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Coldwar Revision

Coldwar Revision

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Published by: Nico Polaris on Aug 23, 2012
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The Cold War

1) What was a cold war? 2) What three major decisions were made at the Yalta conference Feb 1945? 3) Why was the atmosphere at Potsdam different from the Yalta conference?

The Cold War
War without fighting Germany split into 4 zones Free elections in Eastern Europe United Nations replace League of Nations New US president, Harry Truman, didn't like communism Second World War had ended so they didn't have common enemy USSR occupied Eastern Europe USA had atom bomb New boundaries of Poland Division of Germany and Berlin Nazi leaders would be tried USA had atom bomb used in August 1945 at Hiroshima Stalin determined to force communism into Eastern Europe- methods seen as anti democratic Winston Churchill in 1946 Harry Truman The USA promised to support any country threatened by communism in 1947 Marshall Plan

4) What was agreed at Potsdam?

5) Give two reasons why there was tension between USA and USSR?

6) Who first used the phrase iron curtain and when? 7) Which American president was extremely anti communist? 8) What was the Truman doctrine?

9) What was the American Plan called that promised to help Europe rebuild its economies? 10) Why was this plan supposed to stop communism spreading in Europe?

The USA feared that communism only rose in countries with economic problems Many European countries were left in a terrible state at the end of the Second World War USA, Britain and France agreed to a single currency in Berlin Stalin wanted to try and keep west Berlin as weak as possible to force out capitalism June 1948-May 1949 The west kept on flying in goods and had done this over the difficult winter months The US flew the same bombers as used at Hiroshima to Norfolk. The USSR feared they may be preparing to attack

11) Why did the USSR and USA disagree over Berlin in 1948?

12) What months did the Berlin airlift take place? 13) Why did the USSR back down over the airlift?

g. He replaced the strict and unpopular communist Rakosi Budapest 29) Name the capital of Hungary? 30) What were the results of the Soviet invasion of Hungary? 20.000 Hungarians were killed Nadgy was killed and arrested Hungarian government was now loyal to Russia Behaviour of USSR widely criticised by USA 25) When did Stalin die? 26) Who introduced co-existence? 27) Which countries protested against communism in Oct 1956? 28) Who was Nadgy? . Romania Only allowed one political party Secret police COMINFORM watched over all the countries Yugoslavia 19) Which communist country wasn't pro Stalin? 20) Why did the North Koreans invade South Korea? 21) Who was the commander of the UN force in Korea? 22) Why did the UN not the Americans fight the Korean war? 23) How did China influence the Korean war? 24) What was the USA policy of containment? They wanted to make the whole of Korea communist General McCarthur It seemed as if the world was opposing communism They sent troops and weapons To surround the USSR with capitalist or pro American countries.g.1949 14) When was NATO formed? Chairman Mao 15) Who became leader of China in 1949? 16) When did USSR discover the atom bomb? 17) What was the communist military organisation called? 18) How did USSR gain control of Eastern Europe after 1945? 1949 Warsaw Pact Propaganda Banning opposition throughout eastern Europe Executing opposition leaders e. Bulgaria Abolishing the monarchy e. 1953 Khrushchev.protests about food prices The new Prime Minister of Hungary. He hoped ease tensions between Russia and USA He seemed to promise greater freedom in Eastern Europe and a cut in arms expenditure Hungary Poland.

35) Who had ruled Cuba since 1940 and why was he so unpopular with Cubans? 36) Who was Fidel Castro? 37) Why was the Bay of Pigs such a disaster for the Americans? 38) How long would it take for a missile to hit New York City fired from Cuba? 39) What did USA spy planes spot being built on Cuba? 40) How did President Kennedy respond to the threat from the USSR? 41) Who made the decisive move in the Cuban missile crisis to prevent disaster? 42) What were the effects of the Cuban missile crisis? .5 million left East Germany for the west.31) Why was the Berlin Wall built? Between 1949-61 2. The planned meeting between the two countries in Paris was abandoned Peaceful co-existence was seen to be a failure Batista The communist leader of Cuba who took over the island in 1959 USA didn't give any air support There were 20. Those who tried were shot.000 Cuban soldiers to 1. Increased tension between USA and USSR 1960 32) What were the consequences of building the wall? 33) When was a US U2 spy plane shot down over Russia? 34) Why did the spy plane incident increase tension between the USA and USSR? America refused to apologise for flying over enemy land even though it was widely known it had been happening for 4 years.400 invaders 13 minutes A missile base capable of firing nuclear weapons Ordered a naval blockade All Soviet ships were stopped and searched Khrushchev withdrew missiles but only if US did the same in Turkey Khruschcev was praised as a peace maker The world now wished to avoid nuclear war A hotline was created between the white house and the Kremlin. Most were young and so East Germany was loosing its most talented individuals Separated East and West for thirty years No one could leave East and West.

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