Front Row: L-R: Nisa Ahmad, Sebastian Hughes, Jose Gonzalez, Earl Henderson Back Row: L-R: Stan Pechner, Kysa Koenig, Guide, Teck Holmes, Eric Bush

ERIC BUSH (Director, Pilot) Credits include: camera assistant, “Project Runway”; assistant camera, “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels”; assistant camera, “The Apprentice”. STAN PECHNER (Cinematographer)
Credits include: camera operator, “Last Comic Standing”; camera operator, “American Inventor”; camera operator, “Modern Marvels”.

NISA AHMAD (Production Manager) Credits include: supervising producer, “Fantasia for Real”; associate producer, “American Idol”. JOSE GONZALEZ (Cinematographer)
Credits include: production assistant, “Project Runway”; production assistant, “The Apprentice”.

TECK HOLMES (Production Supervisor)

Credits include: actor, “The Real World”; actor/host, “Hole in the Wall”.

KYSA KOENIG (Audio Production) Credits include: boom operator, “Eating Out: Drama Camp”; production assistant, “Treasure Hunters”.


Homeless Need A Network

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