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Advanced Polling By Iris Scanning

By M.Kamara II MCA N.Chitravel Murugan II MCA

Introduction Biometric authentication mechanism Image acquisition & Data storage Image cropping & Edge detection Image transformation & comparison Identification and authentication Online Access Merits Conclusion


Measuring Physiological Characteristics. Approach to Personal Recognition. Way for Offering Security. Satisfies Universality, Distinctiveness,
Permanence, Collectiveness.

Biometric Identities

- Fingerprint. - Face. - Hand Geometry. - Voice Recognition. - Iris Scanning.



Iris Scan

Image Acquisition & Data Storage

Image Acquisition: - Hand-held - Flatbed - Desktop - Micro film Data Storage: - Spatial Co-ordinates. - Personal Details.

Image Cropping & Edge Detection

Image Cropping:
- Spatial - Gray level

Edge Detection: - Boundary between two region. - Gradient Operators. - Sobel & Prewitt Operator.

Identification & Authentication

Online Access

User And The Server

Network Assessment

Eradicate Illegal Voting. Ease of Voting. Distributed Voting. Voting Results Within a short period. Speed up the voting process.


We surely say that the Iris scanning technology is the most prominent one among the biometrics.
Helps much more in the individuals privacy and the security,helping thus in the online polling system.