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COIB Press Release & Disposition (DOE)

COIB Press Release & Disposition (DOE)

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Steven B. Rosenfeld Chair/Board Member Monica Blum Board Member Andrew Irving Board Member Burton Lehman Board Member Erika Thomas-Yuille Board Member ____________ Mark Davies Executive Director Wayne G. Hawley Deputy Executive Director & General Counsel Carolyn Lisa Miller Director of Enforcement Julia Davis Special Counsel & Director of Financial Disclosure Alex Kipp Director of Training & Education Varuni Bhagwant Director of Administration Derick Yu Director of Information Technology


CONTACT: Carolyn Lisa Miller (212) 442-1419

FORMER NETWORK LEADER FINED $4,000 FOR ATTEMPTING TO CAUSE A SCHOOL PRINCIPAL TO HIRE AND RETAIN HIS WIFE FOR A TEACHING POSITION The New York City Conflicts of Interest Board (the “Board”) and the New York City Department of Education (“DOE”) concluded a settlement with the former Network Leader of the Children First Network #208 (“CFN #208”) who used his position with the DOE to obtain an advantage for his wife. As part of his official DOE duties, the Network Leader was responsible for providing operational and instructional support to DOE principals within the CFN #208 Network. The former Network Leader admitted that, in or around February 2011, while assisting a Principal within his network to prepare for a New York State Education Department Title 1 Audit, he discussed his wife’s qualifications for an open teaching position at the Principal’s school with the Principal with the intent of causing his wife to be hired for the position, which she was. Furthermore, the former Network Leader admitted that, in or around June 2011, after being informed by the Principal that his wife’s position at the school would be excessed due to budgetary constraints, and with the intent of causing the Principal to retain his wife in her position at the school, the Network Leader directed a subordinate staff member to inform the Principal that his wife’s position could not be excessed. The former Network Leader acknowledged that his conduct violated the City’s conflicts of interest law, which prohibits a public servant from using or attempting to use his or her position to obtain any private or personal advantage for himself, or for any person with whom the public servant is associated. A copy of the disposition is attached here. All of the Board’s dispositions are available free of charge, in full-text searchable form, on the website for the Center for New York City Law at New York Law School. (www.CityAdmin.org). Dave Jaklevic, Assistant Counsel for Enforcement, handled this case for the Board. Theresa Europe, Deputy Counsel to the Chancellor, handled

Visit our home page at http://nyc.gov/ethics

this matter for DOE. The Board gratefully acknowledges the work of its confidential investigative arm, the New York City Department of Investigation (“DOI”), DOI Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn, Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District (“SCI”) Richard J. Condon, and SCI Investigator Marie Zolfo, who handled the investigation. The Conflicts of Interest Board is the City’s ethics board and is charged with interpreting and enforcing the City’s conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, and lobbyist gift laws. For more information about the Board, visit: http://nyc.gov/ethics. Anyone with questions about the law is urged to contact the Board through its website or by calling (212) 442-1400. The Board does not comment on its dispositions, except as set forth above. For additional public information about the Board’s enforcement activities—including summaries of all prior enforcement dispositions and fines imposed—visit the Board’s website: www.nyc.gov/html/conflicts/html/units/enforcement.shtml

Visit our home page at http://nyc.gov/ethics

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