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Negotiate a Learning Plan

TAFE SA Code: Nominal Hours: Unit Descriptor:

The focus of this unit is to enable learners to develop a range of learning strategies, make some immediate and long term learning plans and identify steps to achieve this. They will also clarify specific options for their immediate future.


Application of Unit:
This unit applies to learners wanting to develop learning skills for self, employment, education and/or community participation. This unit should ensure the learner has the necessary skills to achieve level 2 of the ACSF indicators of competence for learning. See Australian Core Skills framework levels of Performance for more detail. To enhance the outcomes for learners it is recommended that this unit be taught concurrently with other units at this level, and that assessments include both integrated and stand alone tasks. To achieve competency in this unit, young people need to be able to examine current learning strategies and explore new strategies, develop, implement and review a simple plan to learn a new skill and develop a plan with some options for the immediate future.

They need to be able to:

Identify immediate learning goals Discuss learning disruptions and strategies tried Explore a range of learning strategies Develop explicit learning strategies to increase learning effectiveness

They will consider their future and:

Explore options beyond current program Identify a personal pathway Identify skills/training needed to access pathway Identify steps to obtain these skills and/or training Describe immediate plans following the completion of the current course Explore alternate plans

Critical aspects for assessment and evidence required to demonstrate competency in this unit:
This unit of work involves young people working through the ICAN Flexible Leaning and Transition Plan in close consultation with their learning facilitators and case managers. This plan will provide the opportunity for the learners to reflect on their learning, build on their strengths and plan how to overcome learning issues that may have disrupted them in the past. Goal setting will help learners identify what they would like to/need to learn , what they would like to achieve in the future and help them take steps towards these goals. The Flexible Leaning Transition Plan is linked to work in many of the other compulsory units, and will need to be revisited and reviewed regularly.

Context of and specific resources for assessment:

A range of assessment strategies are required to demonstrate competency of this unit including: Observation Work samples comprehension questions Presentation of plan to others Self assessment

Consistency of performance:
To ensure consistency of performance over the range statements and contexts, this unit must be assessed over a period of time.

Negotiate a Learning Plan

Certificate 1 Education and Skills Development
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Date Assessed WPA Initial

Performance Criteria
Clarify learning goals 1.1 Identify and prioritise immediate learning goals 1.2 Discuss goals with an appropriate person 1.3 Compare current skills and knowledge with those needed to achieve goals 1.4 Identify any additional skills required to meet goals Clarify factors impacting on own learning 2.1 Discuss previous experiences in relation to achieving identified goals 2.2 Identify strategies to manage possible disruptions to learning 2.3 Identify how participating Develop explicit learning strategies 3.1 Identify learning strategies currently used 3.2 Examine effectiveness of current learning strategies 3.3 Identify new learning strategies to increase learning effectiveness

Explore and articulate a personal pathway to employment, training or other community involvement 4.1 Explore options beyond current program 4.2 Identify a personal pathway 4.3 Identify skills/training needed to access pathway 4.4 Identify steps to obtain these skills and/or training 4.5 Describe immediate plans following the completion of the current course 4.6 Explore alternate plans

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