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Rhubarb Wine Recipe

Rhubarb Wine Recipe

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Published by Robert Ford

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Published by: Robert Ford on Aug 24, 2012
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Rhubarb Wine.

This is a very old recipe and will need altering to suit modern day methods:For every 6lbs of rhubarb stalk, take 1 gal of cold boiled water. Wipe each stalk then cut into short pieces. Weigh & crush them well in a tub, pour over the cold water & leave in the tub for 4-6 days stirring well every day. Then strain and for each gal of liquid add 4lbs of sugar loaf sugar & the juice & peel of a lemon.Stir until the sugar has dissolved. As soon as the hissing noise ceases,strain into a cask,filling up to the top. Put in the bung tightly and leave for 3 months before bottling. A piece of sugar candy may be added to each bottle when bottling.

My housemate brewed a lavender beer awhile ago, pretty much to experiment and use up all of his leftover ingredients; I thought it tasted fantastic; practically a laundry list of roasted malts and adjuncts, incl. Munich, British crystal, chocolate malt, roasted barley, flaked barley and flaked wheat, lightly hopped with Willamette and 3/4oz Lavender added at flameout. It somehow all came together wonderfully. The lavender didn't really stand out, and overall the beer had a creamy, dessert-like taste without being very sweet, kind of like a custard. He brewed it extract, I'm looking forward to adapting it to all-grain one of these days. I'll post the recipe if anyone's interested.

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