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delivering letter from cardinal to sir thomas job for richard?

thomas goes to cardinal wosely at night king comes plot to pressure the pope into divorcing the king for states reasons so he may marry his mistress sir t doesnt want the divorcee wants a miricle st tells richard to be a teacher will wants to marry st daughter but he is a luther so he says no daughter is educated, and st likes her cardinal is dying st to be lord chancellor of the relm king vists st wants another answer abput the divorce king says that wasley was a fool st keeps his position king says that the queen is not his wife and anyone who thibks she is is a traitor will still want to marry daughter and rich still wants job tomas paget is retiring and _____ becomes secretary to the council rich becomes administrater of york messenger from king wants the archbiship and preists to split from Rome and accept him as the supreme head of the church of england st resigns because the king is at war with the pope tells his house thats they have to find anouther job rich and cromwell want to get rid of sir tomas cromwell tries to bring charges against him an oath must me taken about kngs marrigie

he doesnt take it\ sent to tower small hearing with archbishop and cromwell and _____ try to make him submitt family visits to try to pursuade him talks with meg on trial: high treason/ silence/ rich makes a false testomony/ guilty/ since he is guilty now he tells about his opinions, the act is against god therefore it is agaist god to obey it, sent to tower of london gods servant first then his majesty's beheaded cromwell beheaded a month later, the arch bishop is burnt a the stake, the duk of norfolkwas about to be killed but the king dies, ric h becomes the chacelor and dies in sleep