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ENG 131 Assignments, Week 1 8-27 to 8-31 8 - 27 Read: Rhetorical Choices, pg.

19 32, pg 66 73 (Orwell) In-class work: Students will discuss purpose in essays, applying general principles to the reading they performed for todays class. Writing Assignment -- One-Pager 1Narrative: Tell the story of your earliest memory, and attempt to answer this question: what about that memory is significant? What does this memory say about you?

8 29 Read: Rhetorical Choices, pg. 59 65 (Tan)

In-class work: Today in class students will begin the planning and prewriting process for their first formal assignment, a Narrative Essay.

8 31 Read: Rhetorical Choices, pg. 74 80 (Jackson) In-class work: Students will discuss and practice writing effective and interesting introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Due Today: One-Pager 1 Students will submit their first One-Pager in hard copy format.