Brain frequencies and schemetics "Tuning the Mind" Full Spectrum ELF's

The operational bandwidth of the human brain, as determined by clinical EEG monitoring, is about 0.5 to 30 cycles per second (Hz). Above this lies the lesser explored Gamma region. At any given time, one frequency will be dominant. By convention this spectrum is divided into four categories, as represented below; each with its own set of psyhcological attributes. As one might suspect, faster rates are arousing and extroverting, while slower ones are relaxing and introverting.

These signals derive from a complex system of internal and external transactions that comprise an experiential feedback loop, or one's personal "reality". There are said to be as many neurons in our brain as there are galaxies in the known universe, so the possiblities will never be exhausted. For thousands of years, dedicated spiritual practice was the sole path to altered states of consciousness. With the advent of neuroscience, the range of options has expanded. The concept it purveys of an "evoked response" implies more predictable and instantaneous results. However, this is not a complete or equivalently "deep" approach. A more proportionate view, would be that a small taste is afforded of perhaps yet unvisited, or under-utilized, corners of the psyche. In other words, entrainment technology is not a substitute for predispositional organic changes to brain structure that must necessarily occur over time. None-the-less, there are practical uses in daily life. In this context, we will now explore the properties of aerial transmissions in the form of tunable, invisible energy waves. For application of the same frequencies by perceptual stimuli, refer to the Audiovisual Effects page.

Frequency vs. Waveform

This is the only "pure" waveform. such as the raw output of digital generators. This aspect is explained on the Emotional Waves page. The latter is exemplifed above. such as proposed by the Soviet researcher. S. micro-electronic signals and zonal distribution. Adding to this picture. since ALL others contain harmonics which. or the greater harmonic content they afford. Waveform is another accessible parameter where there is an easily demonstrated correlation with the desired response. Unless. Lisitsyn. when added. either as a broadcast or locally administered stimulus. define a more complex shape. Ongoing brainwave activity is a complex dynamism of self-generated.Strictly speaking. being the effects of meditation. filtering to approximate a softer sinewave is preferred. From a layman's perspective. the term "frequency" refers to a sinewave. and replicate its transient potentials electronically. The latter is more properly termed a "repetition rate". Rectalinear waveforms. one is seeking crude impact.K. If utilized at all. Some researchers attempt to isolate periodicity. . it is believed that communication within the brain is structured upon a system of nested FM carriers. as with some aspects of Frequency Therapy. it is more relevant to deal with single critical frequencies (CF's) and their reported effects. are biologically irritating due to their sudden "on/off" voltage transitions. as pictured above. This is necessarily an over-simplification.

Confusion. to AVOID.Super-learning 5. the primary aim of cataloging psychoactive frequencies is to apply them electronically. eg.Sleep. mental projection 7. trance 3Hz .5Hz .6Hz .5Hz . Receptivity. More specific to the theme of this website.26. sleep onset 5Hz .Mood elevation 8. phantom touch 9.Clairvoyance 9Hz . balance.3Hz . pertain directly to enhancement of mental faculties and psychic perception. hypnogogic imagery 4.Feeling of oneness.Note the increase in 8-12Hz alpha rythym.5Hz . and may vary somewhat from personto-person. Replication is not advised.Restoration 2Hz . insomnia 7Hz . no thought 3. 6.5Hz .3Hz . Sample Frequencies Please note: all information below is provided for educational purposes only.Internal harmony . As previously stated. stress relief 8.ESP.Hypnotic 4. "inner" guidance 6. depression. integration 8Hz .8Hz . these are only a guide. This substantiates why the inward-looking state is traditionally associated with in-tuition. 0. Of course.5Hz .Reverie. and overall amplitude.Telekinesis. thereby evoking their effect "at the turn of a dial".Creative flow.Knowingness.Deep relaxation 0.Euphoria 1.5 .Anti-inflammatory 2.5Hz . certain of those listed below. purpose 7. anxiety. are highlighted in red.Earth resonance.2 Hz . Frequency regions with known negative effects.Meditative absorption.9Hz .9-Hz Introspection. with eyes closed.

