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Exam 3 Chapter 28, 29 and 31 Study Guide

Chapter 28: Bacteria and Achaea Know the three domains of life Look over table 28.1 on page 497 to see the differences between the three domains. Know the Kochs Postulate. Know the Germ Theory. Know the relationship of antibiotics to bacteria. Know Enrichment Culture and Direct Sequencing. Compare and contrast Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria Know the metabolic pathways of bacteria. Fermentation, photosynthesis, aerobic, anaerobic and so on. Know the oxygen revolution Know nitrogen fixation and role of bacteria in it. Know cyanobacteria.

Chapter 29: Protists Know what organisms fall under protists and that protists are paraphyletic group. Know malaria and algal blooms. Know protists as helpful for our environment that is help in carbon cycle and so on. Know the endosymbiosis theory of mitochondria and chloroplast. Know how protists obtain food. Know the differences between primary and secondary endosymbiosis. Know how do protists move Know how do protists reproduce Alternation of generation and structures involved in it. Haploid, diploid and so on. Know the key lineage of protists with plants.

Chapter 31: Fungi Know the basic and most important structures of fungi such as hyphae, mycelium and so on. Know the basic reproductive structures present in different types of Fungi. Know the phylogeny of Fungi; relation to plants and animals. Know the symbiotic relationships/mutualism of Fungi which help them in obtaining food and in their survival. Know Fungi as decomposers. Know the different types of reproduction in Fungi; sexual and asexual.