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Published by: Nicole Hensley on Aug 22, 2012
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By fscal quarter, July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012

Customer complaints decrease compared to the
previous quarter

Customer complaints dropped 53 percent in the fourth quarter
of FY 2012 compared to the previous quarter, from 6.7 to 3.1 per
100,000 customers (see the graph on the right, this page). Te
largest drop was for complaints about employee behavior, with
17 fewer than in the previous quarter (45 compared to 62). Te
largest increase in complaints was about reservations with four
more than the previous quarter (13 compared to nine). WSF also
received 23 compliments and ten suggestions during the fourth
quarter of FY2012.

June 30, 2012 – GNB Edition 46 | 31

Strategic goal: Mobility – Passenger Rail

Rail: Amtrak Cascades
Quarterly Update

Amtrak Cascades ticket revenue trend continues upward

Amtrak Cascades rode successful rails in the second quarter of 2012, where it saw upswings
in ticket revenues of 1.8 percent to $5.9 million, compared to the same quarter in 2011. Tis
revenue growth is driven mainly by an efective ticket pricing strategy and the addition of a
second train to Vancouver, B.C.

Second fare hike in 2012 not expected to deter riders from taking
Amtrak Cascades trains

Passengers saw a six percent overall hike in fares this year, with the out-of-pocket cost about
$1 to $2 more per ticket. Te increase is not anticipated to have a major impact on ridership.
Amtrak implemented the frst three percent increase on March 6, and a second three percent
increase went into efect June 12, 2012.

Rather than increasing ticket prices across the board, Amtrak Cascades used a “stretch
increase” which did not impact the lowest-priced seats on its trains. Te strategy was designed
to capture additional revenues through higher fares, while limiting the potential loss in riders.

As a result, mid-priced seats increased by two percent, while the
highest-priced seats increased by fve percent, for an average
three percent increase across all ticket prices.

Federal grant backs innovative state rail plan

A $400,000 Federal Railroad Administration grant will
help WSDOT develop an integrated state rail plan, con-
sistent with federal requirements. WSDOT obtained federal
approval for its work plan this spring, and started work in
May 2012. Te rail plan will serve as a strategic blueprint for
future public investment in the state’s freight and passenger
rail network. Tis plan is needed to:
• Prepare for the federal requirement that WSDOT and
the Oregon Department of Transportation assume
complete funding for operations and maintenance of
the entire Amtrak Cascades service, efective October
• Refresh forecasts and update data to comply with federal
and state statutes, regulations and planning guidance.
• Combine freight and passenger rail plans to provide a
single comprehensive, policy level planning document
that integrates intercity passenger rail, freight rail and
commuter rail.
• Guide implementation of the recent agreement
between Washington and Oregon to manage the Pacifc
Northwest Rail Corridor as one continuous corridor.
• Serve as a reference for other states and contribute to
the National Rail Plan.

Amtrak Cascades
Program Highlights

Ticket revenues increased
1.8 percent to $5.9 million
in the second quarter of
2012 compared to the
same quarter in 2011.

More than 72 percent
of Amtrak Cascades
trains were on time in the
second quarter of 2012.

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