Calcium ion efflux 18Hz . visual cortex 10 Hz is known to be the most easily entrained frequency. "So when I went to Denny’s Coffee on Sunset Boulevard." Variable Generators Crystal-timed circuits. 6. as well as precision for preset effects. Regarding usage. study 15Hz . concentration. you could hear the room calm down. . I put this thing in my pocket.5Hz . The babies would start screaming.Subvocal thought 16Hz . can only tune in discrete steps. It is fairly obvious the first frequency was 6Hz (6.Intellegence 14Hz . I’d surreptitiously turn this thing to two Hertz higher in frequency. This offers ease of construction.Eyeball resonance 18-22Hz . makes it ideal for testing the efficiency of new equipment.27. such as the one on the Earth Frequencies page.Centering. And pretty soon the waitresses would start dropping coffee into the laps of the patrons. dependent upon clock frequency and subsequent divide down chain. From one circuit diagram I have seen.Memory. here is a fascinating anecdote from noted ELF researcher Bob Beck. transition.Relaxed alertness. This. People within a 10 or 12 foot radius (that’s a 20 foot room) would begin freaking out. plus its relatively neutral effect. it is quite likely the device described incorporated an ultrasonic transducer as well as a magnetic field coil.Information processing 20Hz .Thought implanting 25Hz .Vitality. time moves "faster" 13Hz . normalcy 10.Focussed alertness.67) and the second around 8Hz. outward awareness. contemplation 12Hz . clarity. and occasionally I set it at a specific frequency that I’m not going to mention.10Hz . because I’ve been asked not to by the people who can ask other people not to do things.

a progression of applied frequency from higher to lower. a digital multi-meter is required. Tuning can be accomplished intuitively by observing a flashing LED. and associated components. The CD4060.1Hz is sufficient. If anything does not feel "right". This ability is particularly relevant here. To perform numerical tuning. examples of the latter occur at around 6Hz (irritability) and 16Hz (calcium ion efflux). This confers the advantage of real-time continuous tuning. It also enables manual ramping. As is. Use at your own risk. To convert to a more organic sine wave. These are now sold for as little as $35. and a degree of spontaneity which encourages discovery of new psychic spaces. digital square wave. if not wholey scientific. the tuning scale is linear. the same RC filter and amplifier can be employed as in the 8Hz generator on the Earth Frequencies page. This simulates electrochemical transitions within the brain for improved assimilation. evenly distributed around the control knob. This enables preferred settings to be easily recorded and returned to. sacrifices repeatability but enables ANY frequency between 1 to 26Hz to be adjusted via VR1.The more versatile circuit below. Click here to view one of the more popular. are removed and connection made to the "output" below the point where pin 1 of the former IC was located. Resolution down to 0. and boost current to drive an emitter. eg. It also allows the operator to experiment with any of the several comprehensive "brainwave frequency" listings available online. versions. eg. the result is a 50% duty cycle. Unlike the analog solutions below. As indciated in the list above. and/or sensing the inner sensations that arise as the frequency range is slowly swept through. given the systemic variables involved. It can be connected to pin 4 of the CD4060. since within any bandwidth may exist both positive and negative influences. move on immediately or discontinue use. .

starting at around $50. To drive an emitter. it will cover an impressive range of 0. such as the XR 2206. or "feel". one chip can AM and/or FM modulate the other. the output waveform is simultaneously available as sine. As further discussed on the Emotional Waves page. Bifilar Coils . XR2206 with RC values selected for 2-20Hz sinewave. The 50K controls output signal level. Analog IC's A somewhat more compact solution is the monolythic "function generator". By inserting appropriately valued timing capacitors. each imparts a particular somatic property.1Hz to 2MHz. square. eg. In addition. all that is required is a matching 12VDC ELF power amp such as shown on the PC Test Lab page. adjustable via the 100K potentiometer. making it adaptable for both ELF's and their carriers. or triangle.DMM's with built-in frequency meter capability are now common.

