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Augu 23, 201 ust 12

By ECF F Honorab Catherine O’Haga Wolfe ble an Clerk of Court f United States Cou of Appe urt eals for the Second Ci ircuit Thurgoo Marshall United States Cour od S rthouse 40 Foley Square y New Yo ork, New Yo 10007 ork RE: R Wind dsor v. Unit States, Nos. 12-23 & 12-2 ted 335 2435

Dear Ms. Wolfe: This replies to Ms. Ka T s aplan’s lette of earlie today (ECF Nos. 21 and 213 er er 12 3). The petition for certiorari pending before the Suprem Court i Gill, T ns me in Golinsk and this case, Wind ki, dsor, are on track for the Court’s Conferen of Octo n r nce ober 5. Ther is no rea re ason to believe that th Supreme Court wo he e ould delay i disposit its tion of those petitions because of the much-later-filed Pedersen p e b petition (which was ju ust docketed yesterday, August 22). 2 This Court should gra the Hou T ant use’s motio to suspend the Sep on ptember 27 7 oral arg gument pen nding the Supreme Court’s disp S position of M Windso own Ms. or’s petition for certior n rari. Res spectfully s submitted, s/H. Christoph Bartolo her omucci H. C Christophe Bartolom er mucci Cou unsel for Ap ppellant The Bipartisa Legal Ad e an dvisory Gro oup of th U.S. Ho he ouse of Representative   es

  1919 M Stree N.W. • Su 470 • W et, uite Washington D.C 20036 C. Telepho 202.234.0 one 0090 • www.b bancroftpllc.c com • Facsim 202.234.2 mile 2806

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