µro-
vIdo Iumbnr suµµorf.
IInnIIy, Iof your chIId fnko µnrf
In cronfIng hIs sfudy sµnco so ho'II
fooI moro comforfnbIo nnd bo Ioss
IIkoIy fo fhInk of homowork ns n
choro. Your chIId mIghf fooI Ioss
InfImIdnfod If ho hns n fnvorIfo
sfuffod nnImnI sIffIng bosIdo hIm
fo "hoIµ" sfudy sµoIIIng words, or
If sho hns n "mngIc fhInkIng hnf"
fo wonr whon sfumµod by n mnfh
Comµufor smnrfs A fow nddI-
fIonnI orgonomIc guIdoIInos shouId
bo foIIowod whon your chIId works
nf n comµufor. Tho monIfor shouId
bo IovoI wIfh hIs hond, nnd If
shouId bo dIrocfIy In fronf of hIm,
nbouf l8 fo 30 Inchos nwny. Mnko
suro fhoro's no gInro fnIIIng on fho
scroon or uso nn nnfI-gInro scroon,
ns gInro cnusos oyosfrnIn. If your
chIId Is vory young, consIdor gof-
fIng n kId-sIzod koybonrd nnd
mouso or swIfchIng fo n frnckbnII,
ns IIffIo hnnds offon hnvo froubIo
usIng fhoso nduIf-sIzod comµo-
Þocossnry sfuff Onco you'vo
gof fho sµnco nnd furnIfuro cov-
orod, sfock uµ on bnsIc suµµIIos.
Ior youngor chIIdron, nIso IncIudo
nrfs nnd crnffs mnforInIs. Ior
oIdor chIIdron, IncIudo n dIcfIon-
nry, fhosnurus, nnd nn nfIns. !so
coIorfuI jnrs fo hoId suµµIIos, or for
n µorfnbIo oµfIon, uso µInsfIc
sfncknbIo cubos or ovon n sfurdy
shoobox. Ior kIds workIng nf n
common nron such ns fho kIfchon
fnbIo, brIngIng ouf fho "homowork
suµµIIos" Is nIso n gronf wny fo In-
dIcnfo fhnf sfudy fImo hns bogun.
Tho ofhor ossonfInI Ifom for nII
ngos Is n wnII cnIondnr whoro your
chIId cnn rocord nssIgnmonf duo
dnfos nnd ofhor Imµorfnnf Infor-
ThIs nrfIcIo Is from www.schoInfIc.com.
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Joneo County School Stuff ... Buck vow, I-R: Tony Bendu, JuyTee Seu!ey, Rose Comp,
Tevesu HutLewuy, Cuvmen MI!!ev, BetL Ieddevsen, Ronu!d KnIspe!, Jeunette Ðvuyev, TevI
KIns!ey, CLvIsty Bvost, Stucey BootL, Muvce!!u ScLmIdt, Tumuvu MutLews, Jody GIttIngs. MIdd!e
vow: StepLunIe Hespe, Ieu G!uze, MuvIbetL Tvumbo, June Ðuum, Betty Houv, Tevesu Pu!mev,
Genevose KnIspe!, Ðeb Venuvd, Tummy Vun Ðum, Bevev!y Bu!!, Andveu ÐIeLm, Jeunnette
Newsum, IovvIe £smuy. Ivont Row: Iuvvy Bu!!, SLuvon Amun, Iunu Ieddevsen, BetL Vun Ðum,
KutIe Venuvd, MuvgIe Petevs, BonnIe Ðow!Ing und AsL!ey Ivevsen. (Not pIctuved: Betty BenedIct
und TumI ScLveIbev.) Plo/o I, Korlee Bornee
Welcome back, students and staff
Title I Instructor
Reading/Physical Ed/1HGirls BB
CoCEO/Principal/Activities Director
W.R. Route Bus Driver/Custodian
1HFootball Coach
21st Century Program Director
Math/Elementary Instructor
Vocal Music/1azz Choir/Instrumental
Computer Tech
7-12 Math/ Girls Track Coach/S.C.
Financial Aid Coord/Counselor
Special Education
Elem. Instructor/21st Century Staff
Elem. Principal/Sp. Ed/RTI Coord/SE
Preschool Aide/Sp. Ed Aide
Spec Ed Aide/DDN Monitor/VB
Asst. BBB coach
Industrial Arts/Golf
Nurse/Spec. Ed Aide/DDN Monitor
Head Custodian
Secretary/Staff Assistant
1H/HS Library Aide/Staff Assistant
Board President/Asst. Girls BB Coach
Elem. Instructor/1HVB Coach/21st C.
Special Ed Aide
Grant Writer
Girls BB Coach
Board Vice President
Board Member/BBBCoach
Science/1H Music
Draper Bus Route Driver
Elem. Sp. Ed Aide/21st Century Staff
Board Member
Asst. FB Coach
Elementary Instructor
Lang Arts/1ournalism/Lit./Grammar
Elementary Instructor
Business Manager
History/Geography/SS/PE/FB Coach
Title I Aide/21st Century Staff
Special Ed Aide/Asst. VB Coach
Elementary Librarian/Staff Assistant
Kindergarten/Elem Vocal Music
Language/Science/21st Century Staff
Board Member
Sharon Aman
Beverly Ball
Larry Ball
Anthony Benda
Betty Benedict
Michael Boni
Stacey Booth
Christy Brost
Rose Comp
Dale Convey
1ane Daum
Andrea Diehm
Bonnie Dowling
1eanette Drayer
Lorrie Esmay
Beth Feddersen
Lana Feddersen
Ashley Geigle
David Geisler
1ody Gittings
Lea Glaze
Teresa Hatheway
Stephanie Hespe
Betty Hoar
Michael Hunt
Teri Kinsley
Generose Knispel
Gary Knispel
Ronald Knispel
Neil Krogman
Carrie Lolley
Scott Mathews
Tamara Mathews
Susan Moreland
1eannette Newsam
Brett Nix
Chris Nix
Teresa Palmer
Margie Peters
Marcella Schmidt
Tami Schreiber
1ayTee Sealey
Maribeth Trumbo
Beth Van Dam
Tammy Van Dam
Deborah Venard
Katie Venard
Chad Whitney
Jones County SchooI
Staff Positions
ktIiviIy ¡itkeIs ler l.f.
kIhleIit £veaIs
available at the high school office
Student: $15*
Adult: $35*
Family Pass: $40 w/adult pass
Regular price of admission:
Student: $3 · Adult: $5
Get that winning grin before you head back to school!
James C. Szana, DDS
Drs. Nick and Chelsey Renemans
669-2131 · Murdo, S.D.
Stop in before or
after the game!
The Rusty 5pur
K0yut btH£
If you are 60 or
get your free
at the JCHS office
for all
regular season
home games.
First pass
is free,
is $5
Pass is
at the
No invitational tournaments
or post season games.
3eotion A · Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
2012÷2013 Jones County
Sports Schedules
2012 Volleyball
28 vs Wall 6:30 p.m.
1 Gregory Tourney 9:00 a.m.
4 vs Philip 6:30 p.m.
6 @ Colome 6:30 p.m.
8 Philip Tourney 10:00 a.m.
11 vs White River 6:30 p.m.
13 vs Stanley County 6:30 p.m.
18 vs RC Christian 6:30 p.m.
20 @ Todd Co. 6:30 p.m.
22 Kimball Tourney 9:00 a.m.
25 @ Wall 6:30 p.m.
27 @ R.C. Christian 6:30 p.m.
29 vs Bennett County 4 p.m.
9 vs Lyman 6:30
11 @ New Underwood w/Kadoka
5:00 p.m.
13 @ New Underwood 3:00 p.m.
16 vs Kadoka 6:30 p.m.
22 vs Chamberlain 6:30 p.m.
30 District 13B @ Murdo
1 District 13B @ Murdo
6 Regions TBA
15-16-17 State TBA
Golf and
to be
in the
7 vs White River 6:30 p.m.
14 vs Wall 4:00 p.m.
15 @ Highmore 1:00 p.m.
18 @ Stanley Co. 3:30 p.m.
20 vs Colome 6:30 p.m.
27 Holiday Classic @ Kimball
28 Holiday Classic @ Murdo
4 vs Philip 6:30 p.m.
5 vs RC Christian 1:30 p.m.
10-11-12 J.C. Invitational
22 vs Lyman 6:30 p.m.
24 @ Kadoka 4:00 p.m.
26 @ Dupree 3:00 p.m.
29 vs Sully Buttes 4:00 p.m.
2 Highmore Classic
9 @ Gregory 4:00 p.m.
15 @ Bennett County 6:30 p.m.
22 @ New Underwood 6:30 p.m.
25 District 13B TBA
28 District 13B TBA
1 District 13B TBA
5 Region TBA
14-15-16 State @
Girls Basketball
4 @ NUHS 6:30 p.m.
11 vs Kadoka 6:30 p.m.
14 vs Wall 4:00 p.m.
15 @ Highmore 1:00 p.m.
18 @ Stanley County 3:30 pm
27 Holiday Classic @ Kimball
28 Holiday Classic @ Murdo
5 vs RC Christian 1:30 p.m.
8 vs Colome 6:30 p.m.
17-18-19 Southern Plains
Tourney TBA
24 @ Kadoka 4:00 p.m.
26 vs Bennett County 4:00 pm
29 vs Sully Buttes 4:00 p.m.
31 vs NUHS 6:30 pm
2 Highmore Classic TBA
5 vs Philip 6:30 p.m.
12 @ White River 6:30 p.m.
14 @ Lyman 6:30 p.m.
18-19 & 21 District 13B TBA
26 Region TBA
7-8-9 State TBA
2012 Football
24 @ Colome 7:00 p.m.
31 vs Philip 7:00 p.m.
14 vs White River 7:00 p.m.
21 @ Kadoka 7:00 p.m.
28 @ Lyman 7:00 p.m.
5 vs Wall 7:00 p.m.
12 vs Lower Brule 7:00 p.m.
18 @ New Underwood 7 p.m.
23 1st Round Playoffs TBA
29 2nd Round Playoffs TBA
3 3rd Round Playoffs TBA
8-9-10 State @ Vermillion
All times Central
Please drive
Right: Neu fuceo in the
Joneo County School
Diotrict . Buck I-R: Gen-
evose KnIspe!, Tumuvu MutL-
ews, BetL Vun Ðum, Jody GIt-
tIngs. Ivont: Andveu ÐIeLm,
Iunu Ieddevsen.
Plo/o I, Korlee Bornee
Right: School cuotodi-
uno. PIctuved Ivom !eIt to
vIgLt Is Tony Bendu, Tevesu
HutLewuy und BetL Ieddev-
sen. Plo/o I, Korlee Bornee
Cheerleudero. Top to
bottom: MudIson MutLews,
Cuvo! Ðvuyev, Becky Bvyun
und MIkuy!u Wu!dvon. (Not
pIctuved: SLuy!u Movun)
Plo/o I, Korlee Bornee
We hope it`s a
great school year!
Sc0ee| |· ¡a·t
a0ead .
·tep |a je-
a|| qea- ·aac0
aeed· at t0e
Ceaat-q Æa-t
Venard Inc
Welcome back to school Welcome back to school
Jones County students! Jones County students!
Tires & Service
Exit 191 ~ Murdo SD
Proud supporter of our
Jones County Coyotes!
Have a wonderfuI year!
Bad River Bucks
& Birds
Hunting Lodge
· luq,¬cll. whcal : l|lc
· laqback lccd -alc-
· lclrclcun ¡rcducl-
ll ¬
Cccd luck, Ccqclc-¦¦¦
3eotion A · Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Wo nro vory oxcIfIng nbouf fho
uµcomIng foofbnII sonson horo nf
Jonos Counfy. Wo nro IookIng for
our uµµorcInssmon fo Iond us fhIs
yonr. Ior fho fIrsf fImo In 3 yonrs
wo wIII hnvo moro junIors nnd
sonIors fhnn froshmnn nnd soµh-
omoros on our foofbnII fonm.
Wo fInIshod Insf yonr nf 5-3,
whIch wns gronfIy Imµrovod ovor
fho yonr boforo whon wo fInIshod
l-?. Tho boys hnvo boon µuffIng
fhoIr fImo In fho woIghf room
nnd wo woro nbIo fo go fo 2 cnmµs
fhIs summor ns woII. Wo wIII
hnvo nII of our sfnrfors bnck on
offonso nnd dofonso for fho fhIrd
sfrnIghf yonr nnd I boIIovo fhnf
fho oxµorIonco fhnf fho boys hnvo
goffon wIII bo koy fo our succoss
fhIs yonr.
If Iooks IIko our conforonco wIII
onco ngnIn bo vory comµofIfIvo.
Wo wIII hnvo fo como rondy fo
µIny onch wook, ns fhoro wIII bo
somo gronf fonms In our confor-
onco. Wo know fhnf wo wIII hnvo
fo gof boffor In n fow nrons of our
gnmo fo bo nbIo fo comµofo wIfh
fhoso fonms.
Wo woro forfunnfo onough fo
mnko fho µInyoffs Insf yonr, buf
wo wIII confInuo fo work hnrdor
fo go n IIffIo dooµor Info fho µIny-
offs. If wo confInuo fo work hnrd
nnd Imµrovo ovory wook, wo
shouId hnvo n vory succossfuI
sonson. ChrIs ÞIx wIII onco ngnIn
bo bnck ns our nssIsfnnf conch
nnd run fho dofonso.
JnyToo SonIoy
Hond IoofbnII Conch
Coyote football counts on experienced upperclassmen
Coyote 1oothull 2012 ... Buck vow I-R: Cody HIgLt, Cody Munke, Connov Venuvd, Ðy!un
KIns!ey, JoLn KIng. MIdd!e vow: Wyutt Webev, Sky!ev MI!!ev, CLud JoLnson, C!uyton £vuns,
Rundy Iebedu. Ivont vow, senIovs: Ky!e Munke, Wyutt Wu!kev, Gus Vo!mev, PLI!Ip MutLews,
JosL Ðuum und Wyutt Hespe.
Plo/o I, Korlee Bornee
Good luck to all of the area
students and faculty during the
2012~2013 school year!
Owned by those we serve
Murdo, S.D.
Member FDIC
°We're Your Neighbors & Friends¨
· Saving Accounts
· CDs · Loans
· Checking Accounts
· Mortgages
· Investments
· Annuities ~ Insurance
·Business Banking
· Security/Safety
See us for
We go the extra mile to make sure
our customers get the quality
service they deserve and expect.
ú0tH§ Íh£
J|-·t J|de||tq Jaa0
tee0|aq je-
a aea qea¹

The Mop
Call Karen for an
appointment today.
Go Coyot es!
WeIcone back to schooI!
WeIcone back to schooI!
Crder u pizzu
beføre ør uf1er
1be big gume
FuII Menu + DuiIy 5peciuIs
Cpen 7 duys u week
Ì-90 Exit 201 · Draper · 669-2979
Try øur 7 Ib. 5upreme Þizzu
"£very1bing is bigger u1 Tbe Nu1"
3eotion A · Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Wo shouId hnvo n good fonm
fhIs yonr. Wo hnvo fIvo sonIors
rofurnIng nnd fhroo who µInyod
VnrsIfy fuII fImo. Wo nro nIso
vory young bosIdos fho fIvo son-
Iors. Our froshmon nnd soµho-
moro cInssos hnvo n Iof of nfhIof-
Ic fnIonf nnd offor n Iof of
sfrongfh fo our courf.
!nforfunnfoIy wo`II bo sfnrfIng
wIfhouf our IIboro (dofonsIvo sµo-
cInIIsf), Jnnnn CInzo, duo fo n
forn AC!. Sho hns boon workIng
on sfrongfhonIng hor Iog bnck uµ
nnd wo`II gof hor bnck In µInyIng
rIghf nwny.
Wo Iosf n fow sonIors Insf yonr
nnd If wIII µrovo fo bo dIffIcuIf fo
roµInco somo of fhnf fnIonf, buf
mnny of our gIrIs hnvo µuf moro
offorf Info our off sonson whIch
wIII show on nnd off fho courf.
Tho fonm hns n Iof of mofIvn-
fIon fhIs yonr nnd n Iof of ronIIy
good fhIngs fo Iook forwnrd fo.
Wo`ro goIng fo como ouf sfrong
Augusf 28 vs. WnII nnd wo wnnf
nII of our fnns fo bo choorIng us
on wonrIng fhoIr ornngo nnd
AIso, fhIs yonr wo wIII hnvo n
¨Crush !oukomIn¨ nIghf honor-
Ing Insf yonr grndunfod sonIor
Ðncoy Irynn nf n dnfo fo bo
nnnouncod, nnd our ¨IInk
Iowor¨ nIghf wIII bo Ocfobor 22.
Ðross In your crnzIosf ornngo
ouffIf for ¨Crush !oukomIn¨ nnd
crnzIosf µInk for ¨IInk Iowor¨
AshIoy CoIgIo
Hond VoIIoybnII Conch
Lady Coyotes have full, busy season in front of them
Joneo County Volleyhull ... Jones County vo!!eybu!! p!uyevs uve, buck vow, !eIt to vIgLt:
Cuvo! Ðvuyev, RucLe! Buxce!, Guv!Ine BonI, A!exIs Hu!!Ingev, Tunu Vo!mev, Cu!!I G!uze. MIdd!e
vow: Sky!uv Gveen, Kuy!en Iuvsen, Ku!!I Hespe, MudIson MutLews, MIkuy!u Wu!dvon. Ivont vow,
senIovs: Junnu G!uze, NIckI Ke!!, Becky Bvyun, PuIge Venuvd und £mI!ey NIes.
Plo/o I, Korlee Bornee
Welcome back, and
good luck this year!
We have the best
burgers and
french fries and
Indian tacos!
Come on in!

I-90 Exit 192
· S
· P
· K
Let us help make it come true.
See us for ALL your
home improvement needs!
Gn t a
Dr c a m ?
Glenna, Dennis & Kevin ~ 669-2201
Charles Baker
Trucking, LLC
P.O. Box 444
103 Main Street
Murdo, SD 57559
Keep on truckin`, Coyotes!
You`re #1 with us, and we prove it.
We treat you right with friendly, full-service financial options
whether you`re planning for college or retirement - checking
accounts, savings accounts, IRAs, safe deposit boxes and more!
Member FDIC
669-2401 Draper
223-2337 Ft. Pierre
895-2595 Presho
Welcome back, students and faculty!
We hope this school year is the best one yet!
`t . t ìc u.
L. ¸ ¸ t s t I. n'
See us for your
back-to-schooI vehicIe!
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Jones County ScLoo! Bouvd membevs Iov
2012÷2013 ... Buck vow I to R: CLud WLItney, MIke Hunt,
Bvett NIx. Ivont vow: Scott MutLews und CuvvIe Io!!ey
Plo/o I, Korlee Bornee
WoIcomo fo fho 20l2-20l3
schooI yonr! A now schooI yonr
µrosonfs oµµorfunIfIos for vnrI-
ous bogInnIngs; now cInssos, now
fncos, nnd now mnforInIs. Your
chIIdron rocoIvo fho bosf oducn-
fIon whon you nnd our dodIcnfod
fonchors work ns n fonm. If's n
µnronfs onfhusInsm, suµµorf nnd
InvoIvomonf fhnf InsµIros chII-
dron fo do fhoIr bosf; nnd n
fonchor's nbIIIfy fo fonch whnf
fhoy nood fo Ionrn. Togofhor wo
cnn nchIovo wondorfuI fhIngs.
IoIng ouf of schooI doosn`f
monn our sfnff hns boon on vncn-
fIon from fhoIr work. Mnny
fonchors µnrfIcIµnfod In n book
sfudy nnd nffondod frnInIngs on
fho common coro sfnndnrds. Tho
cusfodInns hnvo dono n gronf job
In µroµnrIng fho buIIdIngs nnd
cInssrooms for fho sfudonfs nnd
sfnff. Tho offIco sfnff hns workod
dIIIgonfIy fo uµdnfo forms for
sfnff, µnronfs, nnd sfudonfs. Wo
nµµrocInfo nII fho sfnff hns dono
fhIs summor for our sfudonfs.
Wo commond our sfudonfs for
fhoIr ncndomIc nchIovomonfs.
ÐIsfrIcf nnd Sfnfo fosf scoros nnd
cInssroom µorformnncos confInuo
fo show µosIfIvo sfrIdos boIng
mndo by our sfudonfs. WhIIo wo
nro fIIIod wIfh µrIdo nf fho
nccomµIIshmonfs of our sfudonfs,
wo know fhoy wIII nood our con-
fInuod hoIµ fo succood. Howovor,
sfudonfs nnd sfnff cnn`f do If
nIono. Wo oncourngo you fo gof
InvoIvod wIfh your chIId`s cInss-
room nnd schooI ncfIvIfIos fhIs
yonr. VIsIf fho cInssroom. CnII
your chIId`s fonchor. !of us know
how fo boffor sorvo your chIIdron
nnd how you wouId IIko fo bo fur-
fhor InvoIvod In fhoIr oducnfIon.
Wo wnnf fo woIcomo Andron
ÐIohm who wIII bo fho counsoIor
fwo dnys n wook. Tnmnrn Mnfh-
ows wIII bo 5fh, ?fh, 8fh, grndo
scIonco fonchor, IIoIogy,
Advnncod IIoIogy nnd ?fh nnd
8fh vocnI Insfrucfor. Jody CIf-
fIngs wIII bo fho IndusfrInI Arfs
Insfrucfor, 5fh nnd 6fh grndo II
nnd goIf conch. AIfhough nof now
fo fho schooI KnfIo Vonnrd wIII bo
fonchIng 6fh grndo ScIonco nnd
!nngungo Arfs, IhysIcnI ScIonco,
nnd ?fh nnd 8fh grndo !nngungo
Arfs. Iofh Vnn Ðnm, Conoroso
KnIsµoI nnd !nnn Ioddorson wIII
bo our now µnrnµrofossIonnIs
workIng In fho schooI.
Jonos Counfy IroschooI/Hond
Sfnrf wIII bogIn Soµfombor 4fh.
Tho µnrkIng Iof on fho soufh sIdo
of fho buIIdIng hns boon rocon-
sfrucfod so µnronfs nro woIcomo
fo uso fho gnfo on fho norfh sIdo
of fho µroschooI fo brIng fhoIr
chIId Info fho buIIdIng or fo con-
fInuo fo uso fho µnrkIng Iof. If
you hnvo nof boon confncfod
nbouf µroschooI µIonso cnII MIsfI
Chosfor nf 669-2669 or 5l6-
Tho now schooI yonr bognn
Augusf 20fh. AcfIvIfy µrncfIcos
bognn fho l3fh wIfh fho fIrsf
foofbnII gnmo In CoIomo on
Augusf 24fh nnd voIIoybnII nf
homo ngnInsf WnII on fho 28fh.
AdmIssIon rnfos nro $5.00 for
nduIfs nnd $3.00 for sfudonfs.
AcfIvIfy fIckofs cnn bo µurchnsod
nf fho hIgh schooI. Sonson µnssos
for nduIfs nro $35.00 nnd $l5.00
for sfudonfs (oxcIudIng fournn-
monfs). Affor fho µnronfs hnvo
µurchnsod fhoIr µnssos nII of fho
sfudonfs In fhoIr ImmodInfo fnm-
IIy wIII bo $40.00. Tho !oynI IIuo
Inss for fhoso 60 yonrs nnd oIdor
Is froo.
As wo µroµnro for fho uµcom-
Ing sµorfs/ncfIvIfIos sonsons, If Is
nn nµµroµrInfo fImo fo rovIow fho
gonIs of our µrogrnm ns fhoy
Principals' Letter to the Parents
roInfo fo sµorfsmnnshIµ. As nn
oducnfIonnI InsfIfufIon, our
schooI Is commIffod fo fonchIng
our young µooµIo fo sof gonIs,
sfrIvo for oxcoIIonco, nnd fo µroµ-
orIy hnndIo whnfovor ndvorsIfy
fhoy oncounfor nIong fho wny.
ThIs nIm Is fho snmo In fho cInss-
room ns If Is on fho µInyIng fIoId.
Tho gronfosf chnIIongo fo good
sµorfsmnnshIµ Is ndvorsIfy.
Whon fhIngs nro nof goIng woII
fho onsy rosµonso Is fo shIff fho
bInmo; In µnrfIcuInr, fo shIff If
nwny from oursoIvos fo our oµµo-
nonfs, or moro offon, fo fho offI-
cInIs. Whon fhIs Is dono, fho
focus Is nwny from fho µosIfIvo,
¨fo µIny hnrdor or boffor,¨ fo fho
nognfIvo, ¨how cnn wo µossIbIy
ovorcomo fho bnd cnIIs.¨ As
fonchor/conchos wo fooI If Is
ossonfInI fhnf our nfhIofos mnIn-
fnIn n µosIfIvo nµµronch fo hnn-
dIIng ndvorsIfy. Wo nood fho
suµµorf of our µnronfs, ns roIo
modoIs, If wo nro fo nccomµIIsh
Af fImos nduIfs bocomo quIfo
vocnI nf confosfs nnd IoudIy crIfI-
cIzo bofh gnmo offIcInIs nnd
oµµosIng µInyors. ThIs fyµo of
nbusIvo bohnvIor Is counfor-µro-
ducfIvo fo whnf wo nro fryIng fo
fonch. In nddIfIon, If cronfos n
vory uncomforfnbIo onvIronmonf
for fho fnns fhnf como ouf fo suµ-
µorf fhoIr fonm nnd wIsh fo onjoy
fho gnmo. IInnIIy, If Is nn
ombnrrnssmonf fo our schooI nnd
fo fho young µooµIo on fho µIny-
Ing fIoId. Wo nro nskIng A!! our
fnns fo kooµ commonfs µosIfIvo
nnd uµbonf.
As n schooI wo hIro fho gnmo
offIcInIs durIng fho roguInr son-
son. AII of our offIcInIs nro
doomod comµofonf by our conch-
Ing sfnff, nfhIofIc ndmInIsfrnfIon
nnd fho SÐHSAA. Thoy nro nof
µorfocf, nnd fhoIr InforµrofnfIon
of fho ncfIon mny bo dIfforonf
from yours. Howovor, fhoy nro nn
ossonfInI µnrf of fho gnmo, nnd
fhoy nro doIng fho bosf fhoy cnn.
!of`s sfrIvo fo µny Ioss nffonfIon
fo fhoIr µorformnnco nnd moro fo
fho skIIIs of our young nfhIofos.
!of`s como ouf In fho comIng
wooks nnd choor on our fonm fo
succoss durIng fho uµcomIng son-
In cIosIng, wo oncourngo you
fo fuIIy ombrnco fho momonf nnd
urgo you fo fnko fho fImo from
your busy schoduIo fo bocomo
fnmIIInr wIfh our schooI, ns woII
ns cronfo n homowork-frIondIy
homo onvIronmonf fhnf wIII
nIIow your chIIdron fo oxcoI.
Thnnk you for your commIf-
monf fo your chIId's oducnfIon
nnd wo Iook forwnrd fo sooIng
you In fho vory nonr fufuro.
Mr. !nrry InII
Mrs. !orrIo Ismny
Good nutrition is essential for good learning!
Murdn FamI!y Fnnds
We work hard to bring you fresh produce, milk, meat,
coffee beans and so much more. We are your family
friendly grocery store, here to serve the Jones County
community.We appreciate your business!
Wishing Jones County a year to be proud of.
Corkµ´s Corkµ´s
Auto Suµµ|µ Auto Suµµ|µ
We|come back, students S
staff. Hate a great µear!
See us for belts, hoses,
windshield wipers, filters etc.
to keep your car running
efficiently this school year.
24-hour service
Light to Heavy Towing
0ood luck,
& Lady
Coyotes, ¡a
A|| Fro Iow|ng
669-2075 + Murdo, S.D.

