February 12, 2012

The Honorable Chuck Grassley 135 Hart Senate Office Building United States Senate Washington, DC 20510 Dear Senator Grassley: Reference my letter of September 2, 2011 regarding my son, John T. Shipley and the “Fast and Furious” program. I am sending you additional information that may aid you in your investigation of the Department of Justice. Enclosed are several Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) reports, Department of Justice (DOJ) reports, trial transcripts and other pertinent evidence. Also included are explanations of the significance of each document. This evidence shows egregious criminal conduct by members of the ATF and DOJ. As with “Fast and Furious” in Arizona the ATF in El Paso, Texas allowed guns to be sold by their informant to suspected Mexican Gun Traffickers and then they covered up their involvement. In this case they went a step further, after creating the crime; they lied in Federal Court to secure a search warrant against an innocent US Citizen. They then prosecuted and convicted this innocent person to cover their illegal activity. That man, my son, is a Veteran US Army Officer who also served 14 years as a Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Special Agent. US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry is dead because of the ATF’s and DOJ’s criminal actions. FBI Agent John Shipley is in Federal Prison because of the ATF’s and DOJ’s criminal actions. It is time for the truth to come to light. Thank you for your service and resolve in this matter. Sincerely,

Berchard R. Shipley LTC (Ret), US Army [PHONE AND ADDRESS REDACTED] Encl: Documents 1 through 15 and a Conclusion

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