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THE TOUCH OF 11 At the touch strong, and deep, with the concern In my solitude, the bells of the sanctuary

Then followed, the soft songs of birds Maybe I love, the birds of his guilt I ate wheat wheatfield, and blamed me I bonares the poet, I am very humble I met him and singing revoleteando On the roofs, the sanctuary, beneath the shadows I Of the heavenly orange patio, and its charm By day and night, waiting room, Queen and threshold In the beauty of your sanctuary, I get lost In the coolness of your soil, and stone seats Ideal for "" thinker words "" Salvation intense golden sunset On the heights of Conquero, sounding bells y Under your white arches of anise, sea breeze runs Bright light and blue curly ria And from my lighthouse, contemplate Conquero All my Huelva. and joins the bed, with the saw In the springs of the Tinto and Odiel Bright cheerful color of life The air asleep, and back again sunset So wrote the poet bonares, At the touch of the 11

Inspiration Date: 23/08/2012 Author: Vicente Dominguez garrochena