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LiMA v2 Technical Manual (Atos Computer Programme)

LiMA v2 Technical Manual (Atos Computer Programme)

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Published by: Paul Smith on Aug 24, 2012
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The history of the Typical Day page offers a selection of phrases that you can use to

construct this important section of the report. The phrases are grouped into
categories in the left-hand column. Click on one of the categories to see the phrase
list in the second column. Double click the phrases to transfer them to the text box.

This section needs lots of phrases – aim to fill the text box.

Tip – Say what the claimant CAN do

LiMA works best when it has positive information about the claimant’s abilities. For example,

the phrase ‘Can walk 400m to the shops’ is much more useful than the phrase ‘Cannot walk

800m to the town centre.’ Wherever possible, try to gather information about what the

claimant CAN do.

Tip – Mental Health Essentials

One of the Typical Day categories is MH Essentials. Use it in every mental health case to

supplement your Typical Day History and you will be prompted to gather key information that

you need to complete the mental health assessment.

Medical Services

LiMA v2 Technical Manual

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