Compared to other types of emitters. A more "advanced" emitter for neuro-entrainment is the bifilar configuration. acoustic-like. space is limited. In this way their flux is contained. to tightly twist the two conductors together. the unique bioactive and transmissive properties of which are defined on the Magic Circle page. eg. for example in a pocket-size device. and adjacent turns do not interact with each other.Single wound coils. It is comprised of a single layer of two separate windings. The resulting emanation is a "longitudinal". This presents an obvious dilemma if one wishes to magnify field strength by adding successive layers of windings. prior to winding. side-by-side. and provide full saturation. at about a 45 degree angle. . 180 degrees apart (phase conjugate). This dynamic is consolidated by inserting a NON-LINEAR translation matrix. there may also be "scalar" components present. To pre-align the magnetic domains. wave. bifilars appear to ellicit a more whole-body response. But sometimes. These are current driven in OPPOSITION. typically a ferro-ceramic rod of the type normally used as an RF core/former. with an electric drill. The solution is. It is important to leave no gaps between turns. This technique is seen being used below with a ferrite pot core. an optional permanent button magnet may be affixed to each end. are featured on the Earth Frequencies page. and thus maintain a uniform cancellation geometry. so their respective EMF's tend to cancel. Depending on the extent of cancellation. The simple solution is a physically larger coil fomer. or solenoids.

and recommend a cautious approach to their use. Some researchers consider longitudinals and scalars to be potentially more bio-active than their Hertzian counterparts.Below we see a slightly different approach. similar to the one on the Virtual Sound page. It is easy to manufacture. Load Matching . which uses a reed relay to switch current (4 or 8Hz) into a square non-inductive coil printed on the circuit board. but suffers from the lack of close coupling enjoyed by a wound coil. Output is necessarily a squarewave. This is due to extra distance between the conductors as well as the relatively thin zone of interface offered by the copper cladding.

If present. or quartz can be used as a potting material "soften" the emitted energy. A complimentary strategy is to increase the diameter of the wire. To preserve electrostatic balance between the two windings. and thereby minimize EM bleed-off. and Rodin varieties. Natural substances such as water. granite. Second. This is typically a power resistor of adequate wattage. Since electrons travel on the outside of a conductor. So the coil "loads up". it is normally placed as illustrated to the left below. and therefore present virtually no resistance (a short circuit) to the amplifier's output stage. this maximizes the surface area for cancellation.One unusual property of bifilars is that they are "non-inductive". Other anomalous coils are the bifilar pancake as per Nikola Tesla (above right). it is essential to monitor the output with test equipment to avoid administering a distorted signal. Hooper motional e-field. this is best situated between it and the ground return. this can be overcome by inserting a suitably rated 1:1 coupling transformer. At higher frequencies. there is a tendency for the force of cancellation to reflect back to the power stage causing instability. As designs become more complex. field intensity can be arbitrarily raised by enlarging coil size or turns number without a proportionate increase in loading. First. a proxy load must be fitted to limit current passed to within the specified wattage of the amp. . as well as the so-called "orgonite" conglomerations based upon the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich. The right hand diagram is Nikola Tesla's "pancake" coil. This has two practical ramifications.

The coil is then wound upon a former CW from the starting end. This can be attributed to differing polarities of the emitted torsion field. thus giving the emitted signal a matching CCW rotation.Wide selection. This appears to be in accord with the writings of Edward Leedskanlin. the direction of any winding is a highly significant factor. being a transverse spin polarization of the physical vacuum. Reasonable pricing. The caduceus and Smith coils are special cases combining both polarities into one. This implies the output is higher for any given frequency. In the case of twisting two wires together. These advantages sometimes outweigh the extra time and expertise required for fabrication. typical to all bifilars. This means each conductor is wrapped around the other in a CCW direction. except that like charges attract rather than repel. . they are wound one wire CW and the other CCW in a interlaced fashion. Polarity of Windings In terms of subjective effect. experienced researchers seem to prefer to do this with the electric drill set as if to "loosen" a screw. Rodin Coil Test In lieu of winding a coil. as described on the Magic Circle page. in this instnce.YouTube Scalar Coil Experiment Jim Coleman Crystals . In addition to zero impedance. established by the angular momentum of the cancellation process. of Coral castle fame. The same effect can be implemented with ribbon cable or coax. the ultimate choice is empirical. shorted at its distal end. they also exhibit infinite resonance. It is not unlike the plus and minus charge of electrical current. since each polarity has its own "feel". However.How to Wind a Bifliar Coil . a similar vector cancellation effect can be achieved with any length of twin core speaker wire.YouTube Pancake Coil Winder . In other words. referred to elsewhere in this website.

