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Offers, invitations, requests, permission

Offering food and drink



Asking for something

Asking for permission

Would you like?

Can Could May might

I/ we have?

Can Could May Might


Offering to do something for others

Asking people to do something

Giving and refusing permission

I/we can Can I /we? Shall I/we?

Can Could Would Will



Can (not) May (not)

Invitations Uses
Would you like? Will you?

We can use can, could, may or might depending on the situation. Can is the most informal. Could is more polite then can. May is more formal than can and could Might is the most polite but the least common.

A) Complete the sentences with: May, could, would, can and shall.

a) ________ I have some fruit, please?

b) c) d) e) f)

________ I go to franks party? ________ you like to come to my party? ________ some orange juice? ________ you wait a moment, please? ________ I bring something?

B) Complete the text. Use Modal verbs.

At a party
Frank Hello. Its Frank. Is that you Tom? Tom yes, it's me. Frank How are you? ________ you like to come to my birthday party? It's on Sunday at five in the afternoon. Tom Im sorry, but I have other plans. My mother asked me to go with her to the bowling alley on Sunday. Frank Come on, Tom. You _______ miss the party. It will be great. There will be an enormous cake, blowers, streamers, masks, good music and pretty girls. Why don't you ask your mother? Tom Good idea. _______wait a moment, please? (Tom speaks to his mother) Tom Mum, Frank is on the phone. His birthday is on Sunday and he's invited me to his party. I know you asked me to go to the bowling alley with you, but we ______ go next Sunday. _____ I go to Franks party? Toms mother Yes, of course. Tom Frank, she agreed. ____ I do something to help you with the party? ____ I bring something? I don't know, maybe sweets or ice-cream. Frank Yes, please. Im sure well have a great time. So, see you on Sunday. Tom Thank you for your invitation. See you then