“All the mathematical sciences are founded on relations between physical laws and laws of numbers, so that the

aim of exact science is to reduce the problems of nature to the determination of quantities by operations with numbers.”
James Clerk Maxwell, 1856

Importance of Heat Transfer

production Air conditioning Furnaces, heat exchangers, reactors Aircrafts, rockets and missiles Storms, floods, radiation effects ……..everything is a fluid dynamics and heat transfer process

Nature of Prediction

Pure Experiment

Pure Theory


CFD as a research tool

Aerodynamics of aircrafts and vehicles:lift and drag

Turbo machinery, turbines and IC engines

Electronic circuits

Polymer melting

Biomedical Engg

Advantages of CFD

 

Low Cost Speed Complete Information Ability to simulate realistic and idealistic conditions Optimized Predictions


Limited objective Complex problems cant be solved precisely Extremely fast and small scale phenomena cant be computed. Uncertainty.

What is CFD
CFD is the art of solving the complex PDE’s Numerically and computationally

But, How does a CFD code Work???

CFD CODE Preprocessor Solver Post-processor


  

Definition of domain Grid Generation Selection of Phenomena Definition of Fluid properties Specification of B.C’ns


Approximation Discretisation Solution of equations


 

Plots: vector and/or contour Grid refinement Algorithm improvement Optimization

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