do a Google image search for "mobius coil". When this is woven into the mobius configuration.Photo tutorial How to Wind Toroidal Mobius Coils Mobius Coil Tutorial Toriodal Mobius . In this instance. the personal energies of opposing streams of participants were thus transformed into a higher group consciousness. double the wire 4 or 8 times before twisting. In a ceremonial context. This is often more manageable than either having too many individual windings to interlace. which again renders it non-inductive. thereby producing a more intense field.Original Smith Coil Article Mobius Coils To see dozens more examples weird and wonderful coils. How to Wrap a Mobius Coil . the adjacent pathways of the Minoan labyrinth run counter to each other. Like bifilar windings. prior to winding. . it effectively becomes doubly so. the wire is normally folded over.PDF Hint: for an effectively "longer" coil. or using a series of smaller coils on the same former.

For example. the emitter/load must have a relatively high resistance to limit drawn current to a few tens of milliamps. 4) now. too much power. or bipolar waveforms. amplifier and emitter can be proportionately upgraded. pre-technological environment. When selecting each. In other words. to achieve a reasonable battery life in a portable ELF device. operating machinery. as well as to . hi-fi amp. or nervous disorders. of self-constructed devices without undue expense or electronics skill. Bridge tied load (BTL) amps. and a wide area loop. one might strive to replicate the energy signatures of a pristine. To affect larger areas. are not used to drive current opposition type emitters as the applied frequency will effectively be doubled upon output. pre-packaged kit sets. or to be. All stages must relate to each other in terms of scale. For example. the power supply. The Gravitic plates illustrated on the Shape Shifting page are another type of psychotronic emitter with somewhat different characterisitcs. Circuit Options The capabilities alluded to above are even more remarkable given that they can be implemented with low powered circuitry. and Magic Circle pages. heart arrhythmia. driving. harmonic signal optimization. an analogous function exists for signal intensity. The two primary parameters that define a signal are frequency and amplitude. in addition to evolved "windows" of sensitivity to Earth Frequencies. This means the influential radius can only be a few meters.Devices on this page should not be used by persons who are: 1) on medication. ie. etc. PC Test Lab. functionality. 3) wearing a pacemaker. and consumer products and software. 2) susceptible to epilepsy/seizures. The following diagram illustrates a few possible combinations. sport. engaged in any activity involving potential hazard. This allows for a scaling up. In other words. The upside is that a small IC amplifier will suffice. software generation. such as an entire room. One highly adaptable approach is to combine the methodology described on the Patterns of Nature. or down. and intended application.

PDF Brainwave Entrainment for Your Cell Phone Radionic Rates for Mental Conditions . A third element.PDF Bibliography on the Psychoactivity of Electromagnetic Fields Biological Effects of Extremely Low Electric and Magneti Fields: A Review .PDF ELF Waves and ELF Entrainment Biological Effects of Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields . corresponding to "feel". Assorted Links A Comprehensive Review of the Psychological Effects of Brainwave Entrainment.PDF What is Healing Energy? . Applies to Radionic instruments only Promoting Human Creativity Introduction About Website Radionics Mechanized Dowsing .PDF "Mood Changer" Circuit . may result in rejection or an adverse response.PDF Spatial Frequency Modulates Visual Cortical Response .A digital approach with several preset frequencies .Sample page.little. the Modulation of Brain Tissue Functions . waveform.PDF Electromagnetic Fields. is described on the Emotional Waves page.

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