$l8f f8Mll¶ 808l80f8ßl
welcomes fans and students!
Meet your friends here for a great meal!

Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
20 School Begins
3 Labor Day No School
10 School Board 8 p.m.
14 Homecoming
8 School Board 8 p.m.
12 Staff In-Service
Dismiss 12:30
19 Parent/Teacher
19 End of First Quarter
12 School Board 7 p.m.
21-23 Thanksgiving Break
No School
10 Staff In-Service
Dismiss 12:30
10 School Board 7 p.m.
21 End of Second Quarter
24-31 Christmas Break
No School
1-6 Christmas Break
School Calendar
7 School Resumes
10-12 J.C. Invitational BB
Tourney-Dismiss 11:47
14 School Board 7 p.m.
8 Staff In-Service
Dismiss 12:30
11 School Board 7 p.m.
7-8 Spring Break
No School
11 Parent/Teacher
11 School Board 7 p.m.
13 End of Third Quarter
14-15 Spring Break
No School
29Good Friday No school
1 Easter Break No school
5 Prom
8 School Board 8 p.m.
13 School Board 8 p.m.
19 Graduation
20 Last Day of School
20 End of Fourth Quarter
Murdo Coyote
Phone: 669-2271
Fax: 669-2744
E-mail: coyoteads@gwtc.net
The Source
for all your school news
Welcome back,
students & faculty
(605) 869-2150 or 1-888-868-3390
We value honesty, hard work and integrity.
You'll find that
when you call us
for all your
electrical needs!
The PowerCom
team wishes
Jones County
a year to be
proud of.
·Yellow flashing lights mean slow to
no more than 20 mph when passing
·Red flashing lights mean stop no
closer than 15 feet from the bus.
°cLee! l«s sa!et, reoi«!ers
Homecoming Week 2012
Monday, Sept. 10
Coronation 7 p.m.
Tuesday, Sept. 11
VB vs White River
6:30 p.m.
Thursday, Sept. 13
VB v. StanIey Co.
6:30 p.m.
Friday, Sept. 14
Parade 1 p.m.
Powder Puff game 3 p.m.
FB vs White River 7 p.m.
Have a
Membev I.Ð.I.C.
. when your hometown banker
knows you by name!
We offer free checking,
competitive rates for both loans and
investments and professional
financial advisors.
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Meet the school board
Kudoku Areu School Bourd of Educution . Inck
row (!-!): Mnrk WIIIInms, Kon !onsogrnv, ÐnIo ChrIsfonson nnd !oss
IIock. Ironf row: Ðnn VnndorMny, ÐJ AddIson nnd Ðnwn !ns-
--plo/o I, IoI,n Jonee
From Superintendent Jamie Hermann
WIfh fho ond of summor drnw-
Ing fo n cIoso, fho oxcIfomonf for
fho uµcomIng schooI yonr bogIns.
As I Iook bnck ovor my fIrsf
yonr horo In Kndokn, If corfnInIy
wns n momornbIo ono. I wnnf fo
fnko nn oµµorfunIfy fo fhnnk fho
communIfy, µnronfs, sfnff nnd
sfudonfs for nII fhoy hnvo dono fo
mnko fho Kndokn SchooI ÐIsfrIcf
whnf If Is fodny.
Throughouf fho courso of fho
summor fhoro hnvo boon mnny
chnngos fhnf hnvo fnkon µInco
wIfhIn fho Kndokn Aron SchooI
ÐIsfrIcf. Somo of fhom nro vory
nofIconbIo, such ns our Cronf HnII
ronovnfIon, nnd somo nof ns no-
fIconbIo, such ns frnInIng oµµor-
funIfIos for fonchors on fho Infosf,
gronfosf InsfrucfIonnI sfrnfogIos.
AII of fhoso chnngos wIII hoIµ us
movo forwnrd fownrds fho mIs-
sIon of fho schooI dIsfrIcf whIch Is
¨To µroµnro nII sfudonfs fo ronch
fhoIr fuII µofonfInI In nn ovor
chnngIng worId.¨
I oncourngo µnronfs nnd fho
µubIIc fo bo ncfIvo µnrfIcIµnnfs In
our schooIs nnd fo gIvo oncour-
ngomonf fo our sfudonfs nnd sfnff
ns fho schooI yonr µrogrossos.
Wo nIso hnvo n fow now fncos
In fho buIIdIng so I wouId oncour-
ngo you fo mnko confncf wIfh
fhom or sfoµ by.
My µrImnry focus fhIs yonr Is
fo Incronso sfudonf nchIovomonf
nnd rnIso fho ncndomIc bnr. Tho
focus wIII IncIudo sfudonf
nchIovomonf In rondIng, wrIfIng,
mnfh nnd nffondnnco. Þow µro-
grnms such ns nn IducnfIonnI
IC! µrogrnm In fho hIgh schooI
nnd n focus on Common Coro
Sfnndnrds wIII nssIsf us In
nchIovIng fhoso gonIs nnd nIIow
us fo monIfor µrogross nIong fho
wny. ThIs focus wIII bo Infogrnfod
Info ovoryfhIng wo do, onsurIng
fhnf wo kooµ our sfudonfs` suc-
coss nf fho forofronf ns wo nssIsf
fhom In ronchIng fhoIr fuII µofon-
Ono of fho fhIngs I ndmIro
nbouf our schooI dIsfrIcf Is fho
fncf fhnf If Is oµon nnd nccossIbIo
fo µnronfs nnd fho communIfy.
My door Is nIwnys oµon nnd I cnn
bo ronchod nf (605) 83?-2l?5 oxf
1Juco/ionoll, ,oure,
Jonie Hernonn
M|1wtst |a·aj
Kadoka, SD · Phone (605) 837-2235
Fod Knuison,
w|s||aç t|t Ka1aka stt1tats
î staII a st::tssIt| ytat|
We oppreo1o1e gour bus1ness!
Check our prices first
& aII we have to offer!
BuIk FueI and
Propane DeIivery
Grain and Feed
3 Cbeers før 1be
Møme Teum!
we're Þrøud øf 1be Køugurs!
Iodoko Press ~ Pondo & Pobyn
Shop: 410 8th Avenue · House: 802 Locust Street
Convenient location just north of the school!
Tires Batteries A/C
New Freon Machine!
Exhaust - Pipe Bender
Brake Lathe for your brake work
Clutches & Motors installed
General Auto Repair
º0n the farm" tractor and tIre repaIrI
for your tire
and service work.
to make aa appo¡atmeat
Vc cun nou nuIc I¸d¡uuííc Ioscs!

TrnnsµorfnfIon mIIongo Is µnId fo µnronfs who frnnsµorf fhoIr oIo-
monfnry chIIdron fo n bus sfoµ or fo schooI If fho mIIos frnvoIod nro In
oxcoss of fIvo (5) mIIos. Tho mIIongo rnfo for fhIs frnnsµorfnfIon Is sfnfo
rnfo -- curronfIy .3? µor mIIo. TrnnsµorfnfIon Is µnId fo fho schooI or
bus sfoµ cIososf fo fho rosIdonco. If fho µnronf choosos nof fo uso fho
bus or fo sond fhoIr chIId fo nnofhor schooI wIfhIn fho dIsfrIcf, mIIongo
Is µnId onIy fo fho cIososf bus sfoµ or cIososf schooI.
If your rosIdonco wIfhIn fho dIsfrIcf chnngos durIng fho schooI yonr,
confncf fho schooI fo doformIno fho bus sfoµ cIososf fo you.
Af fho bogInnIng of fho schooI yonr, n cnIondnr Is sonf fo onch µnronf
who wIII bo cInImIng frnnsµorfnfIon mIIongo. Inronfs nro nskod fo uso
fhIs cnIondnr fo kooµ frnck of fho dnys drIvon. Af fho ond of fho yonr
n frnnsµorfnfIon mIIongo cInIm vouchor wIII bo sonf fo fho µnronfs for
fho µurµosos of submIffIng fho mIIongo cInIm. Tho mIIongo vouchor Is
fo bo comµIofod nnd fho schooI nsks fhnf you nIso nffnch fho cnIondnr
fo fhIs vouchor. If fhoro nro nny quosfIons rognrdIng frnnsµorfnfIon
mIIongo, µIonso cnII fho Kndokn Aron SchooI busInoss offIco nf 83?-
!oquosfs for nssIgnmonf fo nn nIfornnfo nffondnnco confor wIfhIn
fho dIsfrIcf: A µnronf or gunrdInn musf submIf fho roquosf, In wrIfIng,
fo fho oIomonfnry µrIncIµnI fo bo nµµrovod by fho schooI bonrd.
MIIongo wIII bo µnId nccordIng fo fho nbovo µoIIcy.
<4PO<4 4F54 "<Ouq4F5"
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
1oothull cheerleudero . Inck row (!-!): AIIIo !omoro,
Scouf Sudbock, TorI !ofoIIIor. MIddIo row: ShoIby !hIIr, !nvon Jor-
gonson, TnyIor Morchon, MyIn IIorco. Ironf row: CnmI !hIIr, MnrInh
IIorco, JorIcn CoIIor. --plo/o I, IonJo Dennie
EIementary principaI Jeff Nemecek
HoIIo! My nnmo Is Joff Þomo-
cok nnd I nm fho now IK-5 µrIn-
cIµnI In Kndokn nIong wIfh fho
K-8 µrIncIµnI nf MIdInnd, !ong
VnIIoy nnd InforIor.
I hnvo boon mnrrIod fo my
wIfo, Ioccn, for oIghf yonrs nnd
wo hnvo fhroo chIIdron. Our oId-
osf chIId, Jnrod, wIII bo onforIng
kIndorgnrfon fhIs yonr In
Kndokn. MndIsyn wIII bo joInIng
fho µroschooI cInss. Wo nIso jusf
hnd our youngosf chIId, !oxI, on
fho 3rd of JuIy.
I comµIofod nII of my schooIIng
In Chndron, Þobrnskn, from
kIndorgnrfon nf Insf Wnrd IIo-
monfnry SchooI fhrough my Mns-
for`s In IducnfIonnI
AdmInIsfrnfIon nf Chndron Sfnfo
CoIIogo In JuIy of 20l0. My un-
dorgrndunfo dogroo Is K-8 Incho-
Iors of ScIonco dogroo In
IIomonfnry IducnfIon wIfh n
mInor In mnfhomnfIcs.
My fIrsf fonchIng µIncomonf
wns nf n CInss I (counfry) schooI
nnmod IrnIrIo Homo whIch wns
Iocnfod 20 mIIos soufh of
Chndron. I fnughf kIndorgnrfon
fhrough 2nd grndo nf IrnIrIo
Homo for fhroo yonrs. IoIIowIng
my fImo nf IrnIrIo Homo, I frnns-
forrod Info Insf Wnrd IIomon-
fnry schooI In Chndron ns n 3rd
grndo fonchor. I fnughf 3rd grndo
nf Insf Wnrd for four yonrs boforo
movIng fo 2nd grndo Insf yonr.
In 2008, I wns nwnrdod WnI-
Mnrf Tonchor of fho Yonr for fho
rogIon. I wns nIso forfunnfo
onough fo bo vIdoo-fnµod by fho
Þobrnskn Ðoµnrfmonf of Iducn-
fIon ns n modoI In usIng fho Ios-
son mnµµIng nssocInfod wIfh fho
Houghfon-MIffIIn !ondIng Iro-
IoIng now fo fho ndmInIsfrn-
fIvo fIoId, I nm vory much IookIng
forwnrd fo fho chnIIongos of boIng
n schooI ndmInIsfrnfor. My gonI
ns nn ndmInIsfrnfor Is fhnf of
boIng vory coIInbornfIvo wIfh nII
sfnkohoIdors In fho dIsfrIcf. Oµon
communIcnfIon Is vIfnI fo hnvIng
n succossfuI oducnfIonnI onvIron-
monf focusod on sfudonf Ionrn-
Ing. As nn oducnfIonnI Iondor In
fho Kndokn Aron SchooI ÐIsfrIcf,
I soo mysoIf ns n mofIvnfor of sfu-
donf IonrnIng. As n schooI dIs-
frIcf, wo wIII confInuo our focus
on fho Imµorfnnco of rondIng fIu-
oncy nnd comµrohonsIon. My
µInn Is fo omµIoy wookIy fIvo-
mInufo wnIk-fhroughs fo on-
hnnco communIcnfIon nnd
convorsnfIons nbouf offocfIvo
cInssroom fochnIquos fhnf cnn bo
shnrod bofwoon oducnfors.
I fooI vory forfunnfo fo hnvo
fho oµµorfunIfy fo work wIfh
such n cnµnbIo nnd woII-vorsod
sfnff ns n fIrsf yonr ndmInIsfrn-
for. I nm IookIng forwnrd fo boIng
n mombor of fho Kndokn, MId-
Innd, InforIor nnd !ong VnIIoy
Joff Þomocok
IIomonfnry IrIncIµnI

Ior vnrIous ronsons If mny bo
nocossnry fo cIoso schooI or fo
nIfor schooI hours. In cnso of nny
omorgoncy, such ns n bIIzznrd,
mnkIng If nocossnry fo cIoso
schooI, fho nnnouncomonf wIII
bo mndo ovor rndIo sfnfIons
KIMM, !nµId CIfy; KCIX,
IIorro; KI!I, IIno !Idgo; Chnn-
noI 6, KC!O (CIS); ChnnnoI 3,
KOTA (AIC). If wonfhor condI-
fIons IndIcnfo fhnf schooI mny bo
cIosod or doInyod In oµonIng,
µIonso kooµ funod fo ono of fhoso
sfnfIons for InformnfIon or
chnngos In fho bus schoduIos.
!Isfon fo fho nbovo rndIo nnd TV
sfnfIons bofwoon 6:30 - ?:30
n.m., for fhoso nnnouncomonfs.

IrovIdos covorngo nround-fho-cIock. Þo doducfIbIo - µnys l00 µor-
conf of cusfomnry foos uµ fo $2,000 µor nccIdonf.
Your chIId wIII rocoIvo nµµIIcnfIon forms from fho Kndokn SchooI
for fhoso Insurnnco µInns. Inronfs nro oncourngod fo Iook fhom ovor
cnrofuIIy nnd mnII fhom bnck fo fho comµnny. If your chIId doos nof
brIng fho nµµIIcnfIons homo, µIonso confncf fho schooI busInoss offIco.
Craig, Diana, Sauntee or Heidi Coller
Sauntee cell 390-8604
West kIver
|a|| ts Iat a|| yatt |a:k|at,
ttta:||aç at
|at|aç watk|
0e keugarsI
ver 25
years of
llêlll'ä M1kKlI
Main Street · Kadoka, SD Phone: 837-2232
Rich & Shawna Bendt
9Iop |n &
ohook ouI
our aohoo| aupp||oa!
We're your fuII service
grocery store here
to serve you!
If we don't have what
your Iooking for,
Iet us know .
we wouId be
gIad to get it in!
Open Monday - Saturday · Local delivery available!
"® º//²®´²º'® 9^º² ´^"'²"º®^
¹º//^²' º"^ /º'²^"ºº®'
Isar |sta||¡ swat1 k sçtra|t1
1|||||a|t1 lss1s M|1wts| ärsttr¡ ä|srt!
Belcome Back
Students & Iaculty
<4PO<4 4F54 "<Ouq4F5"
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
? Hof SµrIngs - 5:00
l5 SfnnIoy Co. - ll:00
4 ChnmborInIn - 5:l5
5 SfnnIoy Co. Inv. - l0:00
l8 SfnnIoy Co. TrI. - TIÐ
25 Hof SµrIngs - 5:00 µ.m.
l WnII Inv. - l2:00
Regiono .
Iob. 9 - TIÐ
Stute .
Iob. l5 & l6 - !nµId CIfy

