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“The holy spiritual struggle” or “Drawing closer to God”

P W Sunday’s
A E WEEK’S The Holy Spiritual Procession The Savior’s Grace Gospel Reading
T K Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
“Do not lay up
The features of the procession / struggle

Cleave to Grow in Pray & Seek the

Preparation for Reject evil Love & give Be perfect treasures...Seek
1 good spirit submit Kingdom
Procession Mk 9:33-50 Lk 6:35-38 Mt 5:38-48 1st the
Lk: 12:41-50 MK 4:21-29 LK 11:1-10 Mt 6:19-33
Nature of Reject, give Difficulties on
Pray always Follow Christ Assurance Build on rock Victory Temptation in
2 Procession: & follow the road
Lk 18:1-8 Mk 10:17-27 Mt 15:32-38 Lk 6:39-49 Mt 4:1-11 the Wilderness
O STRUGGLE Mt 19:16-30 Mt 7:13-21
N Temptation
E Purity of Confession Righteousness Judgment of Faithfulness Forgiveness Acceptance
of The Prodigal
3 Procession: of repentance of repentance repentance of repentance of repentance of repentance
repentance Son
REPENTANCE Lk 11:33-36 Jn 8:31-39 Jn 12:44-50 Lk 11:14-26 Mt 18:23-35 Lk 15:11-32
Lk 4:1-13
Works &
Constitution of Spirit of the Spreading the Peace of the Light of the Faith in the Glory of the
fruits of the Samaritan
4 Procession: Gospel Gospel Gospel Gospel Gospel Gospel
Gospel Woman
THE GOSPEL Lk 16:1-9 Lk 9:57-62 Mk 4:35-41 Lk 18:35-43 Mt 15:21-31 Jn 4:1-42
Mt 21:33-46
Target of Submission Service in Freedom Sentence of Guidance by Strengthenin
Hope in faith Healing the
5 Procession: in faith faith through faith faith faith g the Faith
Lk 13:6-9 Paralytic
The fruits of the struggle

FAITH Lk 9:12-17 Jn 8:12-20 Lk 13:10-17 Jn 8:21-27 Mt 23:13-39 Jn 5:1-18

Identity in Repentance Witnessing in Judgment of Life of Rebirth in Salvation of Enlightment Healing the
T 6 Procession: & baptism baptism baptism baptism baptism baptism of baptism Man Born
W BAPTISM Lk 13:1-5 Lk 9:18-22 Lk 11:45-52 Jn 6:47 –71 Jn 3:1-13 Mk 10:46-52 Jn 9:1-41 Blind
O Savior’s
Savior’s Triumphant
End of Savior’s Confessing Faith in the Savior’s Savior’s blessing Entry into
Mt 21:1-17
7 Procession: Witnesses the Savior Savior resurrection judgment Jn 11:1-45 Jersualem
Mk 11:1-11
SALVATION Jn 5:31-47 Jn 12:36-43 Jn 6:35-45 Mk 12:18-27 Lk 13:31-35 Raising of PALM’S
Lk 19:29-48
Lazarus SUNDAY
Jn 12:12-19