University of the Assumption College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Unisite, Del Pilar, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

August 23, 2012

REV. FR. MANUEL C. STA. MARIA Vice President for Administration

Dear Fr. Sta. Maria;

Pax Vobiscum!

The Council of Hotel and Restaurant Management Students (CHARMS) would like to seek your accommodating permission to allow the choir members of the Hotel and Restaurant Management Department to conduct their choir rehearsal with Mr. Clarence Bautista as their choir master on August 23- September 7, 2012 inside the school premises from 1:00-5:00pm. This is for the preparation for the choir competition on the Celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption. The list of the choir members are indicated below:

1.Leahline Bondoc 2.Anthony del Rosario 3.Jerome Silva 4.Kimberly Mendoza 9.Releneza Garcia

5.Lovely Mae Reyes 6.VeniDonitaDela Cruz 7.Christine Joy Dungo 8.Kristhine Gale Miranda 10.Carmel Anne Dizon

Pamela Denise Latigar 20. CHARMS . CHARMS Prepared by: Kris Anne L. Paul Yumul We are hoping for your favourable response. Yvora Jane Sanchez 17. CHARMS Noted by: Ms. RenanteTayamora 22. Ivan Tantengco 21. John Eric Hernandez 12. Mark Denz Guzman 16. Sincerely yours.11. Bondoc President. Sean Marco Javier 13. Bianca Complido 18. Mardy Navarro 14. Leahline M. Mary Grace L. Pelayo Adviser. Pontevedra Secretary. Jansen Quiambao 19. BienvedidoDela Cruz 15.

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