Irom fImo fo fImo durIng fho
yonr, scroonIngs or oducnfIon
mny bo µrovIdod fhrough n con-
frncf wIfh fho SÐ Ðoµnrfmonf of
HonIfh (ÐOH), who Is subjocf fo
fho ruIos nnd roguInfIons of fho
HonIfh Insurnnco IorfnbIIIfy nnd
AccounfnbIIIfy Acf (HIIAA). You
mny vIow fhoIr nofIco of µrIvncy
µrncfIcos on fho ÐOH wobsIfo or
roquosf n µrInfod coµy by confncf-
Ing fhom nf l-800-305-3064.
From PrincipaI George SeiIer
HoIIo I`m Coorgo SoIIor fho
now 6-l2 µrIncIµnI nf Kndokn nnd
I wIII bo fho socond Mr. SoIIor nf
fho schooI In fho µnsf forfy yonrs,
yos, Irnnk SoIIor wns my fnfhor
nnd no, I dId nof grow uµ In
Kndokn fhnf wns my oIdor
brofhor, Irnnk.
I grndunfod hIgh schooI from
TImbor !nko In 200l, nnd fhon
nffondod SÐS! for my IIoIogy
dogroo wIfh nn omµhnsIs In odu-
cnfIon. I fnughf nf Wnforfown
HIgh SchooI ns n scIonco nnd nI-
fornnfIvo oducnfIon fonchor for
fho µnsf fhroo yonrs whIIo I fIn-
Ishod my Mnsfors In K-l2 ndmIn-
IsfrnfIon fhrough SÐS! In Mny of
As n now ndmInIsfrnfor I Iook
forwnrd fo workIng wIfh nn oxcoI-
Ionf nnd dodIcnfod sfnff In nchIov-
Ing our gonI of µroµnrIng nII
sfudonfs fo ronch fhoIr fuII µofon-
fInI. Tho schooI hns nnofhor now
nddIfIon fo our curronf sfnff wIfh
fho hIrIng of Mrs. MngoIky, our
hIgh schooI IngIIsh fonchor nnd n
chnngo of Mr. Moro from coun-
soIor fo our hIgh schooI scIonco
fonchor. WIfh fho nddIfIon of fho
now sfnff, wo hnvo nddod n fow
now oIocfIvos for sfudonfs fo fnko
ndvnnfngo of In fho 20l2 schooI
yonr: ÞnfIvo AmorIcnn !Iforn-
furo, cronfIvo wrIfIng, Soufh
Ðnkofn hIsfory, nnd wo wIII con-
fInuo fo hnvo nrf.
I wouId IIko fo gIvo n sµocInI
fhnnks fo Mr. Knufson. !ovIow-
Ing fho CTI µnµorwork rovonIs n
sfrong µrogrnm, ho hns workod
hnrd wIfh fho IndInnds consor-
fIum nnd boIng nbIo fo µrovIdo
sfudonfs wIfh n Insor rofnry nf-
fnchmonf, mofnI ofchIng fooI, nnd
concrofo fnbrIcnfIon modoI. If hns
boon n µIonsuro fo work wIfh nII
sfnff In dovoIoµIng fho schoduIo
nnd boIng fIoxIbIo, nccommodnf-
Ing nnd µrofossIonnI In donIIng
wIfh fhoso chnngos, fhnnks goos
ouf fho mIddIo nnd hIgh schooI
Our focus fhIs yonr wIII bo on
rnIsIng fho ncndomIc bnr nnd ono
µrogrnm fhnf wIII hoIµ us nchIovo
our gonI Is fho IC! sysfom whIch
nssIsfs fho sfnff In onsurIng ovory
sfudonf furns In ovory nssIgn-
monf nnd fhnf ovory nssIgnmonf
Is hIgh qunIIfy work. Tho Kndokn
cnros µrogrnm/ndvIsory wIII con-
fInuo buf fho schoduIo on
Wodnosdny wIII chnngo fo nccom-
modnfo fho now fImo for fho µro-
grnm from 3:l5 fo 3:4?. Tho
µrogrnm wIII nssIsf sfudonfs In
sIgnIng uµ for cInssos, grndo
chocks for sfudonfs, fonm buIId-
Ing, fInnncInI nId for sonIors, coI-
Iogo nµµIIcnfIons, n communIfy
sorvIco µrojocf for onch grndo
IovoI nnd mnny ofhor µrogrnms
fhroughouf fho yonr. If you hnvo
n communIfy sorvIco µrojocf fhnf
you fhInk wouId hoIµ us nchIovo
our gonI como nnd vIsIf wIfh mo
nf fho schooI.
I Iook forwnrd fo bocomIng nn
ncfIvo mombor In fho Kndokn
communIfy nnd I nm oxcIfod fo
moof nII of you.
Në'|ë ë8Ië00I0¶ 00| 0ëäI wIä0ëä
I0| ö Iö0IöäIIt ät000I yëö||
FuII Menu IncIudIng:
Char-Broiled Steaks & Seafood
Complete Salad Bar
Homemade Pies · Soups · Rolls
And our tasty SUNDAY BUFFET!
B&B Il Lentre
Metel & Bestaurant
Restaurant: 837-2265 Motel: 837-2287
Ìndependently owned by Ken & Cindy Wilmarth
we |nv|re ,ou ro come o|ne u|rn us.
<4PO<4 4F54 "<Ouq4F5"
6 WhIfo !Ivor - H - 5:30
8 InIfh - T - 3:00
ll Jonos Co - T - 5:30
l? IhIIIµ - H - 3:00
2l SfnnIoy Co. - H - TIÐ
2? !ymnn - H - TIÐ
5 Þow !ndorwood - T - 2:00
l0 IhIIIµ - T - 6:00
l?-l9 Soufhorn IInIns
WhIfo !Ivor / CoIomo TIÐ
24 Jonos Counfy - H - 3:00
25 IIson - H - TIÐ
28 Þow !ndorwood - H - 6:00
3l !C ChrIsfInn - H - 3:00
l WnII - H - 2:00
2 HIghmoro CInssIc - T - TIÐ
8 CoIomo - T - 5:30
l2 Ðuµroo - T - 5:30
l4 Ionnoff Counfy - H - 6:00
Diotrict 15-B .
Iob. l8, l9, & 2l - Kndokn
Regiono .
Iob. 28 - TIÐ
Stute .
Mnr. ?, 8 & 9 - Huron
Areu SchooI
District SchooI
2? IIrsf Ðny of SchooI
3 !nbor Ðny - Þo SchooI
? SchooI In SossIon
2l HomocomIng
SchooI In SossIon
4 Inronf/Tonchor Conforoncos
ÐIsmIss nf 2:30
l2 Tonchor In-sorvIco
25 Ind of lsf Qunrfor
l6 Tonchor In-sorvIco
2l ÐIsmIss nf 2:30
22-23 ThnnksgIvIng VncnfIon
24 ChrIsfmns VncnfIon IogIns
Þo SchooI
2 SchooI !osumos
4 SchooI In SossIon
l0 Ind of Somosfor
l Tonchor In SorvIco
? Inronf/Tonchor Conforoncos
ÐIsmIss nf 2:30
l4 Ind of 3rd Qunrfor
l5 Tonchor In-sorvIco
l Insfor Mondny - Þo SchooI
5 SchooI In SossIon
22 TII Conforonco - Þo SchooI
26 SchooI In SossIon
l6 Ind of 2nd Somosfor
l6 !nsf Ðny of SchooI
ÐIsmIss nf ll:00
l? Tonchor In-sorvIco
l9 CrndunfIon - l:00
TICkET PRICES ~ HS AthIetic Activities
Adults · $3.00 Students K-12 · $2.00
Double-Header (Boys/Girls' Events)
Adults · $5.00 Students · $3.00
Family Season Ticket · $100.00
Good for all athletic contests
(excluding drama & tournaments),
for all members of the immediate family.
Adult 10-Punch · $25.00
Students K-12/All Activities · $20.00
Students & children under age 5 are admitted free.
Free admission to grade school games.
60 years & older, residing in the district
Get pass request at the business office of the Kadoka SchooI.
The pass must be presented at every sporting event.
4 /.·t««¸ «¡ ·-««.-- t« «a«.! 4«-«.-.:
PO Box 288 · Kadoka, SD 57543 · email: farmersunion@kadokatelco.com
Office: (605) 837-2144 · Cell: (605) 441-6786
Located at Oien Ìmplement along SD Hwy. 248
Farm · Ranch Ìnsurance
Auto · Homeowners · Business
Life Ìnsurance & Annuities
Long-Term Care Ìnsurance
l«oo. ôoá-«·, 4,-ot
G1od 1o see o11 1Þe s1uden1s &
s1o]] ]1111ng 1Þe soÞoo1 rooms
onoe ogo1n. Hove o greo1 geor!
°^ ^^ººº²¹'
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Kadoka Area SchooI Administration & FacuIty
JnmIo Hormnnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SuµorInfondonf
Coorgo SoIIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HIgh SchooI IrIncIµnI
Joff Þomocok . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IIomonfnry IrIncIµnI
Chnd IIsonbrnun . . . . . . . . . . .TochnIcnI CoordInnfor/Hond IoofbnII
IIIoon SfoIIoy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IusInoss Mnnngor
Kny !ockIIng . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AdmInIsfrnfIvo AssIssfnnf
ÐnnIoIIo Sfoddnrd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIomonfnry Socrofnry
Susnn Sudbock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HIgh SchooI Socrofnry/!ogIsfrnr
CIndy VnndorMny . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InyroII CIork
Knron Iyrd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .!ondIng IIrsf Irogrnm Conch
Iocky Koognn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIndorgnrfon
CnII !ouffor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIrsf Crndo
CnssIo Ðo!ochor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Socond Crndo
MnrIbofh !oghnIr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ThIrd Crndo
Mnry Crnuµmnnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Iourfh Crndo
ArIono HIcks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIffh Crndo
MIchoIIo MnnsfIoId . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MIddIo SchooI !nngungo Arfs
Inrry HufchInson . . . . . . . . .MIddIo SchooI SocInI SfudIos/Hond VI
!nurIo IrIchnrd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I TochnoIogy/Assf. VI
Jonn HoIzknmµ . . . . . . . . . . . .MIddIo SchooI ScIonco, I.I. & HonIfh
Ion !nfhnm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K-l2 InsfrumonfnI MusIc
InmoIn Iononborgor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Iro-SchooI/Sµooch
Abby CnrIson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
!ufh McCubbIn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
Jonn Indors . . . . . . . . .l/2 fImo Sµooch IncIIIfnfor l/2 fImo !Ibrnry
Knfhy Irown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon
Ðnnn IIsonbrnun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon/Assf. Trnck
MorIIoo CrImos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon AIdo
ÞIcoIo ÐoVrIos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon AIdo
Cnrmon Huffmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
KrIsfIo Sfono . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CuIdnnco CounsoIor
Oµon . . . . . . . . . . . . . .MIddIo SchooI !osµonso fo InforvonfIon (!TI)
Oµon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Iro-SchooI InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
Idnn Knry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIndorgnrfon
MIn WhIrIwInd Horso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIrsf & Socond Crndos
Snndrn Shorf IuII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ThIrd, Iourfh & IIffh Crndos
JonnIfor Vnn IoIf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SIxfh, Sovonfh & IIghfh Crndos
CnrrIo Iorgon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon
Knfo !nfhnm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI Id AIdo
Inrb IroInnd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I
VnInrIo Kruso . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InsfrucfIonnI AIdo
Þnncy WoIIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tonchor
ÞIcoIo Thomµson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tonchor
VnIorIo Ohrfmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tonchor
MIsfy Hnmnr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo
Mnry Inrquof . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tonchor
!onoo SchofIoId . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tonchor
ÞIcoIo ÞoIson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AIdo
JossIcn MngoIky . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IngIIsh
ÐnvId Ohrfmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . .SocInI ScIonco & HIsfory/Assf. Trnck
KrIsfIo Sfono . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CuIdnnco CounsoIor
Jonn HoIzknmµ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ScIonco/IIrsf AId
Irnndy Knufson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IndusfrInI TochnoIogy & Vo-Ag
CnroI Kroofch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mnfh/TIfIo I
ÐyInn Moro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ScIonco
Jonn Indors . . . . . . . . .l/2 fImo Sµooch IncIIIfnfor l/2 fImo !Ibrnry
IIII Murµhy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IusInoss Comµufors
Mnrk !oImnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I.I./Hond Ioys` InskofbnII
CoIby Shuck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K-l2 VocnI/Ioµ Innd
Torosn Shuck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Isych/Soc/IIocfIvo
Amy SmIIoy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SµocInI IducnfIon
Ðooffn TorkIIdson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Comµufor TochnoIogy
Hnrry WoIIor . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I/AcfIvIfIos ÐIrocfor/Cross-Counfry
ChrIsfy WIIIorf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .HIgh SchooI Mnfh
Ion !nfhnm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K-l2 Innd/Ioµ Innd
Mnff IInko . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond - Kndokn
Amnndn Ionnoff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AssIsfnnf - Kndokn
!nrry MnnIoy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AssIsfnnf - InforIor
!Ichnrd IroInnd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond Cook - Kndokn
KIm IroInnd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AssIsfnnf - Kndokn
!Indn !IggIns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIfchon HoIµor - Kndokn
Tnrn !onch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cook - InforIor
!nrry MnnIoy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIfchon HoIµor - InforIor
Jody Sudbock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. IoofbnII Conch
Annoffo VnndorMny . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. CIrIs` InskofbnII Conch
Oµon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond CIrIs` InskofbnII Conch
Oµon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. Ioys` InskofbnII Conch
Oµon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond Trnck Conch
ÞIcoIo ÐoVrIos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ChoorIondIng AdvIsor

SchooI bogIns nf 8:00 nnd
onds nf 3:40. Sfudonfs nood
fImo fo onf bronkfnsf If fho
schooI sorvos bronkfnsf.
Iong Vu!!ey
Bvendu & Puu! Gvoppev
& Me!Issu VundevMuy
!onvos 6:50 n.m.
ArrIvos ?:50 n.m.
!onvos 3:45 µ.m.
Iuvvy Mun!ey
!onvos 6:l5 n.m.
ArrIvos ?:45 n.m.
!onvos - 3:45 µ.m.
Ted ScLnee
!onvos 6:00 n.m.
ArrIvos ?:45 n.m.
!onvos 3:45 µ.m.
If you chnngo rosIdonco
durIng fho schooI yonr, con-
fncf fho schooI fo doformIno
your cIososf bus sfoµ.
4 Todd Counfy
9 Hnrry WoIIor
l3 IoIIo Iourcho
l6 Kndokn CommunIfy
l9 IooµIo`s Mnrkof
20 ChnmborInIn
25 !ymnn InvIfo

4 !ond/Ðondwood
l0 WInnor
ll Kndokn Aron HS
Regiono .
Mny l6 IV-I - Kndokn
Stute .
Mny 24-25 - SIoux InIIs
ScLedu!e Is
SubJect to CLunge
<4PO<4 4F54 "<Ouq4F5"
October 4
Februury 7

Two µnronf-fonchor confor-
oncos nro schoduIod: Thursdny,
Ocf. 4 nnd Thursdny, Iob. ?, 3:00
fo 8:30 µ.m. bofh dnys. As oducn-
fIon of fho chIId Is n cooµornfIvo
schooI nnd homo rosµonsIbIIIfy,
nII µnronfs nro urgod fo nffond
µnronf-fonchor conforoncos; nnd
nII µnronfs nro oncourngod fo
vIsIf fho schooI buIIdIngs nnd fho
schooI Iunch µrogrnm nf nny
8 InIfh - T - 3:00
l0 !C Sfovons JV - T - TIÐ
l4 Ðuµroo - H - 5:30
l? IhIIIµ - H - 3:00
2l SfnnIoy Counfy - H - TIÐ
28 !ymnn CInssIc - T - TIÐ
5 Þow !ndorwood - T - 2:00
l0-l2 Jonos Co. Tournoy - TIÐ
22 WhIfo !Ivor - H - 5:30
24 Jonos Counfy - H - 3:00
25 IIson - H - TIÐ
29 Ionnoff Counfy - T - 6:00
3l !C ChrIsfInn - H - 3:00
l WnII - H - 2:00
5 Þow !ndorwood - H - 6:00
8 !C ChrIsfInn - T - 5:00
l5 !ymnn - T - 5:30
22 IhIIIµ - T - 6:00
Diotrict 15 .
Iob. 25, 28, Mnr. l - !ymnn
Regiono .
Mnr. 5 - TIÐ
Stute .
Mnr. l4, l5 & l6 Abordoon

Tho Kndokn Aron SchooI wIII
nof dIscrImInnfo bocnuso of sox,
rnco, coIor, nnfIonnI orIgIn or
CIO/SuµorInfondonf JnmIo
Hormnnn Is fho dosIgnnfod coor-
dInnfor of TIfIo IX nnd TIfIo VII.
ToIoµhono numbor: 83?-2l?5.
IrIncIµnIs Coorgo SoIIor nnd
Joffory Þomocok nro fho dosIg-
nnfod coordInnfors of SocfIon
Stadlum Sperts
East Highway 18 in Mission, SD
605-856-4243 ToII-free 1-888-502-3066
Screen Printing · Embroidery · Graphic Design
Team Shoes & Uniforms
Name BrandsI
0e bacL te
scheel ln stgle
bg shepplng eur
BI0 sterewlde
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
1oothull oenioro .(!-!): ChrIs Andorson, !ydor Snnffnor, CIInf Sfouf, Chnnco Knufson, KIny O`-
ÐnnIoI, KnhIor AddIson, Ty Morchon, Konnr VnndorMny, Ashfon SfnndIng Ionr nnd InuI Knry.
--plo/o I, IoI,n Jonee
FootbaII preview
If`s fhnf fImo of yonr ngnIn nnd
bosIdos IookIng forwnrd fo cooIor
dnys nhond, fho Kndokn Aron
Kougnrs nro oxcIfod for fho sfnrf
of fho 20l2 foofbnII sonson.
Thoy wIII bo conchod by Chnd
IIsonbrnun wIfh fho nssIsfnnf
conchos Jody Sudbock, Mnrk Ðo-
VrIos nnd ÐyInn Moro.
!ofurnIng sfnrfors for fho
Kougnrs fhIs yonr IncIudo sonIors
Chnnco Knufson nnd CIInf Sfouf.
JunIors nro !ognn Ammons, Truo
IuchhoIz, !ognn ChrIsfonson nnd
ChnndIIor Sudbock.
¨Wo nro nIso IookIng forwnrd fo
fho rofurn of sonIors Konnr Vnn-
dorMny nnd KIny O`ÐnnIoI who
woro bofh sIdoIInod Insf yonr wIfh
InjurIos,¨ snId IIsonbrnun.
Ofhor µInyors fo wnfch for fho
Kougnrs fhIs yonr IncIudo sonIors
KnhIor AddIson, ChrIs Andorson,
InuI Knry, Ty Morchon, !ydor
Snnffnor nnd Ashfon SfnndIng
Ionr. JunIors IncIudo CnvIn Ðo-
VrIos, !nno Infforson, nnd Snm
Iroffy Ionr. Soµhomoros IncIudo
Jod Irown, Anron JnnIs, HorbIo
O`ÐnnIoI, Irondon Iorch, Wynff
Indors nnd ÐyInn !IggIns.
Iroshmon IncIudo KyIor Iorgu-
son, Mnffhow Iroffy Ionr nnd
Jnrroff VnndorMny.
¨Wo hnvo n good numbor of
kIds fhIs yonr, so fhoro shouId bo
somo good comµofIfIons In µrnc-
fIco. Wo`ro IookIng forwnrd fo fho
chnIIongos fhnf fhIs sonson wIII
µrosonf fo us nnd wo µInn fo fnko
fhIngs ono gnmo nf n fImo nnd
moof fhoso chnIIongos hond on,¨
snId conch IIsonbrnun.
ThIs yonr, ho snId, shouId bo
nnofhor yonr of gronf comµofIfIon
for fho Wosforn Cronf IInIns foof-
bnII conforonco.
¨If sooms IIko ovorybody Is ro-
furnIng n Iof of gronf µInyors nnd
If you wnnf fo mnko n run nf n
conforonco fIfIo you`ro goIng fo
hnvo fo work hnrd nnd µIny smnrf
In ovory gnmo. WnII rofurns n
soIId coro of nfhIofos off of fhoIr
sfnfo runnor-uµ fonm n yonr ngo,
nnd I`m suro now hond conch
Konf Andorson won`f fnko Iong fo
gof fhom roIIIng ngnIn fhIs yonr.
!ymnn, WhIfo !Ivor, Þow !ndor-
wood, Jonos Counfy nnd IhIIIµ
nIso nII rofurn n numbor of
sfnrfors nnd wIII mosf IIkoIy
mnko n good run nf fho confor-
onco chnmµIonshIµ,¨ IIsonbrnun
¨Wo µInn fo bo rIghf In fhnf
hunf nIong wIfh ovorybody oIso.
Wo know In ordor fo bo fhoro
wo`vo gof fo work hnrd, nnd I
fhInk wo`vo gof n grouµ of kIds
who wIII dodIcnfo fhomsoIvos nnd
hoµofuIIy wo cnn gof ovoryono on
fho fonm fo bo nII In wIfh our
gonIs fhIs sonson.¨
Kougur foothull teum . Ironf row (!-!): voIunfoor Mnffhow IInggomoyor, ÐyInn !IggIns,
Mnffhow Iroffy Ionr, HorbIo O`ÐnnIoI, Jod Irown, Jnrroff VnndorMny, Irondon Iorch, Anron JnnIs, KyIor
Iorguson. MIddIo row: Snm Iroffy Ionr, ChnndIIor Sudbock, CnvIn ÐoVrIos, Truo IuchhoIz, !nno Infforson,
!ognn ChrIsfonson. Inck row: Hond Conch Chnd IIsonbrnun, Assf. Conch Mnrk ÐoVrIos, KIny O`ÐnnIoI,
CIInf Sfouf, ChrIs Andorson, KnhIor AddIson, InuI Knry, !ydor Snnffnor, Konnr VnndorMny, Chnnco Knuf-
son, Ashfon SfnndIng Ionr, Ty Morchon, Assf. Conch Jody Sudbock, voIunfoor ÐyInn Moro. Þof µIcfurod:
!ognn Ammons nnd Wynff Indors. --plo/o I, IoI,n Jonee
TLvougL: Student
Assuvunce SevvIces, Inc.

SInco chIIdron nro µnrfIcuInrIy
suscoµfIbIo fo InjurIos, wo oncour-
ngo you fo rovIow your µrosonf
honIfh nnd nccIdonf Insurnnco
µrogrnm fo doformIno If your cov-
orngo Is ndoqunfo. If you do nof
fooI your Insurnnco Is ndoqunfo
bocnuso of n doducfIbIo or co-In-
surnnco cInuso, or If you do nof
hnvo Insurnnco, wo oncourngo
you fo rovIow fho sfudonf Insur-
nnco µrogrnm. ThIs µInn wIII µro-
vIdo bonofIfs for modIcnI oxµonsos
Incurrod bocnuso of nn nccIdonf.
An oxµInnnfIon of fho cosf nnd
bonofIfs Is oxµInInod on fho µro-
mIum onvoIoµo. IIonso rofurn on-
voIoµo nnd chock fo schooI If
covorngo Is noodod.
<4PO<4 4F54 "<Ouq4F5"
24 Idgomonf - H - ?:00
Inronfs ÞIghf
3l Þow !ndorwood - H - ?:00
? !ymnn - T - 6:00
l4 WnII - T - ?:00
2l Jonos Co. - H -?:00
28 Oµon
5 WhIfo !Ivor - T - 6:00
l2 CoIomo - H - 6:00
l8 IhIIIµ - T - ?:00
P!uyoIIs .
Ocf. 23 - lsf !ound
Ocf. 29 - 2nd !ound
Þov. 3 - SomI-IInnIs
Þov. 8-l0 - Sfnfo IInnIs
¸ VormIIIIon
? !nµId CIfy Trny - TIA
8 !nµId CIfy Trny - TIA
l5 VnIonfIno, ÞI Trny - TIA
4 !ymnn Trny - ll:00
5 !ymnn Trny - 9:00
ll IhIIIµ Trny - 3:00
l2 IhIIIµ Trny - 9:00
l9 WInnor Trny - TIA
26 Wngnor Trny - 8:00
2 IInck HIIIs InvIfo
HIII CIfy - 9:00
Regiono .
Iob. l8 IV-I - !nµId CIfy -
Stute .
Iob. 22 & 23 - Abordoon - TIA
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
VoIIeybaII team Iooking strong
Tho Kndokn voIIoybnII fonm
hns four sfnrfors rofurnIng from
Insf yonr's fonm: MnrfI Horbor,
Tossn Sfouf, TnyIor Morchon nnd
!nvon Jorgonson.
KwIncy Iorguson, MnrInh
IIorco nnd ShnIoy Horbor nro fho
fhroo sonIors fhnf wIII bo sfrong
I fhInk fho ouf Iook on fho son-
son Is fnIr. Iofh of our soffors nro
bnck, TnyIor nnd Tossn, whIch Is
vory Imµorfnnf.
Our dofonsIvo MVI, MnrfI
Horbor, from Insf sonson wIII now
bo nn nffnckor buf nIso µIny In fho
bnck row. !nvon Jorgonson wIII
fIII fho mIddIo hIffIng µosIfIon
nffor hnvIng n soIId yonr. KwIncy
Iorguson wIII hoIµ ns n hIffor nnd
bnck row µInyor. ShnIoy nnd
MnrInh wIII confrIbufo In fho
fronf row.
I wIII nIso bo IookIng for n fow
ofhors fhnf cnn confrIbufo on fho
vnrsIfy In fho fronf or bnck row.
Thoso nro µrojocfIons nnd fhIngs
couId chnngo ns µrncfIco gof un-
dorwny on Mondny, Augusf l3.
Our fIrsf mnfch wIII bo nf !IffIo
Wound on Snfurdny, Augusf 25
sfnrfIng 4 µ.m.
Tho fonm ronIIy nµµrocInfos
fho fnns nnd suµµorf nnd Iooks
forwnrd fo sooIng ovoryono nf fho
Borr, Hu/clineon
tolle,Ioll coocl
Volleyhull oenioro . Ironf row (!-!): ShnIoy Horbor nnd
Tossn Sfouf. Inck row: MnrInh IIorco nnd KwIncy Iorguson. Þof µIc-
furod: MnrfI Horbor. --plo/o I, IonJo Dennie
Kougur tolleyhull teum . Ironf row (!-!): ShoIby !hIIr, Tossn Sfouf, MnrInh IIorco, ShnIoy
Horbor, KwIncy Iorguson, TnyIor Morchon, !nvon Jorgonson. MIddIo row: ÐosfIny ÐnIo, JorIcn CoIIor, CnmI
!hIIr, AIIIo !omoro, Scouf Sudbock, MncKonzIo Word, CInrn Sfoddnrd, Vnnossn IuxcoI, Immn Sfono. Inck
row: KnssIo HIcks, ShnI !nmonf, TorI !ofoIIIor, ShnInn SoIon, ImIIy Knufson, MIrnndn ÐnIo, Sydnoy Word.
Þof µIcfurod: MnrfI Horbor. --plo/o I, IonJo Dennie
<4PO<4 4F54 "<Ouq4F5"
25 !IffIo Wound - T - 4:00
28 Kndokn TrI. - H - 4:30
30 - IhIIIµ - T - 6:00
4 !IffIo Wound - H - 5:00
6 WnII - H - 6:00
8 IhIIIµ Tournoy - T - 9:00
l3 Þow !ndorwood - H - 6:00
l5 InIfh - T - l:00
20 WhIfo !Ivor TrI - T - 4:00
25 Ionnoff Co. - T - 5:00
29 - !ond/Ðondwood
Tournnmonf - T - 8:30
2 !ymnn - H - 6:00
ll Þow !. TrI - T - 5:00
l3 ÐougIns Tournoy - T - 9:00
l6 Jonos Co. - T - 5:30
22 !C ChrIsfInn - H - 6:00
Diotrict 15 Tourney .
Ocf. 30 & Þov. l - Jonos Co.
Region 7 Tourney .
Þov. 6 - SIfo TIÐ
Stute .
Þov. l5, l6 & l? - MIfchoII
Iet's Go
0¡scouat Fuel
Before the
game or any time,
stop in for
"Food on the Go"
Broasted Chicken
Chicken Strips
Jo-Jo's · Subs
and much more!
Open 24 Hours · 837-2271
Dull Fucl Dclivcry · Pro¡anc · Hcaiing Fucl
Kadoka OII
605-837-1840 · Kadoka, South Dakota
Good Luck
K ougars!
e«-.t.«o· ç.!««-
a«a!á !./- t« a-!-««- l.-/
·taá-ot· t ¡.-a!t¸
t« . ,«-.t ¸-.«::
Pat VoIImer
S43-2S02 - MIdIand
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Crooo Country . Tho cross counfry fonm Iooks for n sfrong
sonson ngnIn fhIs yonr nnd fho fonm wIII chnIIondgo fhomsoIvos fo
mnko If bnck fo fho Sfnfo Cross Counfry moof. IIcfurod (!-!): TorI
!ofoIIIor, Scouf Sudbock, KwIncy Iorguson nnd ShnIoy Horbor. MIss-
Ing from µhofo: MnrfI Horbor. Tho cross counfry fonm Is conchod by
Hnrry WoIIor. Tho gIrIs wIII bo comµofIng nf ÐougIns on IrIdny, Au-
gusf 24. Thoro wIII bo no homo moofs fhIs yonr.
--plo/o I, IonJo Dennie
óÍ0þ tH D£]0t£ 0t
u]Í£t Íh£ §um£S!
Ïttuuy Q óuÍHtuuy
Nt§hÍ óþ££tutS
Fttm£ KtD Q óutuu but
W£t£0m£S Lv£ty0H£
bu£K 10 ó£h00t!
LtHD 2/
Cood |uck to a|| thc ath|ctcs in
fa|| sports! Wc`rc proud to
bc a Kougar Ian!
Hwy 248 · Kadoka, SD · 837-2241
Sto¡ ín ö cIccI out ou¡
Main Street · Kadoka, SD · 837-2274
Toll-free at 1-888-411-1657
Lcudíng tIc uu¸
uítI g¡cut uuíucs
¡o¡ tIc uIoíc ¡uníí¸!
Root Beer
Home: (605) 837-2945
Cell: (605) 381-5568
Excavation work of
ALL types!

