Wednesday, 22 August Dear Parents, Year 6GD students are organizing a trip as part of their unit of inquiry.

The focus of this experience is to help them be independent, accept responsibility, improve their time management and organizational skills. NIST provides each student with books and stationery. In Year 6 there is a big drive to have students use what we call a “bubble catcher.” It is a way to capture and organize thinking so that students become independent learners. It is a place where they can record ideas, reminders and anything else that connects to their learning. A bubble catcher is a unique and personal book and because of this we are asking for your support in covering the cost. We have set a maximum price of 300 Baht per student. Each class will be organizing part of the trip. This makes the learning experience authentic and naturally connects to the unit. Each class will be going to Central Chid Lom (by BTS) to the stationery shop called B2S to purchase their bubble catchers. One of the challenges is that students are given a transportation budget. This is where they will need to calculate how much the BTS will cost. We are also asking that each student bring 50B for this cost. The NIST transportation buggies will take students to the top of Sukhumvit Soi 15. From there we shall walk to Asoke BTS to head towards Chid Lom. Important Information What: How we organize ourselves – Bubble Catcher Trip When: Wednesday 29 August – 9:30 – 11:35 Where: Central Chid Lom Who: Year 6GD students, Mr. Chad, Ms. Tess, Ms. Siew Transport: School buggie, BTS What to Bring: 350Baht, hat, water bottle Please complete the form below, bring in 350 Baht for the cost of the bubble catcher and transport We hope you can support us to make this happen. Thank you, Year 6


Student Name: _____________________________________________________________________

I give permission for my child to participate on this trip and have paid 350Baht to cover costs.

Parent Signature: _____________________________________________________________________

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