Hit the Books

Your task: Research an assigned book from the curriculum and present your findings to the class. You must include the following information in your presentation:       Book title Author Year published What it’s about -- the least you need to know Why it’s famous Why you should consider reading it

You should make some sort of visual aid for your presentation.

Book title:


By The Bard himself, William Shakespeare
Year published:

What it’s about: The least you need to know is Macbeth is a Shakespearian tragedy about…  An ambitious Scottish nobleman and his even more ambitious (and arguably crazy) wife., Lady Macbeth, and  Stars soldiers, more noblemen, kings, messengers, and best of all…witches.

Why it’s famous

Well first of all, it’s Shakespeare. But Macbeth is one of the most famous and most memorable of all Shakespearian plays. It has a killer plot – non-stop action, drama, and suspense, and these Macbethian witches are far more famous than Hermione and her Hogwarts pals.
Why you should consider reading it Sorry to be a broken record, but it’s Shakespeare, and if you read it, you’ll be a part of that cultural brotherhood. Plus, this isn’t War and Peace; Macbeth is one wickedly entertaining story.

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