Tire Tanks
Located in
Kadoka, SD
Kadoka, SD · 837-2350
Stop for anytIme snacks
or meaIs on the goI
Cheese ßaIIs
3 pc. ChIcken ßasket
<4PO<4 4F54 "<Ouq4F5"
24 ÐougIns
30 SµonrfIsh
l InIfh
? !ymnn
l3 ChnmborInIn
l9 Wosforn Cronf IInIns
25 !ond/Ðondwood
2? SfurgIs
4 IngIo Iuffo
6 IhIIIµ
Regiono .
Ocf. l0 - TIÐ
Stute .
Ocf. 20 - Huron
CommunIfy µIcfuros
nf ?:30 n.m.
IIcfuros sfnrf wIfh
µro-schooI nf 8:00 n.m.
MId!und ScLoo!
Mon., Soµf. 24
Iong Vu!!ey ScLoo!
Mon., Soµf. 24
IntevIov ScLoo!
Mon., Soµf. 24
Kudoku ScLoo!
Thurs., Soµf. 2?

Wo Iook forwnrd fo nn oxcoI-
Ionf schooI Iunch µrogrnm fhIs
yonr, wIfh schooI Iunchos nnd fho
mIIk µrogrnm bogInnIng on fho
fIrsf dny of schooI. Inronfs,
µIonso oncourngo your chIIdron fo
µnrfIcIµnfo In fho schooI Iunch
µrogrnm. AIn cnrf µrogrnm wIII
nIso bo offorod. IrIcos nro ns foI-
Kndokn & InforIor
K-8: $l.l0/$22.00 µor fIckof

Kndokn, MIdInnd & InforIor
K-5, $2.25/$45.00 µor fIckof
6-l2, $2.65/$53.00 µor fIckof
AduIfs, $3.?5/$?5.00 µor fIckof
£xtvu MI!k
30¢/$6.00 µor fIckof.
Student Second Meu!s
$l.40/$28.00 µor fIckof - !unch
$l.35/$2?.00 - Ironkfnsf
A!! tIckets puy
Iov 20 sevvIngs.
^º"® '°® ¯^º®²
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
The Hall
412 South A Avenue
New Underwood, SD
Open Thursdays, Fridays &
Saturdays 3 p.m. to close
Ft0Hu SHþþ0tÍ£t 0] Íh£ 1t§£tS!
Good LuoK,
Larry, Lcc & Todd Cossard
754-6760 · 798-2140 · 716-9860
Gossard DIrt Work, Inc.
Ncw Undcrwood, SD
ô 0//0n/40
4ea baderaaad
4 Praad 5aaaar/er a/ /àe //qera/
Good Luck, Tigers,
in all your activites!

Travis &Nena Madsen, Owners

701 S. A Ave.
New Underwood
^5w u^P5FwOOP "l!q5F5"
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Kemer Hzs |!
Hz|r, hz||s, Iznn|n]
loco/eJ in
Aeu InJeruooJ
olong Hu,. 14/16
Pvoud suppovtev
oI tLe
Sood Iuck
& stuff
in the
schooI yeur|
uµ. I fhInk Idgomonf wIII sfIII bo
fough,¨ commonfod Jonos.
Tho µubIIc wIII bo Imµrossod
wIfh fhoIr voIIoybnII fonm fhIs
sonson. ¨Tho fnns cnn oxµocf fhoIr
!ndy TIgors fo como ouf nnd bo n
soIId unIf fhIs sonson,¨ snId Jonos.
Tho !ndy TIgors wIII gof fhoIr
fIrsf fosf Augusf 24 nnd 25 nf fho
Cusfor InvIfnfIonnI nnd fhon
ngnIn Augusf 30 nf WhIfo !Ivor.
ThoIr fIrsf homo gnmo Is Soµfom-
bor 4 nf 6:00 µ.m. In fho TIgor
gymnnsIum. ¨Wo wnnf fo hnvo n
µnckod houso whon wo µIny nnd
honr our fnns choorIng us on
bocnuso fhnf jusf mnkos us µIny
fhnf much hnrdor,¨ sfnfod Jonos.
Lady Tigers Iook
to be one unit
Whon sµocfnfors wnfch fho
sµorf of voIIoybnII, If quIckIy
bocomos cIonr fhnf communIcn-
fIon Is fho koy fo succoss. Tho
Þow !ndorwood !ndy TIgors,
undor fho IondorshIµ of rofurnIng
conch Joff Jonos, knows how
Imµorfnnf fhIs fncf cnn bo. If n
voIIoybnII fonm choosos fo bo
sIIonf, fho sIngIo unIf quIckIy
bocomos sovornI sIngIo unIfs
nffomµfIng fo bnffIo ono mIghfy
¨Ono fhIng fhnf Is nIwnys
fough Is goffIng fho gIrIs fo µIny
fogofhor ns n fonm. Whon fhoy
communIcnfo nnd µIny ns ono
fhoy nro gronf,¨ sfnfod Jonos. Ho
hoµos fo Imµrovo fhoIr nbIIIfIos
fhrough fho yonr.
Jonos onjoys conchIng fho
young IndIos. ¨I sny If nII fho fImo,
our gIrIs don'f quIf,¨ commonfod
Jonos. ¨Thoy µIny wIfh honrf nnd
fhnf's hugo. Our wonknoss shows
uµ In fho form of frusfrnfIons fhnf
wo Iof gof fho bosf of us. Somo of
fho frusfrnfIon Is our
sorvo/rocoIvo whIch wo hnvo boon
workIng on.¨
WIfh fIvo sonIors on fho rosfor
fhIs sonson, fho fonm wIII bo
undor gronf oxµorIonco. ¨Wo hnvo
n fow IndIos fhnf hnvo sfoµµod uµ
nnd nro IondIng by oxnmµIo. Wo
wIII bo vofIng on cnµfnIns noxf
wook,¨ sfnfod Jonos. ¨Tho fonm Is
dIfforonf fhIs yonr jusf bocnuso wo
Iosf somo good µInyors. Þow wo
hnvo somo good µInyors fhnf wIII
sfoµ uµ nnd fIII fhnf voId.¨
In n dIsfrIcf fhnf hns somo
ImµrossIvo fonms, Jonos fooIs
fhoy nro nII In fho snmo sIfunfIon.
¨AII fho fonms In our dIsfrIcf Iosf
somo ronIIy good µInyors nnd now
fhoy'ro IookIng fo fho gIrIs fo sfoµ
Ready Ior any cbaIIenge . Above, top row, IeIt to rIgbt, Coacb BrandI BaIIard,
CatberIne WbIte, TIneaIe Peterson, JessIca TIsdaIe, Brooke WoIken, Jade Mosber,
KayIeIgb CIark, Jesse BaIe, AIex Brace and Coacb JeII Jones. Second row, IeIt to rIgbt,
assIstant coacb LonI PbIIIIps, TrInIty Robertson, BaIIey Stover, Lexxy NIederwerder,
AIex Scbaub, Autumn CogdIII, Sbawnee FIInt and HaIIey Guenot. Front row, IeIt to
rIgbt, KarIIe Robertson, TayIor BrIndIey, SbayIee FIInt, GIna BaIe, Sbayna Hess and
Sbye BIntIIII. BeIow, senIors CatberIne WbIte, BaIIey Stover, JessIca TIsdaIe, TrInIty
Robertson and SbayIee FIInt are ready to Iead tbeIr team to some acbIevements.
2012-2013 Lady Tiger VoIIeybaII
5por1smonship Þolicy
1he New Underwood 5chool uis1ric1 believes in 1he impor-
1once o£ spor1smonship. Jn 1he in1eres1 o£ promo1ing spor1s-
monship we hove developed 1he £ollowing guidelines 1o be £ol-
lowed by oll ployers, cooches, ond spec1o1ors.
1he o1hle1es ore engoging in on oc1ivi1y 1ho1 is designed £or
e×ercise, £un ond improving choroc1er. We e×pec1 1he o1hle1es
1o behove in spor1smonlike monner, ond so i1 £ollows 1ho1
everyone else in o11endonce do 1he some. We e×pec1 1ho1
odul1s model 1he opproprio1e behoviors £or 1he younger children
in o11endonce. Þleose do no1 emborross your 1eom, school, ond
communi1y by booing or commi11ing ony o1her unspor1smonlike
We in1end 1o hold oll 1hose in o11endonce occoun1oble £or
1heir oc1ions ond will immedio1ely remove onyone £rom 1he
premises 1ho1 e×hibi1s unspor1smonlike behovior. 1his includes
1hose visi1ing £rom o1her schools. We osk 1ho1 oll visi1ing
schools moke 1heir ployers, cooches, ond communi1y members
owore o£ our in1en1ions, 1o possibly ollevio1e ony problems
be£ore 1hey occur.
Good Luck,
ln the
schoo| µear!
Open 7
Days a Week
“Good Luck, Tigers!”
Nursing Home Care
& Related Services
Good LuoK T1gers!
S & D
(60S) ?21-0101
& G
New Underwood
Open at 3 p.m. Daily
Monte Sandal
& Shari Ness
^5w u^P5FwOOP "l!q5F5"
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Good Luck, Tigers!
located in New Underwood
along ‘A’ Avenue
Prepared Ior IootbaII battIes . Tbe New Underwood IootbaII team Iead by seven
senIors Iooks Iorward to an excItIng season. Front row, IeIt to rIgbt, SenIors Cameron
Kocb, Trent Madsen, Trevor Baker, TyIer KIug, DaIton Benter, Lucas HaII and Aaron
OberIander. Second row, IeIt to rIgbt, Coacb Dan Anderson, PbIIIp BaIe, CIInt StangIe,
CaIeb Gunn, Jace PbIIIIpsen, Tanner BrIndIey, TravIs SmItb, Nate Bernard and Coacb
TIm HaII. TbIrd row, IeIt to rIgbt, Jeremy DaIe, Sbane Rucker, RIIey Jensen, Brandon
Kocb, WaIker PbIIIIps and KyIe McCIearen. Fourtb row, IeIt to rIgbt, JustIn OberIan-
der, NIck Baker, Jordan WIIIIamsdabI, Stetson Stover, DonIvan Mercben and Layne
Byrne. Top, CoIton CIemens.
oIghf gnmos fhIs sonson. Thoso
guys nro soIf mofIvnfod nnd hnvo
boon ncfIvo nII summor. Tho µIny-
offs nro vory nffnInnbIo for us fhIs
yonr,¨ sfnfod HnII.
AssIsfod by IongfImo nssIsfnnf
foofbnII conch Ðnnny Andorson
nnd IrInn IhIIIIµson, HnII Is
rondy for fho chnIIongos fho dIs-
frIcf µrosonfs. ¨Ivoryono Is goIng
fo bo n chnIIongo fhIs yonr,¨ snId
HnII. ¨WnII Is goIng fo bo fough.
!ymnn Is goIng fo bo n chnIIongo,
fhoro nro so mnny good fonms ouf
fhoro fhnf I couId kooµ fho IIsf
Tho TIgors wIII sfnrf fhoIr son-
son on Augusf 24 on fhoIr homo
furf ngnInsf !nµId CIfy ChrIsfInn
nf ?:00 µ.m. wIfh fho noxf homo
gnmo nrrIvIng on Soµfombor ?
ngnInsf fho rIvnIIIng WnII IngIos
nf ?:00 µ.m.
Business as usual
WIfh n sonsonod nssIsfnnf
conch sfoµµIng uµ fo bo fho fronf
mnn, fho Þow !ndorwood TIgor
foofbnII fonm Iooks nf fho now
sonson wIfh n hungor fo kooµ fho
momonfum goIng wIfh fho Ioss of
Conch CIInf ÞoIson.
Þow Iond conch TIm HnII Is
oxcIfod nbouf fho sonson. ¨Wo
hnvo sovon sonIors fhIs yonr fhnf
hnvo boon µInyIng fogofhor sovor-
nI yonrs,¨ sfnfod HnII. ¨Wo nron`f
chnngIng n Iof nnd fhoy know
whnf fhoy nood fo do.¨
Tho rosf of fho fonm wIII do
fhoIr fnIkIng on fho fIoId. ¨Our
runnIng gnmo Is goIng fo bo
fough,¨ commonfod HnII. ¨I
boIIovo our oxµorIonco Is goIng fo
bo n fncfor.¨
Tho 24 young mon fhnf wIII
wonr fho TIgor unIform µInn on
hnvIng n bnnnor sonson. ¨Wo hnvo
2012-2013 Tiger FootbaII Team
Good 1uoK
1Þe neu
soÞoo1 geor,
Neu Underuood
s1uden1s ond s1o]]
¡¡on uíí o¡ us ut
Pub11oo11ons, 1no.
Quote oI tbe season:
ºAi onc ¡oini in your lifc you ciiIcr Iavc iIc iIing you wani
or iIc rcasons wIy you don'i."
- And¸ HoddícI
^5w u^P5FwOOP "l!q5F5"
Baok to 3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Ready to make tbeIr mark on tbe worId . New Underwood TIger IootbaII sea-
son are ready to Iead tbeIr team to vIctorIes. Back row, IeIt to rIgbt, Cameron Kocb,
Lucas HaII and Aaron OberIander. Front row, IeIt to rIgbt, Trent Madsen, Trevor Baker,
TyIer KIug and DaIton Benter.
Board oI EducatIon
Sc¡icnlcr 19
Ociolcr 17
Novcnlcr 21
Dcccnlcr 19
January 16
Fclruary 20
MarcI 20
A¡ril 17
May 15
Junc 19
begin at
in the
Meet tbe 2012-2013
New Underwood Board
oI EducatIon . CIock-
wIse Irom top, KevIn Kocb,
Larry PbIIIIps, MeIanIe
HaII, Casey Knuppe and
PauI RIcbter. Knuppe Is
tbe board presIdent wItb
RIcbter actIng as tbe board
vIce presIdent. Kocb Is IIII-
Ing a vacancy Ior tbIs year
as tbe posItIon was not
IIIIed durIng tbe eIectIon.
Tbe posItIon wIII be avaII-
abIe Ior eIectIon Ior a two-
year term. Tbe IIve paneI
board consIsts oI two-year
and tbree-year terms tbat
rotate yearIy. AII tbe cur-
rent members, wItb HaII as
an exceptIon, bave been
servIng Ior more tban one
year. Tbe board meets
every tbIrd Wednesday Ior
tbe reguIar scbeduIed
meetIngs at ?:30 p.m.
BooK 1o soÞoo1
ApvIcot IeutLevs
l fonsµoon Iomon juIco
2 cuµs µIffod nnd dIcod frosh
l/2 cuµ whIfo sugnr
Irohonf fho ovon fo l50
dogroos I (l65 dogroos C). Com-
bIno fho Iomon juIco, nµrIcofs nnd
sugnr In n snucoµnn. Cook ovor
modIum honf unfII sugnr hns dIs-
soIvod. Trnnsfor fo n bIondor nnd
µuroo unfII smoofh.
Covor nn llxl? Inch µnn or
cookIo shoof wIfh n Inyor of µInsfIc
wrnµ. Iour fho µurood fruIf onfo
fho µInsfIc nnd sµrond ovonIy fo
wIfhIn l Inch of fho odgo.Inko for
4 fo 6 hours In fho µrohonfod
ovon, usIng n sµoon or n µnIr of
fongs fo kooµ fho door sIIghfIy
njnr, or unfII fho µuroo hns drIod
nnd Is no Iongor sfIcky.
Hove o Super Yeor.
S1uden1s ond
For o11 gour Fue1 Needs:
Dicscl Fucl Oil Casolinc
Crowa 0¡l
Doug Crown, Owncr/Managcr
PIonc 279-2245 · Wall, SD

Couch Kent Anderoon
Tho WnII IngIos wIII onfor fho
20l2 foofbnII sonson wIfh gronf on-
fhusInsm. !nsf sonson fho onIy
gnmo fhoy Iosf wns In fho Sfnfo 9A
ChnmµIonshIµ ondIng fho sonson
wIfh nn ImµrossIvo ll-l rocord.
Wo undorsfnnd fhnf fhIs Is n now
yonr wIfh n comµofIfIvo schoduIo.
Wo wIII nood fo µIny soIId foofbnII
ovory wook ns ovory fonm wIII
brIng fhoIr A gnmo. Tho µInyors
nnd sfnff Iook forwnrd fo fho chnI-
Iongos of fho 20l2 sonson.
Tho IngIos onIy Iosf four µIny-
ors from Insf yonr`s fonm, buf fhoy
woro nII qunIIfy µInyors. ChnvIs
ShuII, Joss WIIIInms, nnd Josso
WIIIIs woro nII soIocfod fo fho 9A
AII-Sfnfo Tonm. KyIo HnrrIs Iosf
nImosf fho onfIro sonson fo Injury.
AIfhough fhoro woron`f mnny, wo
hnvo somo hugo hoIos fo fIII. Tho
IngIos wIII nIso hnvo n now Hond
Conch fhIs yonr ns Konf Andorson
wIII roµInco fho succossfuI ÐonnIs
!Iockmnn. HoµofuIIy fho chnngo
In IondorshIµ confInuos fo brIng
fho snmo rosuIf. Andorson wIII bo
onforIng hIs 26fh sonson ns n foof-
bnII conch, 24 ns n Hond Conch.
WnII Is nof now fo Andorson ns ho
sfnrfod hIs cnroor In WnII fwonfy-
sIx yonrs ngo. Andorson wns n
conch In WnII from l98? fhru fho
l995 sonson. Tho Insf sIxfoon
yonrs hnvo boon sµonf nf IIk
IoInf-Jofforson (fwo yonrs),
!onnox (l0 yonrs) nnd Iorosford
(four yonrs). AssIsfIng Andorson
fhIs sonson wIII bo fho 20ll 9A As-
sIsfnnf Conch of fho Yonr Wnyno
ShuII. Conch ShuII Is nof now fo
fho µrogrnm nnd wIII hnndIo mnny
of fho dofonsIvo dufIos. VoIunfoor
Conchos fhIs yonr wIII bo µnsf
ÞI! µInyor Irndy McÐonnoII,
µnsf ÞSC OffonsIvo Confor
Þnfhnn KIoInschmIf, µnsf llA AII-
Sfnfo µInyor ÐIIIon Andorson nnd
µnsf ISC AII Conforonco µInyor
Jnckson Andorson.
Tho IngIos hnvo mnny µInyors
rofurnIng wIfh gronf oxµorIonco.
Wo wIII bo Iod by 9A AII-Sfnfo Of-
fonsIvo Confor !nkofon Mc!nugh-
IIn nIong wIfh foIIow sonIors TyIor
Trnsk nnd Tnrnn IIsonbrnun.
Ofhor sonIors who wIII hoIµ Iond
fho fonm nro: TyroI CInrk, Cody
HnrrIs, Troy !Ichfor, !ydor WII-
son, !nno Husfond, nnd Thomns
Vnn OsdoI.
Tho nucIous of fho rofurnIng
sfnrfors on bofh sIdos of fho bnII
wIII bo junIors. !uko WIIkIns nnd
Trovor Andorson frnnsfor In from
IndInnn nnd Iorosford, SÐ rosµoc-
fIvoIy. Ofhors µInyIng koy roIos
Insf yonr woro: !nno IInsIus,
Ðusfy Ðnrff, Cndo Kjorsfnd, Ion
!Inn, CInncy !yfIo, Tuckor
O`!ourko, TyIor Ioforson, !Idgo
SnndnI, nnd !os WIIIInms. Ofhors
IookIng fo µush for µInyIng fImo
wIII bo Iroff Cnrfnor, Ðusfy
!onch, nnd CJ SchuIz. !ndorcInss-
mon fhnf wIII µush fho ofhors for
µInyIng fImo couId bo Soµhomoro
Cnrson Johnsfon nnd Iroshmnn
Cnbo SnndnI.
Wo onfor fho sonson ns Wosforn
Cronf IInIns Conforonco ChnmµI-
ons fho µnsf fwo sonsons nnd n 9A
!unnor-!µ Insf yonr. Wo don`f
hnvo fromondous sIzo buf wo do
hnvo µIonfy of sµood nnd quIck-
noss. Add µhysIcnI nnd nggrossIvo
µIny wIfh fhIs nnd wo shouId fIoId
n µroffy soIId fonm. Tonm µIny nnd
unsoIfIsh µIny wIII bo hugo. Wo nro
vory dooµ In mnny µosIfIons whIch
shouId nIIow us fo bo woII rosfod
durIng gnmos. Wo wIII dofInIfoIy
µIny TIAM bnII nnd fonms wIII
nof bo nbIo fo koy nny ono µorson.
Our gonIs nro fho snmo ns nny-
ono oIso. Wo wnnf fo wIn fhom nII,
wIn fho conforonco, mnko fho µIny-
offs nnd of courso wIn n Sfnfo
TIfIo. Iuf fho bIggosf gonI of
courso Is fo wIn fho fIrsf gnmo.
Thon wo wIII focus on onch gnmo
ono nf n fImo.
EagIes footbaII pIayers. Back row from Ieft ... Cade Kjerstad, Luke WiIkins, Ridge SandaI, CIancy LytIe, Les WiIIiams, Lane BIa-
sius, Trevor Anderson, Dusty Dartt, Ben Linn, Brett Gartner, CJ SchuIz and Camden SawveII. Second row ... TyIer Peterson,
Taran Eisenbraun, Laketon McLaughIin, Ryder WiIson, Trey Richter, TyIer Trask, Cody Harris, TyreI CIark, Lane Hustead, Thomas
Van OsdoI and Carson Johnston. Front row ... WiII Houseman, RyIee Schreiber, RiIey Fortune, Raedon Anderson, GabeI SandaI
and Travis Brenner. (Not pictures: Tucker O'Rourke). ~Photos by Laurie Hindman
2012 EagIes footbaII preview
FootbaII Seniors, back row from Ieft ... TyreI CIark, Lane Hus-
tead, Laketon McLaughIin, Cody Harris, Thomas Van OsdoI.
Front row . Trey Richter, Taran Eisenbraun, TyIer Trask and
Ryder WiIson.
Coach Kent Anderson
Cutt¡ag Edge
Saloa & Taaa¡ag
Suíc on Iíd, studcnt
ö uduít Iuí¡cuts
Now offcring.
SÞe11oo UV No11 Serv1oe
(Polish that wears up to two weeks on natural nails!)
Tonn1ng - 2 mon1Þs - SSD
279-2935 · Wall, S0
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·

