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Portfolio Samples

Portfolio Samples

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Published by Rafael Lopez
These are a couple samples of my portfolio work. There is no such thing as a perfect portfolio; that being said, mine is still a work in progress.
These are a couple samples of my portfolio work. There is no such thing as a perfect portfolio; that being said, mine is still a work in progress.

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Published by: Rafael Lopez on Aug 24, 2012
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Architecture Portfolio

Rafael Lopez Columbia College ‘12 ral2154

Our Senses are the way we communicate and survive. These 5 tools allow the individual to experience life in many ways. But when one tool fails the other 4 are enhanced to make-up for the loss. Thus we can taste with our eyes, nose and touch or hear through sight and touch.

Enhancing Our Senses

Playing with Sight and Hearing I have created a device canceling either one of these senses or both to see how the existing senses react.
Perceptions: Madeline Schwartzman / Spring 10

The Right ear is covered by a large apparatus that swings from a hinge on the back of the head piece Within the ear piece is a smaller hinge system that allows the ear drum to be covered or exposed.

A grove allows the Eye piece to slide from the left ear to the left eye A hinge system allows the Eye piece to fold up and down.

La Marqueta
Loading Dock Open Market Stage

At its peak La Marqueta was the heart beat of Spanish Harlem. It was the home of small businesses, food vendors, performarnces and families enjoying and embracing thier Spanish culture. The Spanish culture can be classified as Theatrical with the passion of music, clothing and performance. To resurrect Spanish Harlem’s pulse the attention and design to La Marqueta as a theatre is crucial.
Design 1: Karen Fairbanks / Fall 10

The Loading dock is where La Marqueta begins in regards with function. From food to toys, all goods are delivered here

The Open Market is what made La Marqueta unique an popular when it first opened. Here people can purchase cooked or uncooked items

La Marqueta is built on a slope so it naturally has a Theatre atmosphere. A stage and seating allows families to enjoy each other and performances

With the Loading Dock, Open Market and Stage La Marqueta experiences peakes in its pulse where these programs inter-lock. With a basic concept La Marqueta becomes more complex due to the transfer of goods and the mixture of workers and visitors.

A series of traffic flow through a series of Program layout

The Spring is headed with seasonal flowers and Perfomances especially during the month of May.

The summer in the hispanic culture usually entails a plethora of fruit and agua frescas

In the Fall “Dia de los Muertes” is the big event of the season. With traditional pumpkin activities comes along the unique Festival of the Dead. Honoring the dead is an important aspect of the culture.

The Winter brings several performance popular in the pre-dominant Catholic culture. Seasonal drinks and food also help carry the spirirt of the people.

The Lower Eastside has been dominated by the sights and smells of Chinatown the last couple of decades. Unfortunately Chinatown’s culture has been depleted by the heavey industrial traffic in the area. A Civic Center would increase the efficiency and safety of daily commuters and allow the education of the Chinese culture through various programs.

Civic Center
A Public Library, Van/ Bus and Bike Transportation Hub are the main focal points in the Civic space. Various floating programs such as cafe’s, bathrooms, Theatre and offices will be essential in linking all three major programs. Design 2: Irena Verona / Spring 2011

3 main Programs Shared/Floating Programs

Organization is key in finding a successful formula in fusing all the programs together. The experience of the Center will be determined on how well the floating programs can glue together the major aspects of the building.

The floating programs have a gum effect when connecting the Library and the transportation hubs. Their flexibility allows them to be twisted and stretched to accomodate more than one fixed program.

The 1st Floor consists of 2 main programs which are the Van and Bike transportation Hubs. The Bike Hub is located on the center medium on Pike St. which is connected to the center by an overpass. Floating programs on the 1st Floor include offices, bathrooms, ticket booths, a waiting area, book store and locker rooms for both men and women.
Locker Room Gift store Auditorium Offices Waiting Area ticket booth Deliveries Bus Hub Bus Path Bike Hub

The 2nd Floor houses the Library along with a cafe, gallery spaces and offices. This floor has an oasis feel created by the public grass area giving visitors the option to study outside or just enjoy the weather. There is a continous flow throughout this floor which connect to the 3rd floor from the exterior and interior.

The 3rd Floor continues the exterior/interior relationship that exists on the 2nd Floor. Private and Public spaces are more apparent on this level with the Archive space and large meeting area. Visitors are still given the oportunity to experience the exterior and the bustle of Chinatown below.

Outdoor Garden Gallery Library Stacks cafe Viewing Room ReadElevated Garden Meeting Space Archives

The Center acts as an oasis in an area thristy for development, order and knowledge.

Outdoor Garden

Public Space/ Traffic Flow

The Civic Center has the ability for the Chinese culture to restablish its identity through texts, art, theatre and food for daily commuters and tourists.

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