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McDonalds Facts

McDonalds Facts

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Published by: Anurag Gupta on Aug 23, 2012
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• McDonald's was started as a drive-in restaurant by two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald in California,US in the year 1937. • By mid-1950s, the restaurant's revenues had reached $350,000. • Ray Kroc, distributor for milkshake machines, expressed interest in the business, and he finalized a deal for franchising with the McDonald brothers in 1954. • He established a franchising company, the McDonald System Inc. and appointed franchisees. • In 1961, he bought out the McDonald brothers' share for $2.7 million and changed the name of the company to McDonald's Corporation. In 1965, McDonald's went public

McD in India
• 1996 - First restaurant opens in India, at Basant
• Lok,Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. McDonald's India is a 50 – 50 JV partnership between McDonald’s Corporation (U.S.A) and two Indian businessman Amit Jatia (Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited, Mumbai)and Vikram Bakshi (Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited, Delhi). Two separate operations in Northern & Western India. Partners and their management teams trained extensively in Indonesia & the U.S. Approximately 75% of the menu available in McDonald’s in India is Indianized and specifically designed to woo Indian customers. The McDonald's philosophy of QSC&V is the guiding force behind its service to the customers.

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