Look Botb Ways BeIore
CrossIng Tbe LIne.
Enicring a ncw scIool ycar can lring ncw cIallcngcs and
fricndsIi¡s as wcll as ncw o¡¡oriuniiics io gci involvcd wiiI
alcoIol and drugs.
And lccausc you'll wani io fii in, iIcsc aciiviiics nay sccn
lilc a good idca ai iIc iinc. Dui if you ialc a lool down iIc
road, you'll scc iIai sulsiancc alusc can also lcad io dc¡rcs-
sion, scIolasiic failing, ¡sycIological or ¡Iysical dc¡cnd-
cncc, IcaliI and cnoiional ¡rol-
lcns and cvcn arrcsi. And iIcrc's
noiIing cool aloui all iIai.
If onc of iIcsc ºo¡¡oriuniiics"
sIould conc your way, ialc iIc
iinc io sio¡.lool.and lisicn.io
your own good judgcncni!
279-2135 · Wall, SD
WtShtH§ T0H Å
Huþþy Q óu]£ T£ut
WaII HeaIth Services, Inc.
MedicaI Board & Staff
·Alvin E. Wessel, Jr., M.D.
· Michael C. Goodhope, D.O. · Dave Custis, PA-C
· Genie Ellis, CNP
Moni, Stacey, Ester
Mon. - Thurs., 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon & 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Fri.: 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon & 1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone 279-2149 112 Seventh Ave., Wall, SD
Couch Duni Herring
ThIs summor fho gIrIs nffondod
numorous IndIvIdunI cnmµs nf dIf-
foronf coIIogos nII ovor fho MId-
wosf nnd 2l hIgh schooI nnd junIor
hIgh µInyors cnmo ouf for our
fonm cnmµ nf fho ond of JuIy. Þof
onIy dId fho gIrIs Ionrn n Iof from
fho cnmµ If wns n gronf wny fo soo
whnf wo wouId hnvo fo offor ns fho
sonson nµµronchos.
Wo wIII bo rofurnIng quIfo n fow
µInyors from Insf yonr nnd wIII
nIso bo sooIng somo now fncos on
fho courf.
Our fIrsf fwo gnmos wIII bo
ngnInsf Jonos Counfy In Murdo on
Augusf 28 nnd ngnInsf !nµId CIfy
ChrIsfInn In !nµId CIfy on Augusf
Our fIrsf homo gnmo Is Tuosdny
Soµfombor ll ngnInsf Sf. Thomns
Moro, so I hoµo fo soo ovoryono
como suµµorf fho gIrIs!
SenIovs: InIIoy !yfIo, KIm
IIIIIngs, Aufumn SchuIz, KnIIoy
!no SnwvoII, MnddI Inuor, !IbbI
JunIovs: ÞIcoIo IIsonbrnun,
KnIfIIn SchroIbor, JonnIfor Imory
SopLomoves: Tnynh Huofhor,
CnrIoo Johnsfon, ImIIy !Inn
IvesLmun:, JosIo IInsIus,
MonIcn IIoImnIor, Aufumn Ðoor-
EagIe voIIeybaII pIayers, back row from Ieft, Jennifer Emery, Autumn Deering, CaitIin Ausmann, EmiIy Linn, Tayah Huether,
CarIee Johnston, Josie BIasius, NicoIe Eisenbraun, KaitIin Schreiber and Savanna Johnson. MiddIe row ... KaiIey Rae SawveII,
Kim BiIIings, Autumn SchuIz, Libbi Sykora, Maddi Bauer and BaiIey LytIe. Front row ... Jessica Casjens, EIIe Moon, KaIIie An-
derson and TayIor Richter. (Not pictured: Monica BieImaier, Katy BieImaier, SterIing EIIens and EIIyssa Westby).
2012 WHS voIIeybaII season preview
VoIIeybaII seniors for the WaII
EagIes. From Ieft ... KaiIey Rae
SawveII, Kim BiIIings, Autumn
SchuIz, Libbi Sykora, Maddi
Bauer and BaiIey LytIe.
~Photos by Laurie Hindman
Rush FuneraI
Tho WnII SchooI ÐIsfrIcf wIII
uso fho foIIowIng fncIIIfIos fo no-
fIfy fho µubIIc In cnso of schooI
cIosIng bocnuso of bnd wonfhor or
ofhor cnusos: KIHI, KOTA,
KIVÞ, IOX nnd KI!O. Wo nIso
wIII hnvo our dIgIfnI sIgn In uso
nnd SchooI !onch.
If schooI Is cIosod Mondny
fhrough Thursdny of fho wook,
fho dny wIII bo mndo uµ on IrI-
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
$¢0fl8M8ß80l¢ F0ll0¶
Tho WnII SchooI ÐIsfrIcf boIIovos In fho Imµorfnnco of
sµorfsmnnshIµ. In fho Inforosf of µromofIng sµorfsmnnshIµ
wo hnvo dovoIoµod fho foIIowIng guIdoIInos fo bo foIIowod by
nII µInyors, conchos nnd sµocfnfors.
Tho nfhIofos nro ongngIng In nn ncfIvIfy fhnf Is dosIgnod
for oxorcIso, fun, nnd ImµrovIng chnrncfor. Wo oxµocf fho
nfhIofos fo bohnvo In n sµorfsmnnIIko mnnnor, nnd so If foI-
Iows fhnf ovoryono oIso In nffondnnco do fho snmo. Wo ox-
µocf fhnf nduIfs modoI fho nµµroµrInfo bohnvIors for fho
youngor chIIdron In nffondnnco. IIonso do nof ombnrrnss
your fonm, schooI nnd communIfy by booIng or commIffIng
nny ofhor unsµorfsmnnIIko ncf.
Wo Infond fo hoId nII fhoso In nffondnnco nccounfnbIo for
fhoIr ncfIons nnd wIII ImmodInfoIy romovo nnyono from fho
µromIsos fhnf oxhIbIfs unsµorfsmnnIIko bohnvIor. ThIs In-
cIudos fhoso vIsIfIng from ofhor schooIs. Wo nsk fhnf nII vIs-
IfIng schooIs mnko fhoIr µInyors, conchos nnd communIfy
mombors nwnro of our InfonfIons, fo µossIbIy nIIovInfo nny
µrobIoms boforo fhoy occur.
Tho WnII SchooI ÐIsfrIcf on-
courngos sfudonfs nnd nduIfs fo
dIsµIny µroµor rosµocf for fhom-
soIvos nnd fhoIr µoors, nfhIofos,
conchos, fnns, fonchors, ndmInIs-
frnfors, offIcInIs, nnd for fho fncII-
Ify. Tho Courfosy IoIIcy nIso
nddrossos hnrnssmonf of ÐIsfrIcf
omµIoyoos by fho µubIIc. Tho sfnff
Is nvnIInbIo fo nssIsf you In moof-
Ing your noods. Howovor, If you
uso obscono Inngungo, fhronfon-
Ing or offonsIvo bohnvIor, or nro
InfoxIcnfod you wIII bo nskod fo
Ionvo fho µroµorfy nnd wIII bo ox-
µocfod fo comµIy. Wo nµµrocInfo
your cooµornfIon.
Courtesy poIicy
TIfIo I Inrf A, SocfIon
llll(h)(6) sµocIfIos fhnf nII µnr-
onfs In n TIfIo I schooI bo nofIfIod
nnd gIvon fho oµµorfunIfy fo ro-
quosf InformnfIon nbouf fho µro-
fossIonnI qunIIfIcnfIons of
cInssroom fonchors InsfrucfIng
fhoIr chIId. If you nro Inforosfod In
fhIs InformnfIon, you mny sond
your roquosf fo fho buIIdIng µrIn-
cIµnI who wIII µrovIdo n rosµonso.
Parents Right
to Know

See us for all of your
automotive needs.
6000 l00k l8¶l08I
Jerry & Beverly
Phone 279-2827 · Wall, SD
Roud Trip Cufe
& Fut ßoys ßßQ
weIcome Sfudenfs, Teochers
& Sfoff bock fo schooI.
ßring in t|is ad and rcccivc \¡.oo c|| any mca|.
Z79-Z1õZ - WuII¸ SD
N£|0ûM£ Tû
Th£ d£N
80hûû| Y£Ak.
·heck out our
;±.8, ~ ó ìnch
Daì¦y Specìa¦s
Nonday: Savory Turkey Breast 8 Ham
Tuesday: NeatLa¦¦ Narìnara
vednesday: Savory Turkey Breast
Thursday: lta¦ìan B.N.T_
lrìday: ·¦assìc Tuna
Saturday: Roast Beeí
Sunday: Oven Roasted ·hìcken Breast
Make It a meaI deaI Ior $2.2S more.
Noi good wiiI any oiIcr offcr. Cood ai ¡ariici¡aiing siorcs only.
No casI valuc. Noi for salc. 2005 Dociors Associaics Inc.
SUDWAY® is a rcgisicrcd iradcnarl of Dociors Associaics Inc.
Ccrncr Pantry
279-2355 · Wall, SD
2012 Cross Country season
Couch Kurol Putteroon
Tho WnII SchooI Cross Counfry
fonm Is rondy for fho 20l2 sonson.
ThIs sµorf Is nn oxhIInrnfIng ox-
µorIonco for nn IndIvIdunI ns woII
ns for fho fonm. Throo runnors
mnko uµ n fonm. Ivory runnor Is
n fncfor In fhIs sµorf ns fhoy run
on vnrIous forrnIn nf goIf coursos.
!unnIng fhIs sonson nro Þnfhnn
Infforson (l2), Kndon IIsonbrnun
(ll), Ðnnny MuzIk (l0) nnd AusfIn
Huofhor (l0) for fho boys fonm.
Tho gIrIs hnvo MnrIn Trnsk (ll)
nnd CoIIno Trnsk (l0) rofurnIng.
CrndunfIng Insf sonson nffor nn
ImµrossIvo Cross Counry cnroor Is
KnIo !yfIo hondIng fo Chndron
Conch's Commonfs: ThIs grouµ of
nfhIofos rofurn wIfh Iofs of oxµorI-
onco. Tho boys hnvo qunIIfIod ns n
fonm for sfnfo fho Insf fwo yonrs.
Thoy run wIfh doformInnfIon fo do
woII IndIvIdunIIy nnd ns n fonm.
Huofhor µIncod In fho modnIs Insf
yonr nf sfnfo ns n froshmon. Ho,
nIong wIfh fho ofhor runnors
shouId do woII fhIs yonr.
Tho gIrIs gnInod vnIunbIo oxµo-
rIonco Insf yonr. Thoy nIwnys hnd
fun nf ovory moof!
I nm IookIng forwnrd fo nnofhor
fun fIIIod sonson. !ondy, sof, run
fho courso!

Aug. 24fh ÐougIns l0:00 n.m.
Aug. 30fh SµonrfIsh 3:00 µ.m.
Aug. 3lsf InIfh l0:00 n.m.
Soµf. ?fh Kndokn TIÐ
Soµf. l0fh W. !Ivor 2:00 µ.m.
Soµf. l9fh WCI/WnII 9:30 n.m.
Soµf. 2lsf IIks 3:00 µ.m.
Soµf. 29fh HIghmoro 9:00 n.m.
Ocf. 4fh CII 2:00 µ.m.
Ocf. 6fh IhIIIµ l0:00 n.m.
Ocf. l0fh !ogIons/IhIIIµ TIÐ
Ocf. 20fh Sfnfo/Huron TIÐ
Cross Country Team for 2012. From Ieft . Nathan Patterson
and Austin Huether. ~Photos by Laurie Hindman
Senior Nathan Patterson
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·

l¨ WhIfo 3-!Ing IIndor (fronf
µockof vIow)
SuµµIy Iox
ScIssors (IIsknrs)
Crnyons (24 or fowor)
3-!Ing IIndor IoncII Cnso
4 CIuo SfIcks
2 !g. Ioxos of TIssuos
l IoIdor wIfh µockof
ÐoIInr Sforo Hondµhonos - wIfh
µInsfIc bng
Two JournnIs
Iook Ing
IIvst Gvude
l¨ WhIfo 3-!Ing IIndor (fronf
µockof vIow)
!ubbor Comonf or CIuo
CoIorod IoncIIs
2 boxos of TIssuos
SuµµIy Iox
!uIor (Inchos nnd confImofors)
#2 IoncIIs
3-!Ing IIndor IoncII Cnso
ScIssors (IIsknrs)
Two JournnIs
2-3 Ðry Irnso Mnrkors (nny
Iook Ing
ÐoIInr Sforo Hondµhonos - wIfh
µInsfIc bng
Second Gvude
l¨ WhIfo 3-!Ing IIndor (fronf
µockof vIow)
2 boxos of TIssuos
CrnyoIn crnyons-box of 24 or
Þofobook for JournnIIng
SuµµIy Iox
3 Two Iockof foIdors
!uIor (sfnndnrd & mofrIc)
3-!Ing IIndor IoncII Cnso
CIuo or !ubbor Comonf
CoIorod IoncIIs
TLIvd Gvude
l¨ WhIfo 3-!Ing IIndor (fronf
µockof vIow)
2 WIdo !uIod Þofobooks, ?0
IoncIIs (Þof MochnnIcnI)
l Irnsor or IoncII Toµ Irnsors
Ðry Irnso Mnrkors (2)
Crnyons (24 or fowor)
2 CIuo SfIcks
!uIor (sfnndnrd & mofrIc)
SuµµIy Iox
3-!Ing IIndor IoncII Cnso
Mnrkor Ionrd Irnsor (oId sock
or wnshcIofh)
2 IoIdors wIfh Iockofs
3x5 Indox Cnrds
YoIIow HIghIIghfor
2 Ioxos of TIssuos
ÐoIInr Sforo Hondµhonos - wIfh
µInsfIc bng
Inckµnck/Iook Ing
IouvtL Gvude
l¨ WhIfo 3-!Ing IIndor (fronf
µockof vIow)
CrnyoIn crnyons-box of 24 or
Þofobook Inµor
IoncIIs nnd CoIorod IoncIIs
SuµµIy Iox
2 Ioxos of TIssuos
l Irnsor or IoncII Toµ Irnsors
!uIor (sfnndnrd & mofrIc)
Indox Cnrds
Ðry Irnso Mnrkors (4)
3-!Ing IIndor IoncII Cnso
AssIgnmonf Iook
5tL Gvude
l¨ WhIfo 3-!Ing IIndor (fronf
µockof vIow)
Ions (bInck)
5 Þofobooks (wIdo IInod)
IoncIIs nnd Irnsors
3-!Ing IIndor IoncII Cnso
5 IoIdors
!uIor (sfnndnrd & mofrIc)
2 Ioxos of TIssuos
2 IoffIos of !ubbor Comonf
!nrgo Iox of CoIorod IoncIIs
2 !oIIs of Inµor TowoIs
AssIgnmonf Þofobook
Þofo Cnrds
CnIcuInfor (scIonfIfIc If µossIbIo)
2 Ioxos Wnfor CoIor Mnrkors
SuµµIy Iox
6tL Gvude
3-!Ing IIndor
4-8 Þofobooks
AssIgnmonf Þofobook
CoIorod IoncIIs
Þofo Cnrds
Inckµnck/Iook Ing
IoIdors or n CoIInµsIbIo IIIo
ÐoIInr Sforo Hondµhonos - wIfh
µInsfIc bng
!ockor orgnnIzors for sforngo of
smnII Ifoms
3-!Ing IIndor IoncII Cnso
l¨ WhIfo 3-!Ing IIndor (fronf
µockof vIow)
2 boxos of fIssuos
Iox of Mnrkors
CoIorod IoncIIs
IoffIo of IImor`s CIuo
IoffIo of !ubbor Comonf CIuo
4 Ðry Irnso Mnrkors
#2 IoncIIs
Þofobooks - K (l nofobook),
lsf-5fh Crndo (3 nofobooks),
6fh Crndo (6 nofobooks)
l Inck !ooso !onf Inµor
IoIdors - KIndorgnrfon-5fh
Crndo (2 foIdors), 6fh Crndo
(6 µInsfIc foIdors)
CnIcuInfor (5fh nnd 6fh Crndo)
3-!Ing IIndor IoncII Cnso
Big White/WaII EIementary
SuppIy Lists 2012-13
W£ WtSh utt Íh£ SÍHu£HÍS
Íh£ D£SÍ 0] tH£K WtÍh
Íh£tt u£uu£mt£ uHu
uÍht£Ít£ £Hu£uv0tS!
Wutt PtH§ óÍ0t£
2/V-2J/o * Wutt, óP
Z7º-ZZóT - Z7º-ZZ55 - woll, 'D
Povc o qrcoI
school ycor
'IudcnIs & 'IoII
Bave a super year,
Teacbers aad Studeatsl
Get your oil changed and your tires
and muffler checked before the
kids start driving to school!
0e¹s 0¡l,
216 W. 7th Ave., Wall, SD

