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Principal Certificate Ce Ed

Principal Certificate Ce Ed

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Published by Jitu Jaiman

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Published by: Jitu Jaiman on Aug 23, 2012
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CEED 2013: Certificate from Principal This is to certify that Mr/Ms _______________________________________________ is enrolled as a student in the degree: ________________________________________ in our

college/institute: ___________________________________________________.

(Note to Candidate: Strike out one of the following which is not applicable) ● He/She is currently in the final year of the above degree programme. ● He/She appeared in the final semester/year exam of the above degree, but has a backlog to be cleared from an earlier semester/year, and therefore cannot produce a course completion certificate now.

Date: Signature and Office Seal of Principal/Head of Department

Note to the candidate: After you obtain the certification from your principal, please scan this document (200 dpi; 256 color mode) to a PDF file and upload it to the CEED Application website.

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