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Immunophenotyping: Myeloid cell maturation

Bone Marrow
Stem cell and early progenitor cells CD133, CD271, CD11 Stem cell, early and late progenitor cells CD347 Myeloid progenitor cell CD33 Hematopoietic stem cell

Mast cell CD117 Myeloid dendritic cells Erythroblast CD71 Megakaryocyte CD61 Myeloblast Promonocyte


DC2 MDC2 CD141


Platelets CD61

Basophil CD123

E i Eosinophil hil CD44

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Neutrophil CD15 CD16

Monocyte CD14 CD11b


Macrophage p g

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Myeloid Lineage products from Abcam


Alternative name

Polyclonal Unconjugated

Monoclonal FITC PE


Stem and progenitor cells CD34 CD117 CD271 c-Kit LNGFR ab63985 ab5506 ab38335 ab8158 ab111033 ab86768 ab18227 ab24870 ab62122 ab18228 ab111245 ab18225 ab95678 -

Protein/ peptide

Featured products CD71 (ab84036)

ab90823 ab101088 ab38334

Clonality Applications P WB, ICC/IF

Host Rb

Species cross reactivity Hu, Ms

Myeloid progenitor CD33 Erythroblast CD71 Transferrin receptor ab84036 ab1086 ab47095 ab18242 ab64672 ab101219 ab13963 ab2579 ab25773 ab118967 -

CD15 [MY-1] (ab754)

Clonality Applications M
Megakaryocyte and Platelet CD61 Integrin beta 3 ab47584 ab7167 ab92393 ab91128 ab91134 -

Host Ms

Species cross reactivity Hu


Granulocytes: Basophil CD123 IL3RA ab53698 ab21562 ab95782 ab93523 ab95781 ab88358

CD44 [IM7] (ab19622)

Clonality Applications M
ab41478 ab6124 ab19622 ab58754 ab81424 ab41477

Host Rt

Species cross reactivity Hu

Granulocytes: Eosinophil CD44 -

ICC/IF IHC-P Flow Cyt, IP IHC-Fr , , ,

Granulocytes: Neutrophil CD15 CD16 Monocyte CD11b CD14 ab27537 ab45870 ab1046 ab760 ab18273 ab28061 ab28101 ab18271 ab25482 ab60901 ab82279
MERGED ab16048 - Lamin B1


ab754 ab664

ab18272 ab69761

ab64603 ab18234

ab88032 ab55864

ab114288 -

CD14 ELISA (ab46541)

Sample type Cell culture supernatant, Serum, Plasma Assay type Sandwich Sensitivity < 6 ng/ml Species cross reactivity Human

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Myeloid Dendritic cells: MDC1 CD1c ab18216 ab95757 ab114935

Region of staining Sample type Fixed or non-fixed/ live cells Excitation maximum 646 nm Emmission maximum 681 nm/ 697 nm Applications Flow Cyt, ICC/IF

Myeloid Dendritic cells: MDC2 CD141 Thrombomodulin ab94373 ab6980 ab27396 ab106425


ab7291- alpha Tubulin

Nuclear DNA

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