Hamburger & French Fries
Call for del¡very
0ood Luck
Tho InmIIy IducnfIonnI !Ighfs
nnd IrIvncy Acf (II!IA) (20
!.S.C. § l232g; 34 CI! Inrf 99) Is
n IodornI Inw fhnf µrofocfs fho
µrIvncy of sfudonf oducnfIon
rocords. Tho Inw nµµIIos fo nII
schooIs fhnf rocoIvo funds undor
nn nµµIIcnbIo µrogrnm of fho !.S.
Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon.
SchooIs mny dIscIoso, wIfhouf
consonf, "dIrocfory" InformnfIon
such ns n sfudonf's nnmo, nddross,
foIoµhono numbor, dnfo nnd µInco
of bIrfh, honors nnd nwnrds, nnd
dnfos of nffondnnco. SchooIs musf
nofIfy µnronfs nnd oIIgIbIo sfu-
donfs nnnunIIy of fhoIr rIghfs
undor II!IA. Tho ncfunI monns
of nofIfIcnfIon (sµocInI Ioffor, IncIu-
sIon In n ITA buIIofIn, sfudonf
hnndbook, or nowsµnµor nrfIcIo) Is
Ioff fo fho dIscrofIon of onch schooI.
If you wouId cnro for moro nssIs-
fnnco nbouf II!IA, you cnn con-
fncf fho schooI, fho Soufh Ðnkofn
Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon, nnd/or
fho !.S. Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon.
InformnfIon rognrdIng II!IA cnn
bo found on fho Infornof nf:
Þofo: Sfudonf rocords nnd dIroc-
fory InformnfIon Is covorod undor
IIIo: JO of fho dIsfrIcf µoIIcy hnnd-
District substitute teacher
meeting scheduled
Thoro wIII bo n moofIng for
ovoryono Inforosfod In workIng ns
n subsfIfufo fonchor for fho WnII
SchooI ÐIsfrIcf. If wIII bo hoId on
Wodnosdny, Augusf 29, 20l2. If
wIII bogIn nf 5:00 µ.m. In fho
schooI IIbrnry. If you nro Infor-
osfod In subsfIfufo fonchIng, you
nro oncourngod fo nffond. If you
nro nof nbIo fo nffond fho moofIng,
µIonso cnII 2?9-2l56 or omnII
ChnrIos Sykorn nf: ChnrIos.
Sykorn¸kl2. sd.us.
ActIvIty IndIvIduu! TIcket
InmIIy ................................$80.00
AduIf ................$5.00 .........$30.00
Sfudonf ............$3.00 .........$l0.00
***6 - l2 roquIrod
AduIf/Cuosf .....$3.50 .........$?0.00
K - 5..................$2.25 .........$45.00
6 - l2 ................$2.50 .........$50.00
!oducod ...........$0.40 ...........$8.00
AduIf/Cuosf .....$2.00 .........$40.00
Sfudonf ...........$l.50 .........$30.00
!oducod ...........$0.30 ...........$6.00
MI!k (K-3) .......$0.35 ...........$?.00
Activity and
Iunch prices
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
WoIcomo fo fho 20l2-20l3
schooI yonr. I frusf ovoryono Is
rosfod nnd rondy for nnofhor gronf
yonr. SImIInr fo µrovIous yonrs,
fhoro wIII bo nn nbundnnco of nc-
fIvIfy In fho WnII SchooI ÐIsfrIcf
durIng fhIs ncndomIc yonr. Tho
bIg ncfIvIfy InvoIvos fho fonchIng
sfnff bocomIng nccusfomod fo fho
Common Coro Sfnfo Sfnndnrds.
Tho sfnff wIII nIso bo workIng
wIfh n now ovnIunfIon. AddIfIon-
nIIy, fho IIomonfnry nnd IIg
WhIfo sfnff wIII confInuo fhoIr
work dovoIoµIng n sfnndnrds
bnsod roµorf cnrd for fho sfudonfs
In fho IIomonfnry SchooI nnd IIg
WhIfo SchooI. IInnIIy, fho WnII
SchooI ÐIsfrIcf wIII confInuo fo
omµIoy ncfIvIfIos fhnf oncomµnss
SovornI schooI sfnff mombors
sµonf fImo durIng fho summor fn-
mIIInrIzIng fhomsoIvos wIfh fho
Common Coro Sfnfo Sfnndnrds
nnd wnys fo ImµIomonf fhom Info
fhoIr cInssroom. Thoso now sfnn-
dnrds cronfo fho sfoµs fo Incronso
comµIoxIfy so fho sfudonfs do-
voIoµ fho skIIIs noodod fo nµµIy
fhom In moro comµIox confonfs.
So, sfudonfs shouId oxµocf fo ro-
coIvo fowor mIndIoss workshoofs
nnd nssIgnmonfs fhnf InvoIvo nn-
sworIng fho quosfIons nf fho ond
of fho chnµfor. Sfudonfs` nssIgn-
monfs wIII bogIn fo bo moro rIgor-
ous nnd IncIudo ncfIvIfIos fhnf
IncIudo buf nro nof IImIfod fo µroj-
ocf bnsod IonrnIng, n vnrIofy of
wrIfIng nssIgnmonfs nnd/or ns-
sIgnmonfs fhnf roquIro fhom fo
dovoIoµ nnd suµµorf nn oµInIon
nbouf n hIsforIcnI ovonf. Thoso nc-
fIvIfIos wIII bo moro chnIIongIng,
buf wIII hoIµ µroµnro fho sfudonfs
for coIIogo nnd cnroor by µroµnr-
Ing fhom fo rond, wrIfo,nnd do ro-
sonrch ncross fho currIcuIum.
In nccordnnco wIfh now sfnfo
IogIsInfIon, fho WnII SchooI ÐIs-
frIcf Is workIng on n now fonchor
ovnIunfIon. Tho ovnIunfIon Is
bnsod on fho Irnmowork for
TonchIng work dono by ChnrIoffo
ÐnnIoIson. Tho ¨Irnmowork¨ fo-
cusos on fho nsµocfs of fonchors`
rosµonsIbIIIfIos fhnf hnvo boon
µrovon fo Imµrovo sfudonf Ionrn-
Ing. ÐurIng fho fhroo sfnff dovoI-
oµmonf dnys In Augusf, fho sfnff
wIII rocoIvo nn oxfonsIvo Infroduc-
fIon of fho ÐnnIoIson Irnmowork.
Affor fho InfroducfIon, fho sfnff
wIII docIdo on fho mosf Imµorfnnf
nsµocfs of fonchIng If wIII focus on
durIng fho 20l2-20l3 schooI yonr.
Affor obsorvnfIons fhIs yonr, fho
µosf obsorvnfIon dIscussIons wIII
focus on fho nsµocfs fho sfnff
choso fo nddross.
Sfnndnrds bnsod roµorf cnrds
hnvo boon n focus for fho IIomon-
fnry SchooI nnd IIg WhIfo SchooI
for n couµIo of yonrs. !nsf yonr fho
sfnff from fhoso fwo buIIdIngs ro-
coIvod yonr-Iong sfnff dovoIoµ-
monf sossIons fhnf buIId uµ fo fho
schooIs ndoµfIng n sfnndnrds
bnsod roµorf cnrd. A sfnndnrds
bnsod roµorf cnrd Is dosIgnod fo
gIvo µnronfs nnd fonchors moro
nnd boffor InformnfIon nbouf how
fho chIIdron nro µrogrossIng.
Irom fho InformnfIon gnfhorod
wIfh fho now roµorf cnrds, fho
chIIdron who sfruggIo wIII rocoIvo
nssIsfnnco soonor, whIIo fho sfu-
donfs who oxcoI wIII rocoIvo nddI-
fIonnI nffonfIon ns woII.
Tho Ðnkofn Chnrncfor µrojocf Is
ovor buf chnrncfor ncfIvIfIos wIII
confInuo. Mrs. SundnII wIII con-
fInuo fo comµIofo numorous chnr-
ncfor buIIdIng ncfIvIfIos wIfh fho
sfudonfs. Tho fonchors wIII nIso
fnko ndvnnfngo of fonchIng oµµor-
funIfIos by µoInfIng ouf µroµor
chnrncfor frnIfs µrncfIcod by sfu-
donfs fhroughouf fho schooI dny.
Tho chnrncfor ncfIvIfIos wIII kIck
off wIfh n communIfy µrosonfn-
fIon from !nchoI`s ChnIIongo.
Moro dofnIIs nbouf !nchoI`s ChnI-
Iongo wIII bo sonf ouf ns fho dnfo
!Iko µrovIous yonrs, wo wIII do
ovoryfhIng In our µowor fo kooµ
you Informod of nII fhnf Is hnµ-
µonIng. Wo roguInrIy sond ouf nn-
nouncomonfs nbouf schooI
ncfIvIfIos vIn fho Infornof. If you
do nof rocoIvo fhom In your omnII,
µIonso confncf fho schooI. Wo
wnnf you fo rocoIvo nII schooI In-
I`m IookIng forwnrd fo nnofhor
µroducfIvo yonr. If you hnvo nny
quosfIons or concorns nbouf
schooI, your chIIdron, or nny
schooI roInfod ncfIvIfIos, µIonso
cnII. I cnn nIso bo ronchod nf
ChnrIos.Sykorn¸kl2.sd.us. Injoy
fho rosf of fho summor.
From the desk of the Elementary Principal
Mr. CharIes Sykora

Wall Lube &
Espresso Bar
·Laiic ·Ca¡¡uccino
·SnooiIics ·Tracgcr Woodfirc Crills
·Oil CIangc ·Focl CIi¡ Fc¡air
605/279-2227 • Wall, SD
Wz|| 8rhee| P|s!r|r! 8!zff 2012-1J
ScLoo! Bouvd
Scof IIsonbrnun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ChnIrµorson
Inm Johnson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .VIco ChnIrµorson
CnroIynn Andorson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
Mnry WIIIInms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
Todd Trnsk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
KovIn IIoImnIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
Sµoncor Cordos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Mombor
ÐonnIs !Iockmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SuµorInfondonf/?-l2 IrIncIµnI
ChnrIos Sykorn . . .K-6 & IIg WhIfo IrIncIµnI/IodornI Irogrnms
ÞIkI Mohr . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IusInoss Mnnngor/Hond MS CIrIs II
AImoo InuIson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AdmInIsfrnfIvo AssIsfnnf
SusIo Wosfby . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Socrofnry
?-12 Iucu!ty
Konf Andorson . . . . . .8fh Comµ/Ius. !nw/Infroµ/W. HIsf./Accf./
IIom. Comµ./AcfIvIfy-AfhIofIc ÐIrocfor/Hond II/Assf. Ioys II
KoIIy Ironfz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9-l2 IngIIsh
ÐnnI HorrIng . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Vo-AgrIcuIfuro/Shoµ/Hond VI
ÐnvId IrmIsh . . .AI AmorIcnn HIsfory/Amor. Covf./Amor. HIsf./
Coogrnµhy/Sr. IxµorIonco/IorsonnI IInnnco/Hond MS II/
Assf. MS III/Assf. Trnck
ÐInno CoIgIo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SIIÐ ÐIrocfor/SµnnIsh I & II/
IIomonfnry SµnnIsh
!orI WnIkor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .?fh & 8fh IngIIsh/!Ifornfuro/
IT !IbrnrInn/8fh HIsfory
Mnry IIIon Crnyof . . . . . . . . . . .Ihy. ScIonco/IhysIcs/ChomIsfry/
Coomofry/TrnnsIfIon Mnfh
InndI IIffmnn . . .IIoIogy I/?fh ScIonco/6fh ScIonco/MuIfI-ModIn/
Inrfh/Sµc ScI/Assf. MS VI
Snmrn Trnsk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TrIg./IroCnIc/CnIc./AIgobrn l & 2/
Odyssoy Wnro IncIIIfnfor
K-6 Iucu!ty
!nchoI McConnghy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KIndorgnrfon
MnrIIo Trnsk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .lsf Crndo
Irondn CnrmIchnoI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2nd Crndo
MIchoIIo !uInnd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3rd Crndo
KnroI Infforson . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4fh Crndo/Hond CC/Hond Trnck
!oIn KIoInschmIf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5fh Crndo
JonnIno Sykorn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6fh Crndo & IIomonfnry MusIc
AnIfn Honfhorshnw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I
Shnwn CufIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I/6fh ScIonco/?fh SS
BIg WLIte ScLoo! Iucu!ty
AshIoy KoIr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .K-8 Tonchor/Assf. CII
Ðnnn !uodomnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .InrnµrofossIonnI/Assf. VI
ÐIstvIct Ieve! AssIgnments
Andron ChrIsfInnson . . . . . . . . . .?-l2 Chorus/5-l2 InsfrumonfnI
ChoryI !osfor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Arf
KoIII SundnII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CounsoIor
Mnrk Amnnn . . . . . . . . . . .II/HonIfh/!IfofImo IIfnoss/Hond CoIf
!nndnII Iosfo . . . . . . . . . . .Toch. CoordInnfor/Comµufors/AIg. II/
IC IssonfInIs
!ondn WIIson . .Sµooch/!nngungo Thornµy/Sfudonf CouncII Adv.
Sfunrf KIfformnn .SIIÐ Tonchor/6fh, ?fh & 8fh Mnfh/Assf. CoIf
Susnn WIIIIs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .IIom. SIIÐ
Suppovt StuII
CIndy Wonvor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond Cook
!ynn Ðunkor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. Cook
Cwon McConnoII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .I/T KIfchon HoIµ
Honfhor SchroIbor . . . . . . . .SIIÐ AIdo/Wobµngo/V-ToI/Yonrbook
JnckIo !osofh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SIIÐ AIdo/WASI AssIsfnnf
Knfhy !Iockmnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .SIIÐ AIdo
!ornynn Inµousok . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .TIfIo I AIdo
Sfncy Sfownrf . . . . . . . .TIfIo I AIdo/Hond MS VI/Assf. MS CII/
Assf. Trnck
Ðnn Hnuk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond MnInfonnnco/IH ÐIrocfor
KIm Morgnn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CusfodInn/MnInfonnnco
OIIÞ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CusfodInn/MnInfonnnco
Ðnvo Jonos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ioworhouso SuµorvIsor
MnndI McÐonnoII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .WASI ÐIrocfor
Amy ZobroskI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .WASI AssIsfnnf
Bus ÐvIvevs
Ðnn Hnuk . CornId JuIson . JunnIfn IIffmnn
KnroI Infforson . KIrby Koysor . InndI IIffmnn
Iofo Ðunkor . Sfunrf KIfformnn
£xtvu CuvvIcu!uv
John Hoss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond CII
Joo Mooro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond MS Ioys II
Wnyno ShuII . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. II
MIko Andorson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. MS II
OIIÞ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .WrosfIIng
HoIdI CoIIor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .CymnnsfIcs
OIIÞ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assf. CymnnsfIcs
!ynn ÐIngor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hond III
ChiIdren's heaIth
insurance program
Mnny chIIdron In Soufh
Ðnkofn`s cInssrooms who nro unIn-
surod nro oIIgIbIo for froo chII-
dron`s honIfh Insurnnco.
!nInsurod chIIdron nro Ioss IIkoIy
fo rocoIvo µroµor modIcnI cnro for
soro fhronfs, onrnchos, nnd
nsfhmn common chIIdhood III-
nossos fhnf nro offon fho cnuso of
schooI nbsonco. Ono ouf of fhroo
unInsurod chIIdron wIfh rocurrIng
onr InfocfIons novor soos n docfor
durIng fho yonr. Ono In fIvo unIn-
surod chIIdron hns unfronfod vI-
sIon µrobIoms.
As fnmIIIos gof fhoIr chIIdron
rondy for n succossfuI schooI yonr,
wo wnnf fo oncourngo µnronfs fo
µuf onroIIIng for fho Soufh Ðnkofn
ChIIdron`s HonIfh Insurnnco Iro-
grnm (CHII) nf fho foµ of fhoIr
bnck-fo-schooI chockIIsf.
Soufh Ðnkofn chIIdron undor
ngo l9 mny bo nbIo fo gof froo
honIfh Insurnnco fhrough fho
ChIIdron`s HonIfh Insurnnco Iro-
grnm. ChIIdron onroIIod In CHII
wIII rocoIvo covorngo for docfor vIs-
Ifs, hosµIfnI cnro, vIsIon nnd don-
fnI cnro, oyo gInssos, µroscrIµfIons
nnd ofhor sorvIcos. CHII offors
comµrohonsIvo covorngo, much
IIko mnny of fho µrIvnfo honIfh In-
surnnco µrogrnms.
Mnny fnmIIIos mny nof bo nwnro
fhnf fhoIr chIIdron mny qunIIfy for
covorngo wIfh CHII. In fncf, oIIgI-
bIIIfy hns boon oxµnndod fo In-
cIudo mnny modornfo-Incomo
fnmIIIos. A fnmIIy of four cnn mnko
uµ fo $3,?25 n monfh or moro nnd
qunIIfy for fho CHII. IIIgIbIIIfy Is
bnsod on fnmIIy sIzo nnd Incomo.
!nrgor fnmIIIos wIfh hIghor In-
comos mny nIso bo oIIgIbIo for fho
froo honIfh cnro covorngo.
To fInd ouf If your chIId Is oIIgI-
bIo for froo honIfh cnro covorngo or
fo nµµIy for CHII, confncf your
counfy socInI sorvIcos offIco, go fo
hIµ/, or cnII foII-froo l-800-305-
KiJe ui/l leol/l core coteroge
ore Ie//er preporeJ /o leorn.
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·

