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Press Release - 101 Music Contracts

Press Release - 101 Music Contracts

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Published by TyCohen
Protect Yourself, Protect Your Music!!! Get It In Writing, Use Music Contracts
Protect Yourself, Protect Your Music!!! Get It In Writing, Use Music Contracts

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Published by: TyCohen on Jan 18, 2008
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January 20, 2008 -- Ty Cohen, the owner of Platinum Millennium Publishing is at it again! Ty and his company are re-releasing their 101 Music Business Contracts package with an unbelievable offer. This product will only be released to 40 people at an incredible price via the web at http://www.musiccontracts101.com .

101 Music Business Contracts will be your first step in securing your entertainment career. This product is geared towards anyone in the entertainment industry and includes 101 professional music industry contracts, ebooks, five special reports and various other helpful resources to make you a success.

Ty Cohen and Platinum Millennium Publishing are so sure that you will benefit from their music contracts software that they are offering it on a Free 30 Day Trial Basis. All you will pay is shipping. As if that weren't enough, there is a lifetime guarantee on the 101 Music Business Contracts software as well!

Platinum Millennium has been around for ten years and has helped thousands of people in the music industry succeed. All you have to do is visit http://www.MusicContracts101.com , click buy and download then you will have access to 101 professional, up-to-date music contracts and over $308 in bonus products. In addition to being up-todate, these contracts are simple to edit. Visit the website for a more complete list of the music contracts included.

For information: http://www.MusicContracts101.com

Email: Support @ PlatinumMillennium.com

Phone Number: 866-752-9968

Ty Cohen, the online music industry's most recognizable voice is the former owner of a successful independent record label, current owner of Platinum Millennium publishing and nation-wide music industry seminar speaker and panelist. He is also the author and creator of over 40 best-selling music business books, reports, courses, audio products and other music industry "How to" resources, that have helped tens of thousands of individuals like you to successfully find their way in the music business. Visit http://www.MusicBooksByTy.com and http://www.MusicContracts101.com for more information on this great product.

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