The recent stir up in the East Asia region again compels me to write about it. D okdo Island.

To simplify it, it is a historical issue on territory, similar to F alkland Island of Argentina and Jerusalem in the middles east, who does it reall y belong to? I studied it, watched the documentary, I still donâ t understand why thi s tiny island can be so important but to realize people are fighting for the mar itime resources. There is a military significance of Dokso, whichever country claims the island s hall be on upper hand in the naval force with its strong ties with economical re ason too. In which, every nations start to protest on street to urge their respe ctive government to further tying up the loose ends. On top of that, popular ind ustry has been showcase a lot of anti-Japan wave, 1937 Nanjing Massacre, humilia tion on Japan flag, historical movie Sino-Japanese War, Shanghai 2010, etc. Having been a regular to Malaysia and Japan Friendship Association, invited on a n aircraft carrier in Port Klang Malaysia, an exchange student to South Korean s tudied United Nations, volunteer in China Olympics 2008; maybe my experience cou ld allow me to say a few fair words for all countries. Japan is a rich and hardw orking country, always striking for excellence with its abundance of national bu dget from previous war compensation; South Korea and China are equally hardworki ng but South Korea is probably lacking in the confidence level in due to lacking in natural resource in the country. As for Chinese, it is just a country and ra ce too big and diverse to manage. When the citizen is each to its own, there is no cohesion force at all. And letâ s not forget how much war compensation we have pai d and forgo how much war compensation from the enemy because of pro-life belief. Look, I am not doing a comparison here. I just want to raise awareness to people here so that the movement in Asia-pacific is being known. To be well informed i s to be ahead and be constructive; this is what I always sensibly believe in.

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