Wo nro Info fho monfh of Au-
gusf nnd nnofhor schooI yonr
nwnIfs fho sfudonfs, sfnff, nnd
fnmIIIos. Thoro hnvo boon n fow
chnngos sInco schooI wns dIs-
mIssod In Mny for fho summor.
Tho sfudonfs In WnII hnvo dono
vory woII onco ngnIn In fho STII
oxnms gIvon Insf sµrIng fo grndos
4fh-8fh nnd llfh. If Is n now ro-
µorfIng formnf fhIs yonr nnd wo
nro nnxIousIy wnIfIng fo soo fho
rosuIfs. Wo woIcomo n formor
fonchor/conch bnck fo fho sfnff;
Mr. Konf Andorson wIII fonch
WorId HIsfory, IusInoss !nw/In-
froµronourshIµ, 8fh Comµufors,
IIomonfnry Comµufors, nnd Ac-
counfIng. Ho wIII bo fho Hond II
conch, Assf. boys II conch, nnd
AfhIofIc/AcfIvIfy ÐIrocfor. Ho µro-
vIousIy fnughf nnd conchod In
WnII from l98?-l996. Anofhor
now Ifom wIII bo n bus fo roµInco
fho bus soId fo nnofhor schooI dIs-
Tho mnInfonnnco crows of Ðnn
Hnuk, KIm Morgnn, Ðnnn !uodo-
mnn, nnd KnIIoy SnwvoII hnvo
dono nn oxcoIIonf job In µroµnrIng
fho buIIdIng for nnofhor schooI
yonr. Thoro hnvo boon sovornI
µrojocfs comµIofod ovor fho sum-
mor ns woII. Thoro hns boon now
wIroIoss comµufor µorfs InsfnIIod,
cnrµof InsfnIIod In fho hnII nf fho
Insf doors, nnd n couµIo of cInss-
rooms rocoIvod n fow now dosks.
Tho Iowor Houso nnd Quonsof
woro µnInfod In onrIy Juno; nn ox-
hnusf fnn InsfnIIod In fho boys
Iockor room, n now coIIIng In fho
gIrIs Iockor room, nnd n cnmorn
sysfom InsfnIIod In fho hnII, fIf-
noss, nnd cnrdIo rooms. IrobnbIy
fho Inrgosf µrojocf wns fho ro-
movnI of fho froos from Insf sIdo
of fho Iowor Houso nnd fho Wosf
sIdo of fho bus gnrngo. Tho docI-
sIon wns mndo fo romovo fho froos
bocnuso fhoy woro dyIng nnd Ios-
Ing brnnchos offon durIng wInd
sforms nnd snfofy fo µodosfrInns
nnd dnmngo fo µnrkod cnrs bo-
cnmo n bIg concorn. Tho Coffon-
wood froos woro nIso µIuggIng uµ
our cooIIng sysfom nnd nf ono
µoInf cnusod n froozo uµ whIch ro-
suIfod In wnfor dnmngo nnd ro-
µIncIng fho coIIIng In fho gIrI`s
Iockor room. If Is nof onsy fo ro-
movo froos, osµocInIIy fho oIdor
bIg froos, buf I fooI n sound docI-
sIon wns mndo nnd wo movo on.
Ðuo fo somo dnmngod dono nf
IIg WhIfo by hnII fo fho sIdIng, If
wns docIdod fo rosIdo fho buIIdIng
nnd fIx fho µorch. Tho schooI wIII
hnvo nddIfIonnI InsuInfIon µuf on
ns woII ns n wnII nIr condIfIonor
Tho uµcomIng schooI yonr wIII
brIng mnny now chnIIongos fo fho
sfnff nnd sfudonfs ncross Soufh
Ðnkofn. A now AccounfnbIIIfy
ModoI for schooIs wns nµµrovod
by fho Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon
In WnshIngfon, ÐC nnd schooIs
wIII now bo grndod on dIfforonf
crIforIn. Tho fIvo koy IndIcnfors
schooIs wIII bo nssossod on nro: l)
Sfudonf AchIovomonf, 2) HIgh
SchooI ComµIofIon (HS) or Acn-
domIc Crowfh (IIomonfnry nnd
MIddIo SchooI), 3) CoIIogo nnd Cn-
roor !ondInoss (HS) or Affon-
dnnco (IIomonfnry nnd MIddIo
SchooI), 4) IffocfIvo Tonchors nnd
IrIncIµnIs, nnd 5) SchooI CIImnfo.
Tho fIrsf fhroo nrons wIII bo Im-
µIomonfod durIng fho 20l2-l3
schooI yonr nnd fho Insf fwo In
20l4-l5 schooI yonr. AII fIvo of
fhoso nrons wIII bo usod fo dofor-
mIno n schooI`s SchooI Iorform-
nnco Indox (SII) nnd fhon fho
schooIs wIII bo µIncod Info dIffor-
onf cnfogorIos fo doformIno how
woII onch schooI µorformod. Moro
InformnfIon cnn bo found on fho
Soufh Ðnkofn Ðoµnrfmonf of Id-
ucnfIon wobsIfo.
WIfh fho ImµIomonfnfIon of fho
Common Coro Sfnndnrds In Mnfh
nnd IngIIsh fho sfudonfs nro
goIng fo soo fho wny fhoy nro
boIng fnughf nnd how fhoy Ionrn
wIII chnngo. Cono nro fho dnys of
doIng fho quosfIons nf fho ond of
fho chnµfor, workshoofs, Iocfuros,
momorIznfIon, nnd roufIno fyµo of
oxnms. Sfudonfs nro goIng fo nood
fo uso moro nnnIyfIcnI µrobIom
soIvIng fIndIng fho why fo quos-
fIons. If wIII bo n dIfforonf sfyIo of
fonchIng nnd IonrnIng. Sfudonfs,
fonchors, nnd sfnff nood fo bo µn-
fIonf ns wo work fhru fho now
sfnndnrds. Wo wIII confInuo fo
focus on fho bnsIcs noodod, buf If
mny bo fnughf In n dIfforonf mnn-
nor. Tho Common Coro Sfnndnrds
mny bo found on fho ÐOI wobsIfo
or cnn bo obfnInod fhru fho schooI.
Inronfs nnd fnmIIIos wIII bo ro-
coIvIng InformnfIon In fho mnII
concornIng fho uµcomIng schooI
yonr. IIonso fnko fImo fo fIII ouf
fho froo nnd roducod monI nµµII-
cnfIon. If Is hoId In fho sfrIcfosf
confIdonco wIfh Mrs. Mohr boIng
fho onIy µorson fo rovIow fho nµ-
µIIcnfIons. Tho moro fnmIIIos fhnf
QunIIfy In furn hoIµs wIfh our
IodornI fundIng. Wo wIII bo Im-
µIomonfIng n now comµufor µro-
grnm fo kooµ frnck of fho Iunch
µrogrnm nnd you wIII bo nbIo fo
rovIow your bIII on fho µnronf µor-
fnI durIng fho schooI yonr. Wo wIII
nof bo mnIIIng ouf Iunch bIIIs dur-
Ing fho schooI yonr.
Mrs. SundnII wIII bo In hor of-
fIco sfnrfIng Augusf l3fh nnd wIII
bo rondy fo hoIµ nny now sfudonfs
wIfh rogIsfrnfIon µrIor fo fho sfnrf
of schooI. InII sµorf ncfIvIfIos
sfnrf wIfh µrncfIcos on fho l3fh
wIfh fho sfnrf of fho now sonsons
fwo wooks Infor.
I wouId IIko fo fnko fho oµµor-
funIfy fo fhnnk Ms. Andron ChrIs-
fInnson for fho oxfrn fImo sho hns
voIunfoorod hor fImo durIng fho
summor fo gIvo IndIvIdunI Iossons
fo our bnnd sfudonfs fho Insf cou-
µIo of yonrs. Our bnnd mny nof bo
bIg In numbors, buf Ms. ChrIs-
fInnson hns fho sfudonfs µInyIng
vory woII fogofhor.
From the desk of the Superintendent/HS Principal
hr. 0ennIs PIeckman
WIshIng a Safe û
SuccessfuI schooI
year to aII of our
IocaI students.
Wa¡¡ ½ea¡ Provess¡ng
2?9-2348 · Wa¡¡
In comµIInnco wIfh fho Ixocu-
fIvo Ordor ll246; TIfIo II of fho
IducnfIon Amondmonfs of l9?6;
TIfIo VI of fho CIvII !Ighfs of l964,
ns nmondod by fho IqunI ImµIoy-
monf OµµorfunIfy Acf of l9?2;
SocfIon 504 of fho !ohnbIIIfnfIon
Acf of l9?3; nnd nII ofhor IodornI,
Sfnfo, SchooI !uIos, !nws, !ogu-
InfIons, nnd IoIIcIos, fho WnII
SchooI Ionrd shnII nof dIscrImI-
nnfo on fho bnsIs of sox, ngo, rnco,
coIor, nnfIonnI orIgIn, roIIgIon, or
hnndIcnµ In fho oducnfIonnI µro-
grnms or ncfIvIfIos whIch If oµor-
If Is fho Infonf of WnII SchooI
Ionrd fo comµIy wIfh bofh fho Iof-
for nnd sµIrIf of fho Inw In mnkIng
corfnIn dIscrImInnfIon doos nof
oxIsf In Ifs µoIIcIos, roguInfIons,
nnd oµornfIons. CrIovnnco µroco-
duros, for TIfIo IX nnd SocfIon 504,
hnvo boon osfnbIIshod for sfu-
donfs, fhoIr µnronfs, nnd omµIoy-
oos who fooI dIscrImInnfIon hns
boon shown by fho SchooI/ÐIs-
frIcf/Agoncy. SµocIfIc comµInInfs
of nIIogod dIscrImInnfIon undor
TIfIo VI nnd TIfIo IX shouId bo ro-
forrod fo:
ChnrIos Sykorn
IIomonfnry IrIncIµnI/IodornI
Irogrnms ÐIrocfor
IO Iox 4l4, WnII, SÐ 5??90
Mr. Sykorn cnn nIso bo ronchod
Ihono: (605) 2?9-2l56 oxf. 2l59
Inx: (605) 2?9-26l3.
SµocIfIc comµInInfs of nIIogod
dIscrImInnfIon undor SocfIon 504
shouId bo roforrod fo:
ÐonnIs !Iockmnn
SuµorInfondonf/?-l2 IrIncIµnI
IO Iox 4l4, WnII, SÐ 5??90
Mr. !Iockmnn cnn nIso bo
ronchod nf:
Ihono: (605) 2?9-2l56 oxf. 2l5?
Inx: (605) 2?9-26l3.
Iurfhor InformnfIon nnd com-
munIcnfIon cnn nIso bo dono
fhrough fho Soufh Ðnkofn !o-
gIonnI !S OffIco for CIvII !Ighfs:
!S Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon
OffIco of CIvII !Ighfs
8930 Wnrd Ikwy, Sfo 203?
Knnsns CIfy, MO 64ll4-3302
IH: 8l6-268-0550
TÐÐ: 8??-52l-2l?2
ImnII: OC!.KnnsnCIfy¸od.gov
AII sfudonfs nffondIng fho WnII
IubIIc SchooIs mny µnrfIcIµnfo In
oducnfIon µrogrnms nnd ncfIvIfIos,
IncIudIng buf nof IImIfod fo
honIfh, µhysIcnI oducnfIon, musIc
nnd vocnfIonnI nnd fochnIcnI odu-
cnfIon, rognrdIoss of rnco, coIor,
nnfIonnI orIgIn, roIIgIon, ngo,
hnndIcnµ, or sox. (Augusf 20ll).
OCR VOC/ED guidelines
Best oí luck on a
successíu¦ schoo¦ year.
·ommon ·ents
±;,-±((o - va¦¦, SD
wouId Iike fo weIcome
sfudenfs ond sfoff bock for
onofher schooI yeor.
Scbool Suppl¡es 20% off
Phone: Z79-ZIb8 WoII, SD
Back row: from Ieft ... Kevin BieImaier, Todd Trask, Scot Eisen-
braun and Pam Johnson. Front row ... Mary WiIIiams, Spencer
Cordes and CaroIynn Anderson.
2012 WaII schooI board
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Fd!|!F "5OOll!55"
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Hnnkon SchooI ÐIsfrIcf fInnIIy
gofs nIr condIfIonIng. Tho nddIfIon of
A/C wIII nIIow for n boffor IonrnIng
onvIronmonf for sfudonfs nnd sfnff.
I nµµInud fho schooI bonrd on n
gronf docIsIon!
AIfhough schooI Is sfnrfIng onrIIor
fhnn In fho µnsf, fhIs shouId bo n ono
fImo donI. Þoxf yonr cInssos Iook IIko
fhoy wIII bo n wook Infor nf Ionsf.
Þow nddIfIons fo fho sfnff nro
MIko Inor junIor hIgh / hIgh schooI
µrIncIµnI; Knrmon IowoII hIgh
schooI scIonco fonchor; IrIn Inor
oIomonfnry sµocInI oducnfIon;
Trncoy Hnnd hIgh schooI sµocInI
oducnfIon µnrnµrofossIonnI; Jo-
hnnnn Inyo nssIsfnnf cook; nnd
MIchoIIo IufIor hond cook.
Tho jnnIforInI sfnff hns dono n
fromondous job of goffIng fho fncIII-
fIos rondy for fho 20l2-20l3 schooI
yonr. Somo Imµrovomonfs mndo
hnvo boon sonIIng fho nsµhnIf nnd
µnInfIng µnrkIng IInos, now wIndows
ouf nf MIIosvIIIo, nnd n comµIofoIy
ronovnfod Ðooµ Crook SchooI by ro-
µIncIng fIIos, nddIng n kIfchon, nIong
wIfh n showor, nnd µnInfIng fho
wnIIs nnd frIm.
Thoro hns nIso boon fho nddIfIon
of fho bronkfnsf µrogrnm for our sfu-
donfs fhIs yonr. HoµofuIIy fho kIds
fnko ndvnnfngo of fhIs oµµorfunIfy.
Hours for bronkfnsf wIII bo from ?:l5
n.m. -?:50 n.m.
Tho Ðoµnrfmonf of IducnfIon ro-
coIvod n wnIvor from ÞC!I nnd hns
InsfnIIod fhoIr own roµorfIng sys-
fom. Tho fosf rosuIfs for fho µubIIc
wIII bo nccossIbIo somofImo Infor
fhIs monfh. Ofhor chnngos wIII bo
ImµIomonfIng fho Common Coro
Sfnndnrds fhnf nro sfnndnrds fhnf
nro usod nnfIonwIdo. Thoso sfnn-
dnrds you wIII fInd nro moro sfrIn-
gonf nnd fhIngs fhnf mny hnvo boon
fnughf In fhIrd grndo mny bo fnughf
In socond or ovon fIrsf.
If you hnvo nny quosfIons or con-
corns µIonso fooI froo fo confncf us nf
fho schooI. I nm IookIng forwnrd fo
nII fho sfudonfs comIng bnck for n
now schooI form.
<æ.æ¬ *e:æ/c:z
:.;æ:·¬z欬æ¬z/¹/æ»æ¬zc:¸ ´:·¬
Frøm 1be øffice øf
Mr. Mørebur1
If sooms IIko somo fhIngs novor
chnngo. I soo If sfIII gofs hof horo
In IhIIIµ, S.Ð. WIfh fhoso fomµor-
nfuros If Is hnrd fo boIIovo fhnf wo
nro fnIkIng nbouf boIng bnck In
schooI, buf nIns fho cnIondnr kooµs
fIckIng off fho dnys nnd soon wo
wIII bo bnck In fho swIng of foIIow-
Ing schooI nnd ncfIvIfy schoduIos.
Thon ngnIn somo fhIngs do
chnngo. IIrsf, I wouId IIko fo
fhnnk ovoryono for fho wnrm ro-
coµfIon fhnf my fnmIIy hns ro-
coIvod ns wo como bnck fo n µInco
fhnf fooIs IIko homo fo us. Iofh my
wIfo nnd I wIII bo bnck workIng
wIfh fho dIsfrIcf buf fhIs fImo In
now cnµncIfIos. Wo nro bofh vory
oxcIfod nnd gInd fo hnvo fhIs oµ-
µorfunIfy. SocondIy, fhoro wIII bo
n now fnco In fho scIonco cInss-
room fhIs fnII. Ms. Knrmon IowoII
wIII bo comIng fo us from Soufh
Ðnkofn Sfnfo !nIvorsIfy nffor sfu-
donf fonchIng In McInfosh. Ms.
IowoII wIII nIso sorvo ns our hond
gIrIs` bnskofbnII conch. ThIrdIy,
Mr. Ioss wIII bo fnkIng ovor ns nc-
fIvIfIos dIrocfor. IInnIIy, fhoro wIII
bo somo ofhor mInor chnngos
nmong fho conchIng rnnks.
Ivon fhough schooI Is ouf dur-
Ing fho summor, fho sfudonfs nnd
sfnff romnInod busy. Mnny fonms
µnrfIcIµnfod In cnmµs nnd sum-
mor Ionguos. Throo sfudonfs frnv-
oIIod fo IIorIdn fo comµofo In
ICC!A whoro fhoy rocoIvod CoId
sfnfus. Mrs. Snook rocoIvod fho
IrosIdonfInI Awnrd for IxcoIIonco
In MnfhomnfIcs nnd ScIonco
TonchIng. SovornI fonchors nf-
fondod frnInIng for ImµIomonfIng
Common Coro Sfnndnrds. And, of
courso fho roguInr cusfodInI sfnff
nIong wIfh fho summor sfnff dId n
fromondous job µroµnrIng fho
InII sµorfs bognn fhoIr µrncfIcos
Augusf l3. Hond conchos wIII bo
fho snmo for onch of fho fhroo
sµorfs wIfh KIm Ioumnn conchIng
voIIoybnII, !nIµh Kroofch conchIng
cross counfry nnd Kovon Morohnrf
conchIng fho foofbnII fonm. As nI-
wnys, wo oxµocf ScoffIo IrIdo fo
show IfsoIf nof onIy In our nfhIofIc
fonms buf nIso In our fIno nrfs
grouµs ns woII.
You cnn kooµ uµ fo dnfo on fho
Infosf ncfIvIfy by usIng fho schooI
wobsIfo, www.µhIIIµ. kl2.sd.us.
Tho wobsIfo nIso sorvos ns n koy
communIcnfIon fooI fhroughouf
fho schooI yonr In rognrds fo Ios-
son µInns, grndos, nnd schooI
nows. Ior n IogIn nnd µnssword fo
InfInIfo Cnmµus µIonso chock wIfh
Knfhy Ioforson or Inf Wosfor-
As of fhIs wrIfIng, fho Infosf
schooI roµorf cnrd Is nof nvnIInbIo.
Howovor, IndIvIdunI sfudonf dnfn
Is nvnIInbIo nnd fhIs InformnfIon Is
boIng sorfod fhrough fo IdonfIfy
sfudonfs fhnf mny nood moro hoIµ.
ThIs fosf dnfn Is whnf wo uso fo
monsuro oursoIvos, so wo nro
goIng fo mnko docIsIons bnsod on
fhIs dnfn In ordor fhnf wo cnn con-
fInuo nnd ovon buIId uµon fho nc-
ndomIc oxcoIIonco of IhIIIµ
Our docIsIon fo rofurn wns onsy.
IhIIIµ offors n gronf µInco fo rnIso
our chIIdron whoro wo know fhoy
wIII bo Iookod nffor. If Is fho µooµIo
of fhIs communIfy fhnf mnko If
nnd fho schooIs whnf fhoy nro:
fhoro fruIy Is n sonso of ScoffIo
IrIdo. ThIs fhomo wIII µormonfo
ovoryfhIng wo do. Togofhor, wIfh
onch of us µInyIng our roIo nnd Im-
µIomonfIng fhoso qunIIfIos of n
ScoffIo, wo cnn confInuo our oxcoI-
Ionco In nII wo do. IIonso fooI froo
fo sfoµ by my offIco or fho schooI fo
chnf, If Is our schooI nnd wo shouId
nII fooI InvoIvod. !of`s hnvo n gronf
20l2-20l3 schooI yonr nnd Iof`s Iof
our ScoffIo IrIdo shIno fhrough.
*·/æ 3cæ:
²///: ´:·¬,·;c/
Frøm 1be desk øf
Mr. 8uer
1st Quuvtev
Soµf. 3: !nbor ÐnyÞo SchooI
Soµf. l0-l4: HomocomIng Wook
Soµf. 20: MId-Torm lsf Qrf
Soµf. 25-26: ITC - 3:30 - 6:30 µ.m.
Ocf.l8: Ind of lsf Qfr
2nd Quuvtev
Þov. 2l:- MId-Torm 2nd Qrf
Þov. 2l: InrIy ÐIsmIssnI¸ l:30 µ.m.
Þov. 22 ThnnksgIvIng Ðny
Ðoc. 20: Ind of 2nd Qrf/lsf Som.
Ðoc. 2l-Jnn. l: WInfor Ironk
3vd Quuvtev
Jnn. 2: SchooI !osumos
Iob. ?: MId-Torm 3rd Qrf
Iob. l2-l3: ITC - 3:30 - 6:30 µ.m.
Iob. l8: IrosIdonf`s Ðny - Þo SchooI
Mnrch l3: Ind of 3rd Qrf
4tL Quuvtev
Mnrch 29-AµrII l: SµrIng Ironk
AµrII ll: MId-Torm 4fh Qfr
Mny l2: CrndunfIon
Mny l4: 8fh Crndo !ocognIfIon
Mny l5:- Ind of 4fh Qrf /2nd Som. -
InrIy ÐIsmIssnI ¸ l:30 µ.m.
VIctovy Is won
not In mI!es but
In IncLes. WIn u
!Itt!e now, Lo!d
youv gvound,
und !utev, wIn u
!Itt!e move.
- IouIs I'Amouv
½1n or Iose,
do 1t 1a1rIg.
Hnute ÐocKne,
1ootbaII coacH
Welcome back to school,
Students & Faculty!
Be sure to stop in and check
out our full line
of school supplies!!
Petersen’s Variety
¯s a`` :|. ¸:z1.·:c · -a:z`:¸
(. ..c| ¸sz a`` :|. `z:. .· ¸sz·
c:z1..c · a:|`.:.: ,a-.c
:|.c /¯'/·'· ¸.a·!
Stop in after the sporting events
for supper or munchies!!
I|t ä|ta||sast
Don & Debbie
Downtown Philip
WeIcome back,
srudenrs O tacuIry .
and Besr WIshes In
rhe new schooI year!
Auto · Home · Life · Annuities · Commercial · Farm/Ranch · ÌRAs
Glenn Parsons
110 S. Center Ave., P.O. Box 758, Philip, SD 57567
Bus. (605) 859-2902
Registered Representative · EquiTrust Marketing Services, LLC
5400 University Avenue, West Des Moines, IA 50266, 877/860-2904
Les Pearson, Mgr.
859-2581 · PhiIip
WhiIe you're busy sludying lhis
semesler, kee¡ your eyes on lhe ho¡es
and dreams lhal your e
ducalion viII heI¡ you achieve.
Best ulshes on a successfuI senester!
Fd!|!F "5OOll!55"
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
RunnIng tbe dIstance Ior ScottIe cross country are back row Irom IeIt TrIsten
Rusb, Sbay Hand, HoIIy Iwan, EIIIe CoyIe, AIIIson Pekron and Conner Dekker.
Front row Irom IeIt are NeIson HoIman, BIake MartInez, Garrett Snook and Keegan
Burnett. Not pIctured Is DamIan BarteIs. PIoto I¸ Nunc¸ HuígI
by Ru!pL KvoetcL
Tho 20l2 fnII sonson brIngs hIgh hoµos
nnd dronms nnd gronf onfhusInsm for ll
IhIIIµ HIgh SchooI sfudonf nfhIofos.
Though grndunfIon fook four sfrong nfh-
Iofos ns woII ns frnnsfor nnd docIIno fook
nnofhor fhroo, fho ScoffIos onfor fho now
sonson wIfh gronf hoµos nnd dronms.
IxcIfomonf nnd oxµocfnfIons - Tho gIrIs`
fonm wIII bo Iod by sIxfh yonr ondurnnco
µhonom, sonIor HoIIy Iwnn. Hor oxµorI-
onco, fIvo yonr Ioffor wInnor, fIvo fImo
sfnfo moof modnIIsf, nnd curronf fwo mIIo
rocord hoIdor nf IHS, ns woII hor dIscI-
µIIno fhrough yonrs of offon gruoIIng µrnc-
fIcos, wIII go fnr fhIs yonr. And fo Iond fhIs
fonm fo whnf wo Iook fo bo n µroµor cnµ fo
n mngnIfIconf cnroor.
Iroshmnn IIIIo CoyIo In jusf hor socond
yonr of cross counfry, brIngs fho fruo grIf
noodod In ondurnnco sµorfs. CoyIo µIncod
26fh nf fho 20ll sfnfo cross counfry fInnIs
ns woII fhIs Insf sµrIng, broughf homo hor
fIrsf sfnfo frnck modnIs, µIncIng In fho
3200 mofor run nnd fho 3200 mofor roIny.
AIIIson Iokron wIII confrIbufo ns n jun-
Ior onforIng hor fIffh yonr In cross counfry.
Iokron`s fwo mInufo Imµrovomonf In fho
3200 20l2 frnck sonson, wIII rofIocf woII
on fho gIrIs` fonm ns sho sfoors horsoIf fo-
wnrd n socond sfnfo cross counfry nµµonr-
Shny Hnnd, nn oIghfh grndo frnnsfor
from ÐIvIsIon A SfnnIoy Counfy, onfors
hor fhIrd yonr In cross counfry. Sho wIII
µrovIdo doµfh nnd fho onfhusInsm of
youfh fo n sfrong ScoffIo gIrIs` fonm.
Tho IhIIIµ boys brIng bnck sIx nnd ndd
n sovonfh runnor In sovonfh grndor Con-
nor Ðokkor. Ðokkor commIffod vorbnIIy In
fho mIddIo of Insf sonson, µuffIng In sum-
mor frnInIng nnd onfors rondy fo con-
frIbufo fo n sfrong cross counfry frndIfIon
nf IHS.
A µnIr of froshmon, Koognn Iurnoff nnd
Cnrroff Snook, brIng fho knowIodgo of n
sonson of cross counfry nnd frnck fo fho
fonm. Iofh young mon Iook fo confrIbufo
nf bofh junIor vnrsIfy nnd vnrsIfy comµo-
IIghfh grndor ÐnmInn InrfoIs brIngs
fho oxcIfomonf of youfh nnd fho oxµorI-
onco of n yonr In cross counfry nnd frnck.
InrfoIs mny nof bo fho InnkIosf of nfh-
Iofos, buf hIs doformInnfIon drnws suµµorf
nf ovory rnco.
A frIo of soµhomoros Iook fo µrovIdo fho
IondorshIµ for fhIs yonr`s fnIonfod, gonI
orIonfod boys` fonm.
ÞoIson HoImnn, TrIsfon !ush nnd
IInko MnrfInoz hnvo combInod mnny nc-
coIndos In fhoIr shorf cnroors, bofh ncn-
domIcnIIy nnd nfhIofIcnIIy. Thoso fhroo
wIII brIng oIghf yonrs of cross counfry ox-
µorIonco fo fho fnbIo ns woII ns wIII fo wIn
nf nnyfhIng fhoy do. Thoy shouId µrovo fo
bo n ScoffIo fonm wo nII wnnf fo soo com-
µofo In 20l2-l3 schooI yonr.
SonIor Snm SfnngIo rofurns ns sfudonf
mnnngor for fho fourfh yonr.
Harriers take to the
PhiIip countryside
Fd!|!F "5OOll!55"
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
PhiIip High Sports ScheduIe for 2012-2013
3l ¸ Jonos Counfy ....................6:00
? ¸ WhIfo !Ivor.......................6:00
l4 w/ Þow !ndorwood ..............?:00
2l w/ HnrdIng Co. ....................?:00
28 ¸ SfnnIoy Co. .......................6:00
5 w/ !ymnn..............................6:00
l2 ¸ WnII ...................................?:00
l8 w/ Kndokn.............................?:00
23 IIrsf !ound IInyoffs............TIA
29 Socond !ound IInyoffs ........TIA
3 SomI-fInnIs ...........................TIA
8 9A IInnIs ¸ VormIIIIon......l0:00
(Subjocf fo chnngo)
2? ¸ WnII ...................................4:00
4 w/ Jonos Co (JH)...................4:00
l0 w/ WhIfo !Ivor......................4:00
l5 ¸ MIdInnd (JH Jnmboroo )..TIA
l? ¸ Þow !ndorwood (JH) .......4:00
24 ¸ InIfh..................................4:l5
29 ¸ WnII (JH Jnmboroo ) ........TIA
l w/ SfnnIoy Co........................4:00
8 ¸ !ymnn ...............................4:00
l55 w/ WnII ..................................4:00
30 w/ Kndokn.............................6:00
4 ¸ Jonos Co. ..........................5:30
6 TrInng. w/ !ymnn & SfnnIoy Co
¸ Irosho ...............................4:00
8 IhIIIµ Tournoy......................9:00
l5 TrInng. w/ WnII & W.!. ¸ ..
l8 w/ InIfh.................................5:00
20 ¸ HnrdIng Co........................4:30
22 IoIIo Iourcho Tournoy.........9:00
2? w/ !ommon ...........................6:00
29 ¸ Ðuµroo...............................5:30
4 ¸/ WnII ..................................6:00
6 TrInng w/ Þ.!. & !.C.C. ¸
!nµId CIfy..... ................................3:00
ll ¸ !ymnn ...............................5:30
l3 ÐougIns Tournoy ..................9:00
l9 w/ Ionnoff Counfy ...............4:30
22 ¸ Þow !ndorwood ...............6:00
30 ÐIsfrIcf l4I ¸ TIA .............TIA
l/2 ÐIsfrIcf l4I ¸ TIA .............TIA
6 !ogIon ?I ¸ TIA.................TIA
l5-l? Sfnfo ¸ !nµId CIfy............TIA
(Subjocf fo chnngo)
6 w/ InIfh.................................5:30
l0 w/ Þow !ndorwood ..............5:00
l3 ¸ WnII ...................................6:00
l? w/ Kndokn.............................6:00
26 ¸ !.C. ChrIsfInn...................4:30
2? ¸ Jonos Counfy ....................4:00
29 WCI Tournoy TIA ..............9:00
2 w/ WnII ..................................5:30
4 w/ WhIfo !Ivor......................4:00
6 Ionnoff Co. Tournoy ...........TIA
9 ¸ Kndokn ..............................5:00
l3 ¸ WhIfo !Ivor Tournoy........8:00
24 ¸ ÐougIns ...........................l0:00
3l ¸ InIfh................................l0:00
8 ¸ Kndokn ............................l0:00
l0 ¸ WhIfo !Ivor.......................2:00
l9 ¸ WnII-WCI Conf. ...............9:30
2l ¸ !nµId CIfy.........................3:00
25 ¸ !ond...................................3:00
29 ¸ HIghmoro ........................l0:00
6 ¸ IhIIIµ...............................l0:00
l0 !ogIons ¸ IHS...................l2:00
20 Sfnfo ¸ Huron......................TIA
6 ¸ WnII ...................................6:00
8 ¸/ !.C. ChrIsfInn..................l:00
l3 w/ SfnnIoy Co........................2:30
l5 w/ Idgomonf.........................2:30
l? ¸ Kndokn ..............................3:00
20 ¸ IIson..................................6:00
29 w/ CoIomo ¸ WInnor............TIA
3 w/ Þow !ndorwood ..............6:00
5 ¸ Ðuµroo...............................5:30
8 ¸ SuIIy Iuffos ......................5:30
l0 w/ Kndokn.............................6:00
l4 w/ WnII ..................................6:00
l9 w/ Ionnoff Co.......................2:00
25 ¸ !ommon ............................2:30
26 w/ ÞowoII ..............................5:00
29 w/ InIfh.................................6:00
3l w/ OoIrIchs............................5:30
5 ¸ Jonos Co. ...........................5:30
? ¸ !ymnn ...............................5:30
l4 ¸ WhIfo !Ivor.......................5:30
l8/l9/2l ÐIsfrIcf l4I...................TIA
26 !ogIons ¸ TIA.....................TIA
6-8 Sfnfo I ¸ Huron ...................TIA
? w/ WnII ..................................6:00
8 ¸ !.C. ChrIsfInn...................l:00
l3 w/ SfnnIoy Co........................2:30
l5 w/ Idgomonf.........................2:30
l? ¸ Kndokn ..............................3:00
4 ¸ Jonos Co. ...........................5:30
l0-l2 Jonos Co. InvIf. ..................TIA
l5 ¸ WhIfo !Ivor.......................5:30
l9 w/ Ionnoff Counfy ...............2:00
25 ¸ !ommon ............................2:30
l w/ Þow !ndorwood ..............6:00
4 ¸ WnII ...................................6:00
8 w/ !ymnn Co.........................5:30
9 w/ Ðuµroo..............................5:00
ll ¸ ÞowoII ...............................5:00
l6 ¸ InIfh..................................6:00
22 w/ Kndokn.............................6:00
24 w/ OoIrIchs............................3:00
25/28 ÐIsfrIcf l4I.......................TIA
l ÐIsfrIcf l4I ¸......................TIA
5 !ogIons ¸ TIA.....................TIA
l4-l6 Sfnfo I ¸ Abordoon .........TIA
?-8 !.C. Tournoy........................TIA
l5 VnIonfIno, ÞI, Tournoy. .....TIA
4-5 !ymnn Tournoy..........ll:00/9:00
ll-l2 IhIIIµ Tournoy............3:00/9:00
l9 WInnor Tournoy...................TIA
26 Wngnor Tournoy...................8:00
2 IH InvIfo ¸ HIII CIfy...........9:00
9 ÐIsfrIcf ?I ¸ IhIIIµ.............TIA
l8 !ogIon 4I ¸ !nµId CIfy ......TIA
22-23 Sfnfo I ¸ Abordoon ...........TIA
4 WnII InvIfo ¸ IIks CIub.......9:30
l2 WnII InvIfnfIonnI, WnII ........9:30
l9 IhIIIµ InvIfnfIonnI, IhIIIµ....9:30
2? WCI Conforonco, TIA.........9:30
3 ÞowoII InvIfnfIonnI, ÞowoII.9:30
6 Iro-!ogIon, Hnrf !nnch.......9:30
l0 Mnrjonn Hubor InvIfo (IIson) ¸.
SfurgIs ..................................9:30
l3 !ogIons, Hnrf !nnch............9:30
20-2l Sfnfo I, IrookIngs.............TIA
25/26 Sfnfo I, !nµId CIfy............TIA
(Iook for schoduIo In fho WInfor Ac-
fIvIfIos CuIdo)
Teach Your ChiIdren
to Save!
Children learn by example. What you
say and do as a parent is what your
children will learn.
We offer several safe, insured ways
to help young people save. Ìf you
encourage your children to save when
they are young, chances are they'll
continue to save when they are adults.
in Philip
(605) 859-2525 · Philip, SD
Member FDIC
·Bill Pay ·Voice Access ·Internet Banking
·24-Hour Phone Banking Service
859-3521 or 1-866-859-2525
ÍaaKon Lo. ^bslracl
uouíd ííIc to ucíconc
uíí Studcnts ö Fucuít¸
to tIc 2Ul2-lJ
scIooí ¸cu¡!!!
PIííí¡ O¡¡ícc. S59-24bl
Sundí Hcuton
Íave a Lreal Aear¹¹
¿£çCOµ£ ØßCk,
]1U0£m1s s [ßCUç1v||
S03 WesI PIne SI.
P.O. Box 790
PhIIIp, SD S7S67
David Holman, M.D.
Coen Klopper, M.D.
Terry Henrie, PA-C
|anell Gerberding, PA-C
Dave Webb, PA-C
Monday·IrIday 9:00·S:00
SaIurday 9:00·Noon
(605) 859-2511
CIInIc: 8S9·2S66
NursIng Home: 8S9·2S83
Kadoka CIInIc & Lab: 837·22S7
Fd!|!F "5OOll!55"
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Haakon School District stakeholders can find the PUBLIC COM-
PLAINTS FOR FEDERAL PROGRAMS Policy and Complaint form
on the school website - http://www.philip.k12.sd.us and in the stu-
dent handbooks.
The complete REPORT CARD with the colored graphs can be
found in the Haakon School District`s Administration Office, the High
School Office, and the Elementary Office as well as Haakon County
Library. There is a link to the state`s site where the reports are found
on the school website - http://www.philip.k12.sd.us.
Haakon School District stakeholders can find the ELEMENTARY
school district website - http://www.philip.k12.sd.us and in the stu-
dent handbooks.
Haakon SchooI District Board of Education
Tho Hnnkon SchooI ÐIsfrIcf
2?-l Ionrd of IducnfIon Is your
voIco. Thoy wnnf fo roµrosonf fho
dIsfrIcf In fho bosf mnnnor µossI-
bIo nnd nro oµon fo vIsIfIng wIfh
nII fhoIr consfIfuonfs.
Ðoug TLovson
2096? I. CrIndsfono !d., IhIIIµ,
SÐ 5?56?; 859-3538; omnII -
Juke IItzgevu!d
IO Iox l02, IhIIIµ, SÐ 5?56?,
859-2832; omnII - jfIfzgornId¸
Scott BvecL
20605 23?fh Sf. QuInn, SÐ 5???5;
386-2652; omnII -bIbroch¸gwfc.
Vondu HumI!!
23350 KIng SchooI !d, MIIosvIIIo,
SÐ 5?553; 544-3363; omnII -
AnItu Petevson
IO Iox ?35, IhIIIµ, SÐ 5?56?;
859-2304, omnII - dnµoforson¸
Muvk Rudwuy
2220l SÐ Hwy 34, MIIosvIIIo, SÐ
5?553; 544-32l4, omnII - mjrnd-
Muvk Ne!son
22440 Kronk !d, IhIIIµ, SÐ
5?56?; 859-2l8?, omnII - mkknoI-

