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Cash Game Killer

Cash Game Killer

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Published by joeypokey
64 Page Poker book dealing with cash games
64 Page Poker book dealing with cash games

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Published by: joeypokey on Aug 24, 2012
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Cash Game Killer

A high stakes veteran teaches you how to make more money playing poker than you do at
your full time job

© SmackinYaUp


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

a. Letter from the Author
b. About the Author

2. Rules of Texas Holdem

3. Getting Started

a. Choosing a Poker Site
b. Bankroll
c. Building a Bankroll

4. Preflop Strategy
a. Starting Hands
b. Position
c. Raising Preflop

5. Postflop Strategy
a. The TAG Style
b. Playing the Flop
c. Continuation Bets

6. Draws

a. Playing Your Draws
b. Pot Odds
c. Implied Pot Odds
d. Reverse Implied Odds

7. Playing Made Hands
a. Slowplaying vs. Fast
b. Big Pairs and Two-Pairs
c. Sets
d. Straights
e. Flushes
f. Full Houses and Better

8. Crushing Your Opponents
a. Loose-Passives
b. LAGs
c. Rocks
d. TAGs

9. Advanced Strategy
a. Board Textures
b. Table Image
c. Semi-Bluffing Secrets
d. How to Read Hands - The 4
Step Formula
e. Using the Float
f. Defending Against the Float
g. Managing Scare Cards
h. Taking Notes on Your
i. Table Selection
j. Exploiting Your Opponents'

10. Closing Thoughts
a. Patience
b. Tilting
c. Setting Goals
d. Continued Learning
e. Essential Poker Tools

11. Glossary

12. Extras

a. Odds Chart
b. Starting Hand Charts


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