The Varna system divided the body With the head being the most worthy of veneration as it is the

seat of all human thought- it was afforded the most respect The torso the strongest part of the body and hence the most defendable part of the body- was afforded with the awe that bravery inspires The feet however were deemed to be menial instruments with the simple function of transport and supporting the rest of the body- which translated into non descript, unworthy body organs meant only to serve

This translates into the contemporary scenario where middle aged men still feel their feet deserve nothing but the most functional of shoes, as long as they protect the feet and are a bit comfortable that’s enough for them. It could also be argued that the level of materialism changes with every material object, Indian mythology has always worshipped the Spartan king, or the nirvana achieving sage all of whom have rejected material pleasures for the pursuit of the divine. He has been brought up thinking while the torso deserves the finest silks money has to offer, the head the purest gold ornaments, the feet deserve the coarsest hide sandals.

All of this has made his subconsciously wary of fancy shoes as they come into direct conflict with his subconscious coding of adopting a simple lifestyle. Even is he is able to overcome this his upbringing does not guilt free pleasure of wearing expensive shoes as to him they are ‘maaya’ that he must avoid.