August 27, 2012 Dear Family, As you probably have already heard, there are few things as important to your

child’s academic success as reading to him/her frequently and regularly. For this reason, we will check out books from the classroom daily. Each child will check out a book of his/her choice for you to read to him/her. He/She will also check out a book on his/her own level to practice reading to you. This is my way of making sure that you have the materials you need to help your child learn to read. Please read and discuss these books with your child. This is considered homework! It is the most important homework. When your child returns to school he/she will answer some comprehension questions pertaining to the story. He/She will also read a few pages of the leveled book to a parent volunteer. Then he/he will pick out two more books. If the student does not return a book, he/she will not check out another until it is returned. Our books are very precious to the classroom. Many are hard to replace if they are lost or damaged. Please help your child take care of them. When you are finished reading, please place them back in the homework folder, then in your child’s backpack to insure that they get back safely. Happy Reading!

Date________________________________________________ My child, ___________________________________________________, has permission to check out books from the classroom. If a book is lost or damaged, I agree to replace the book or pay $5.00 to replace the book.


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