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Solar Pump

Guided By: Mr.Sudheer Kumar

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What is solar pump ? Solar pump is a device, which is consists of solar panel which converts solar energy into electrical energy. Solar pump is an ordinary pump but the working fuel is solar energy. Why solar energy is used ? Because of solar energy is easily available, dont produce pollution, free of cost, easy to install.

P V ARRAY -It depends on radiation and temp. -it has current-voltage characteristics. PUMP -hydraulic machines which convert mechanical -energy into hydraulic energy. e.g. centrifugal pump.

MOTOR - To rotate the shaft of the pump. - Linking with current ,voltage ,torque characteristics. BATTERY - It storage electricity. - No output from p v array battery can use to drive the motor.


Submerged multistage c.f. pump-set. Floating pump-set. Surface suction pump-set. Solar thermal pumping system according to an organic rankine cycle. Solar pumping with stirling engines.

Submerged multistage c.f. pump-set. This type is probably the most common type of solar pump used for village water supply. The advantages that it is easy to install,Either ac or dc motors can be incorporated into the pump set. The most commonly employed system consists of an ac pump and inverter with a photovoltaic array of less than 1500Wp.

Submerged multistage c.f. pump-set.

Floating pump-set. the floating unit set, makes it ideal for irrigation pumping for canals and open wells. these types use a single stage submersed centrifugal pump The most common type utilizes a brushless dc motor.

Floating pump-set.

Surface suction pump-set. This type of pump set is not recommended except where an operator will always be in attendance. the use of primary chambers and non return valves can prevent loss of prime, in practice self-start and priming problems are experienced. It is impractical to have suction heads of more than 8 meters.

Surface suction pump-set.


Advantage Dis-advanage

Solar-pump -Unattended operation. -Low maintanance. -Long life.

Diesel & gasoline pump

-High capital cost.

-Water storage require for cloudy periods. -Skill persons require.

& easy install -Low capital cost -Widely used

-Short life.

-Noise & fume pollution. -High maintanance cost.


There are two ways using solar power to solarpump - directly connecting the solar panel to the pump. - charging the battery with solar-panel and then using the battery to run the pump. Draw-backs -if the pump is directly power to the solar panel then water can only the pumped when the sun is shining. -charging the battery first and then using that to run at any time.

Village water supply Livestock watering Irrigation

From the study of different types of solar pump surface suction pump set is more efficient because it is impractical to have suction heads of more than 8 meters. solar pumps are available to pump from anywhere in the range of up to 200m head and with outputs of up to 250m/day.

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