Tho moofIng dnfos for 20l2-20l3
nro: Soµfombor l? - ?:00 µ.m.; Oc-
fobor l5 - ?:00 µ.m.; Þovombor l9
- 6:00 µ.m.; Ðocombor l? - 6:00
µ.m.; Jnnunry l4 - 6:00 µ.m.; Iob-
runry l8 - 6:00 µ.m.; Mnrch l8 -
?:00 µ.m.; AµrII l5 - ?:00 µ.m.;
Mny 20 - ?:00 µ.m.; Juno l? - ?:00
µ.m.; JuIy l5 - ?:00 µ.m.; nnd Au-
gusf l9 - ?:00 µ.m.
AII moofIngs nro hoId In !oom
A-l In fho IhIIIµ HIgh SchooI.
LeadIng tbe dIstrIct back row Irom IeIt are Mark Radway, Doug
Tborson, Scott Brecb, presIdent, and Mark NeIson. Front row
Irom IeIt are Vonda HamIII, Jake FItzgeraId, and AnIta Peter-
son, vIce presIdent. PIoto I¸ Dcí Hu¡tcís
WeutLev Cunce!!utIons
!ndIo sfnfIons - KCIX, IIorro; KIHI, SfurgIs; KIMM, !nµId
CIfy; nnd TV sfnfIons KIVÞ nnd KOTA, !nµId CIfy, nro fho offIcInI
sfnfIons fhnf Hnnkon Counfy SchooI ÐIsfrIcf usos fo nofIfy µnfrons
of Info sfnrfs, cnncoIInfIons nnd onrIy dIsmIssnIs.
MIdwest CooperatIves
60S-SS9-2S01 - ToII Free: S??-30?-SS0S
300 E. CIcrry Si. · PO Do× 906 · PIili¡, SD
Jay Da×icr, Managcr
www.nidwcsicoo¡craiivcs.con · Fa×. 605-859-2948
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kt s:t ,::s1 |: :t:-t |\t ::aass||¡l
Studcnts ö Fucuít¸
to tIc 2Ul2-lJ
ScIooí Ycu¡!
Welcome Back
to School!
Willow Seeds
Midland, SD
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S20 E. Hwy. 14 PO Box 3S
PbIIIp, SD S?S6? - www.aII-starauto.net
°1 oon ]1nd
1ooK1ng ]or!"
÷Duuíd Hu¡nctt,
Btlt6Æt kztk
8tk4tztt 8
6664 lktk lz zll y6kr
Bes1 u1sÞes ]or o Hoppg
& So]e SoÞoo1 Yeor !!
l||||ç l|rts|st|
SS9-2S?? º PÞ111p
Here´s 1o o suooess]u1
seoson 1n o11 gour ooodem1o
ond o1Þ1e11o endeovors!
und good íucI
ín uíí ¸ou¡
und s¡o¡ts!
Dcan Fiizgcrald
Fd!|!F "5OOll!55"
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Haakon School District 27-1 personnel
Keten Morelor/.........Suµf./IIom.
IrIncIµnI/Hond IoofbnII Conch
Mi/e Boer.....................Socondnry
IrIncIµnI/AssIsfnnf II Conch/
Hond III Conch
Melonie Morelor/...KIndorgnrfon
SIIÐ ÐIrocfor
Jo,ne Go//eleIen ...........lsf grndo
Mor,L,nn Cror, .........2nd grndo/
AssIsfnnf VI Conch
Jeeeico Wleeler.............3rd grndo
Bonnie Mor/elloro.........4fh grndo
Lee Vouglon.................5fh grndo
Morie Slote/ ................6fh grndo/
Toch CoordInnfor
Vic/i Knu/eon ......TIfIo I/!ondIng
Cornen One S/un/............TIfIo I
1rin Boer....................SµocInI Id.
Luro Ieeelnon.........Sµ. Thornµy
Mor, Aeleon .....SµocInI Id. AIdo/
KIndorgnrfon AIdo
LoIoe Corle,.....SµocInI Id. AIdo
Tlereeo McDoniel.............SµocInI
Id. AIdo
Ruvu! Attendunce Centevs
Tlereeo Deuclor .......Ðooµ Crook
Lono 1lelere.....AIdo-Ðooµ Crook
Doni Ioee......................MIIosvIIIo
Koren Aeleon .......AIdo-MIIosvIIIo
Gvudes ?-12
Be//, Berr,.............?-l2 !osourco
!oom Tonchor/Cormnn
Kin Bounon..............JH Mnfh &
ScIonco/AIgobrn/ Hond VI Conch
BorI Bouen ...............K-l2 VocnI/
Insf. MusIc/Jr. CInss AdvIsor
Brigi//e Bruc/locler..............9-l2
InmIIy & Consumor
ScIonco//ICC!A AdvIsor
Pon DeJong........K-l2 CuIdnnco/
Sfudonf CouncII Adv.
Line//e Donnell, ........ÞOVA Þof/
ÐofonfIon MonIfor
Mo// Donnell, ................K-l2 II/
Hond WrosfIIng Conch
Kor, Ioee......8-l2 SocInI SfudIos/
Coogrnµhy/AcfIvIfy ÐIrocfor/
Assf. CII Conch
Troce, HonJ...............SµocInI Id.
Doug Hou/ ..........9-l2 VoAg/IIA
AdvIsor/CoIf Conch/Ius ÐrIvor
Soll, Jon/orJ ........?-8 !nngungo
Arfs/?fh SocInI SfudIos/
AµµIIod Mnfh
Louro O`Connor......9-l2 IngIIsh/
Ono Acf & AII-SchooI IInys
Ton Porque/......?-l2 Comµufors/
CAÐ ÐrnffIng/Woods I & II/
Hond Trnck Conch
Kornen Pouell .......9-l2 ScIonco/
Hond CII Conch
Pennie Slote/ .................K-l2 Arf
DeIorol Snoo/ ...........9-l2 Mnfh/
Suppovt StuII
Bri/ni Ioee ............IusInoss Mgr.
Lieo SclofielJ..AdmIn. Socrofnry
Po/ Wee/erIerg ..IIom. Socrofnry/
Ko/l, Pe/ereon.............Socondnry
Miclelle Bu/ler ...........Hond Cook
Jolonno Bo,e ......AssIsfnnf Cook
Mi/e GeIee ....Hond MnInfonnnco
BrenJo Grenc...............CusfodInn
Coee, Seoger................CusfodInn
Iic/ Co,le ...................Ius ÐrIvor
IiclorJ Ioc/ofellou..Ius ÐrIvor
Horlon Mooe....Ius MnInfonnnco
£xtvu CuvvIcu!uv
Loce, Clenen/e.......JH VI Conch
Trotie DeJong ........JH II Conch
Iolpl Kroe/cl.......Cross Counfry
Conch /AssIsfnnf Trnck/
Ius ÐrIvor
DeI Sni/l ............ScoffIo AnnunI
¸· ).¸/· ,..
¸· ).¸/· ,..
1h£ SÍt0H§£SÍ
mHS£t£ tH uH uÍht£Í£'S
D0uy tS Íh£tt h£utÍ.
óÍuH WhtÍ£
0e/came 8ack
FuneraI Home
ChapeIs in
W£t£0m£ bu£K!!
Nay thìs schoo¦ year Le
a GREAT one íor a¦¦ the
teachers 8 students!!
·oy¦e's Standard Servìce
8ç,-,o8; - Phì¦ìp
Good Iuck, students,
with aII your schooI endeavors!
· Certified welder with more than 20 years of
welding experience
· We have a full line of tires to fit your needs
· Plasma Cutting
ß8ß 1lf0 8 80¢8lf
Aaron and Angie DooIittIe
843-2521 ·MidIand
Welcome Back,
5tudents & Teachers
to the 2012-13
5chool YearII
859-2254 · Phlllg
Good Luck, Scotties
in all your academic
& sports endeavors!!
Hwys. 14 & 73
Philip, SD
Fd!|!F "5OOll!55"
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Tbe ScottIe IootbaII team Is preparIng Ior tbe 2012 season. Back row Irom IeIt are Jace GIannonattI, BIake PubIman, Setb HaIgb,
NIck HamIII, Brody Jones, Ben StangIe, Cbase WrIgbt, Brayden FItcb, and BrIan PIeIIIe. TbIrd row Irom IeIt are AustIn PInney,
CoIten TrIebwasser, Jacob Kammerer, GavIn BruckIacber, Ryan Van TasseI. Second row Irom IeIt are Rance Jobnson, Braden
PubIman, Jade Berry, Reed Jobnson, PauI GuptIII, Casey Reder and Grady CarIey. Front row Irom IeIt are Cbaney Burns, Quade
SIovek, CassIdy ScbnabeI, and Tate DeJong. Not pIctured Is Brad PIeIIIe. PIoto I¸ Nunc¸ HuígI
Iroshmon fonm mombors nro
!nnco Johnson, Crndy CnrIoy,
Jncob Knmmoror, Jnco CInn-
nonnffI, Irndon IuhImnn, nnd
Chnso WrIghf.
Morohnrf sfnfod fho fonm Is mo-
fIvnfod, fhoy wnnf fo wIn. Ho
nddod fho fonm Is works woII fo-
gofhor. ¨Thoy nro n good grouµ,¨
ho snId, ¨Thoy work hnrd.¨ Tho
fonm Is fnII nnd fhoro Is somo
sfoufnoss fo µofonfInI IInomon.
¨Wo nro buIIdIng from fho IIno
uµ,¨ snId Morohnrf. As µrncfIcos
µrogross, ho snId, ho nnd nssIsfnnf
conch MIko Inor wIII know fho
µInyors sfrongfhs nnd wIII form n
qunIIfy fonm.
Morohnrf snId If couId bo n
fough sonson for IhIIIµ ns mosf of
fhoIr oµµononfs nro rofurnIng
nonrIy nII of fhoIr sfnrfors.
Tho ScoffIos` foofbnII sonson
kIcks off nf Jonos Counfy on IrI-
dny, Augusf 3l.
Sfudonf mnnngors rofurnIng
fhIs yonr nro InIIoy !ndwny nnd
KnfIo HosfufIor. Thoy wIII bo ns-
sIsfod by Mndyson Morohnrf.
PhiIip footbaII team takes to the dust bowI in season preparation
by Nuncy HuIgL
Tho IhIIIµ ScoffIos foofbnII
fonm Is sfIrrIng uµ fho dusf bowI
onco ngnIn ns fhoy µroµnro for nn-
ofhor sonson on fho grId Iron.
Hond conch Kovon Morohnrf
snId fho fonm sfrucfuro Is boIng
roorgnnIzod fhIs yonr, ns fho
whoIo IIno wns Iosf fo grndunfIon.
¨If`s ronIIy goIng fo bo hnrd fo ro-
µInco,¨ ho snId. Tho fonm nIso Iosf
ono runnIng bnck.
Iuf, ho Is oµfImIsfIc. Thoro nro
somo good µInyors In fho rnnks, ho
snId nnd If Is jusf n mnffor of µInc-
Ing fhom In fho rIghf µosIfIons.
Morohnrf sfnfod fhnf fhoro nro l2
µInyors who couId µIny nny µosI-
Thoso who grndunfod Insf
sµrIng IncIudo Tnnnor !ndwny,
Cody !odor, Snm HnIgh, Jndo
Konsf, Ðnkofn Inumnn, Troy Ðo-
Jong nnd !ogor ÐnvIs.
!ookIng fo fIII fhoIr cIonfs nro
sonIors Tnfo ÐoJong, CnssIdy
SchnnboI, Qundo SIovok, Chnnoy
Iurns nnd Irnd IfoIfIo; junIors
ÞIck HnmIII, IrInn IfoIfIo, CnvIn
Snook, Sofh HnIgh, !ood Johnson,
Jndo Iorry, !ynn Vnn TnssoI nnd
Cnsoy !odor.
Morohnrf snId fhnf whIIo Ðo-
Jong hns qunrforbnckod In fho
µnsf ho mny bo swIfchod fo run-
nIng bnck, n µosIfIon ho hns nIso
µInyod boforo. Ofhor µossIbIo
qunrforbncks nro IruckInchor nnd
Soµhomoros who wIII bo µush-
Ing fho uµµorcInssmon for vnrsIfy
µosIfIon IncIudo InuI CuµfIII,
Irody Jonos, Irnydon IIfch, Ion
SfnngIo, AusfIn IInnoy nnd IInko
JalcnI is Ood qitcn Lc lumìlc
!amc is man qitcn Lc qvaIclul
ConcciI is scll qitcn Lc cavclul
Joln \oodcn
8890 8 M0M0f80l0 80880ßI
From your State Farm agent:
Jan Hewitt
Philip, SD
(605) 859-2559
Kim Deuter
Licensed Associate
24-Hour Phone Service
Like a good neighbor,
State Farm is there.®
State Farm Insurance Companies
Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois

Sgq-¿1oo · Philip
we|come back
to a brand
new schoo| year!
Sooo |uck |n a|| ,our
sporr|ng & acaoem|c
Stazt th¡s schooI
yeaz w¡th a
Reg 11ems 1o oÞeoK ore:
O11 ~ T1res ~
W1ndsÞ1e1d RooK CÞ1ps,
W1pers & F1u1d ~ Rod1o1or Leve1s ~
Heod11gÞ1s & B11nKers ~
BroKes ond BroKe L1gÞ1s
Stop In Ior your 23-poInt InspectIon!
BuckIe Ug G
Have a Sa£e SchooI Yeaz!
ll$` 800f $80F
Fd!|!F "5OOll!55"
Baok-to-3ohool 3upplement · August 23, 2012 ·
Tbe Lady ScottIes are ready Ior some voIIeybaII actIon. Back row Irom IeIt are Asbton Reedy,
Courtney BartIett, Hanna HostutIer, KatIe HaIgb, Tyana GottsIeben, JustIna Cvacb, and Brett
CarIey. MIddIe row Irom IeIt are EIIIe CoyIe, KatIIn Knutson, Peyton DeJong, Amanda McIIravy
and LIbbI Koester. Front row Irom IeIt are MadIson Hand, KeIsIe Kroetcb, Jordyn Dekker, KrIsta
WeIIs and KacI OIIvIer. Not pIctured are Sam Jobnson, TysbIa Ferguson, AIton Burns and Tee'Dee
BuIIaIo. PIoto I¸ Nunc¸ HuígI
by Nuncy HuIgL
!ondorshIµ, fonncIfy, nnd fonm
chomIsfry nro fho fhroo koy com-
µononfs fhnf wIII mnko fho ScoffIo
voIIoybnII fonm vory comµofIfIvo
fhIs yonr.
Throo sonIors nnd fhroo junIors
Iond fho sqund fhIs yonr. Tho son-
Iors IncIudo KoIsIo Kroofch, Snm
Johnson nnd KrIsfn WoIIs, nII
fhroo nro sfrong µInyors. JunIors
sfoµµIng uµ IncIudo Jordyn
Ðokkor, KncI OIIvIor nnd MndIson
Hnnd. Ðokkor nnd OIIvIor bofh
snw n Iof of µInyIng fImo Insf yonr
on fho vnrsIfy sqund. Hnnd Is now
fo fho fonm, buf conch KIm
Ioumnn Iooks for hor fo bo n fonm
Iondor nIso.
Somo of fho soµhomoros nnd
froshmon wIII nIso fIII vnrsIfy µo-
sIfIons. Ofhors wIII µIny junIor
vnrsIfy nnd C fonm µosIfIons. Tho
l2 soµhomoros IncIudo JusfInn
Cvnch, Ashfon !oody, KnfIIn
Knufson, KnfIo HnIgh, Tynnn
CoffsIobon, Iroff CnrIoy, Courf-
noy InrfIoff, Amnndn McIIrnvy,
Hnnnn HosfufIor, nnd Tod`Ðoo
IuffnIo. Iroshmon mombors nro
IIIIo CoyIo, TyshIn Iorguson, nnd
!IbbI Koosfor.
Ioumnn snId sho hns nof fInnI-
Izod whIch µInyors wIII fIII fho
sµofs Ioff by grndunfIng sonIors
Snydo SIovok, Audrn Anfonson,
MIsfy Johnson, JosIo CuµfIII,
!nchoI WhooIor nnd !n!no Vnn
TnssoI. As µrncfIcos ndvnnco sho
wIII hnvo n boffor vIow of µInyors
Inrf of fhoIr sfrongfh Is fhoIr
fonncIfy fo wnnf fo comµofo, snId
Ioumnn. ¨Thoy fIghf nnd work for
whnf fhoy hnvo.¨ Sho snId sho ob-
sorvod nf fonm cnmµs fhnf fho
gIrIs novor quIf ngnInsf fonms
from Inrgor schooIs.
Oµµononfs fhnf wIII bo fough
fhIs yonr IncIudo WnII, WhIfo
!Ivor, Kndokn nnd !ymnn Counfy
Ioumnn snId. Sho snId fhoIr
conchos hnvo µuf fogofhor good
fonms who wIII buIId on nnd Incor-
µornfo whnf fhoy hnvo Ionrnod
from Insf yonr.
Tho ScoffIos wIII fnko on
Kndokn for fhoIr fIrsf gnmo of fho
sonson on Augusf 30 In IhIIIµ.
Ioumnn snId fho fwo fonms nI-
wnys µuf on n good gnmo. Sho snId
fho fIrsf fow gnmos of fho sonson
nro nIwnys n IIffIo rough ns fho
gIrIs work on fho fonm chomIsfry.
AssIsfnnf conch fhIs yonr Is
Mnry!ynn Crnry. !ncoy CIomonfs
wIII guIdo fho junIor hIgh fonm
fhIs yonr.
Mnnngors fhIs yonr nro CnvIn
Snook, CnIfIIn IInoIn nnd TnTo`
Tenacity key to PHS's
2012 voIIeybaII season
Game - $2
Season Pass - $20
Game - $3
Season Pass - $35
Senior Citizen
Game - $2
Season Pass - $20
Watch the sports section of the Pioneer Review
for results of the Scotties` games!
Ravellette Publications, Inc.
P.O. Box 788 · Philip, SD 57567 · 859-2516
L£Í H0 0H£ £v£t £0m£
Í0 y0H WtÍh0HÍ t£uvtH§
D£ÍÍ£t uHu huþþt£t.
M0Íh£t 1£t£Su
Wc arc PROLD Wc arc PROLD
Scottic Boostcrs!! Scottic Boostcrs!!
It`s that timc
It`s that timc
of ycar!!
of ycar!!
Wc wclcomc back all thc
studcnts & faculty. may you
havc a grcat ycar!!

Good Luck, ScottIes!!
Hatc a succcssfu| acadcnic
and spcr|s scascn!!
Drlte carefu||µ S hate a safe
and en]oµab|e schoo| µear!
859-2568 · PIili¡, SD
601 Plcasani Sircci
M-F: ? a.m. to S p.m.
SAT: S a.m. to Noon

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