Daily Tasks

Database Database Status

Check the status of Database and listener. Check the alert log file for the errors. Monitor Cache hit ratio
Database Backups

Check the Fortnight backup Check the tape backup too. Check the tablespace status in the dabbase
Database Performance Some of the activity you need to run in off-hours Check the Cache Hit Ratio Run the statspack and analyze the report. Analyse tables and gather statistics System Resources

Check following under the system resource Check the free space on the server OS temp directory Rollback segment status max_extent parameter. Next_extent parameter Check the Contention CPU, Disk Resource,Network usage, Memory status
Log File Management

Check following Check the status of Redo log files Check Archives logs Copy Archive log to standby (DR Setup only) Clean the Background dumps, User dumps Clean Apache log files and Jserv log file Net8 log files
Hourly Checks

Users or processes that are holding exclusive locks Open cursors New Invalid database objects
Applications Application Status

Check the services Purge Concurrent logs Purge Obsolete Workflow logs and definitions

Check for fragmentation/row-chaining Storage parameters For Dict-managed tablespaces pct_increase set to 1% Security Policy violation Synchronize test/development db with Production Monitor user–group list Application Purge Concurrent Request Logs Check the security policy violation Monthly Tasks Database Monitor the harmful growth rates I/O Contention Fragmentation Password Change Patches need to be apply Predictions about CPU.Application Performance 11i Concurrent Request “Gather Schema Stats” Weekly Tasks Database Check the schedules scripts are getting completed.RAM.Database growth Application Password Change (FNDCPASS) Concurrent Manager Target Process Requirement of special manager for special request Patches need to be apply. Check the objects which are breaking the rules. .

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