A double effect evaporator system connected for backward feeding is used to concentrate a KOH solution from 15% to 40%

solids. The feed enters at 25oC and steam at 20oC and 150 kPa. The last effect is maintained at 54oC. Overall heat transfer coefficient is 3000 in the first effect and 1500 W/m2K in the second effect. The evaporator area is 50 m2 for each effect. Find the feed rate. Assume Cp of the feed as 4 KJ/kgK and varying with concentration.

650 mm Hg vac Steam 200oC 150kPa

U1= 3000 U2= 1500

Cp varies linearly with concentration To get Cp knowing Cpo at xo : Cp = 1 - (1-Cpo) x/xo BTU/lb oF


xF=.15 TF= 25 oC

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