William the Conqueror. and these players become an iconic figures. Mother Theresa. Mahatma Gandhi. When we were in school we read about Charismatic leaders like Alexander the Great. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a great leader in The BIBLE. Nelson Mandela. They are remembered for how they motivated everyone around them and how they created followers. Knights and Kings who lead their armies to victories in battlefields. Augustus-the first Roman emperor. Tiger Woods etc. Steve Waugh. In sports we have great leaders of their game who influence other athletes around them and who play for their countries and who lead their teams to victory.Leader and Leadership • Leader and Leadership have been part of our history and we have seen many examples and heard many stories about such leaders. Kennedy. David Beckham. Ricky Ponting. In recent times we have read about leaders like Hitler. They create such fan following that big commercial giants hire them to market their products. Sports stars like Lance Armstrong. Charlemagne the Great. Roosevelt. Dalai Lama etc. They were normal people who inspired others for a common cause and who are remembered even today for their courage to take decisions. Genghis Kahn-Emperor of all Mongols. John F. They are admired for their innate ability and knowledge that they posses about the game and for their leadership ability. Napoleon Bonaparte. Michael Schumacher. . for their ability to influence people.

honesty.Leader and Leadership • Leadership and leaders are everywhere and in every field. Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more unified and coherent. There are three aspects of Leadership – people. humble. alertness. Leadership involves creating a change and not maintaining a status quo. it involves people being influenced and this influence is used to achieve the goals of the organizations. In general. Few traits of successful leaders are selfconfidence. Definition: According to Brian O'Nail.” Leadership is the ability to influence people toward the attainment of organizational goals. Our mother and father can be great leaders to each one of us. Some traits are god gifted and leaders are born with it. Leadership Traits – Leadership’s success is highly dependent on the personal traits of the leaders. knowledge. integrity. Even in our houses. decisiveness. energy. communication. while other traits can be learned over time. Let’s see leaders and leadership from the business perspective. • . goal driven. personality. And doing it willingly. Like knowledge and communication can be learnt in schools/universities or by experience. influence and goals. ethical conduct. Leadership occurs among people. popularity. "Leadership is influencing people to get things done to a standard and quality above their norm.

stimulate and drive employees to work harder. initiates structures for them. Charismatic leaders include Hitler.Leadership Approaches Transactional Leaders – He/she is a leader who clarifies the roles and responsibilities of his subordinates. and wants everyone to participate in the decision making. They like interacting with subordinates before decision making and they like free flow of ideas between the subordinates. rules etc.He/she is a type of leader who is a charismatic leader but has the special ability to bring about innovation and changes in the organization. They believe in organization norms and values. operation. . Charismatic Leaders – He/she is a type of leader who has the ability to motivate their subordinates to do more than what is normally expected. clarifies their task requirements. They excite. structure. provides rewards to his subordinates.He/she is a type of leader who is concerned about consensus building. and displays/shows consideration for his subordinates. Interactive Leaders. and is very caring for their subordinates. They have the ability to change the organizations mission. Transformational Leaders. Martin Luther king jr etc.

they encourage participation of employees in decision making process.He/she is a type of leader who delegates authority to their subordinates. They make the decisions for their subordinates and their followers have to follow it. Democratic Leaders.Leadership Approaches Contd. They rely on carrot and stick approach to reward and punish their subordinates. Autocratic Leaders. They are the kind of leaders who do not delegate authority.He/she is a leader who works to fulfil the subordinate’s needs and requirements. They consult with others to solve problems and they empower their subordinates if necessary. who works to fulfil their subordinate’s goals and as well as achieve the organizational goals.He/she is a type of leader who wants to centralize power and authority with themselves. Servant Leaders. . They provide their subordinates with whatever they need to serve the customer.

He has voyaged through a journey of rags to riches.He had been an opportunist right from his childhood. he epitomized the dauntless entrepreneurial spirit His life and achievements prove that backed by confidence. man can achieve the impossible. courage and conviction.INTRODUCTION • • A man far ahead of his times. • . Due to financial problem he left his education after matriculation and went to Aden and had worked there at a petrol pump station for 8 years and then came back to India with a vision of starting his own business.

.a commodity trading and export house. • 1995 becomes the first Indian company to report a net profit of rs-10 billion. • 1966 Set up a textile mill in Naroda. Besse & Co.the first step in Reliance's road to success.. Ahmedabad . Reliance Commercial Corporation. • 1949 At the age of 17. • 1958 Dhirubhai Ambani returned to India and Started his first company in Mumbai. the sole selling distributor of Shell products. and worked for A. • 1988 Fiber intermediates and chemical production starts.CHRONOLOGY • 1932 Dhirubhai Ambani was born. he went to Aden.

LEADERSHIP QUALITIES OF MR. AMBANI High on EQ and IQ Influential Highly Internally Driven Task Oriented Got the right talent Intelligent Inter Dependen ce Strong focus on area of control Risk Taker .

The crisis created a legend out of Ambani.Ambani knew sellers couldn’t possibly have the shares they sold. .LEADERSHIP QUALITIES EXPLANATION • HIGH ON EQ AND IQ :Dhirubhai ambani as a person was not very expressive. He was often unfazed by the allegations put on him • PROMPT DESCISION MAKER: Reliance textile industry was hit by a selling hysteria using a technique of short term selling .Reliance brokers were however quick to respond by buying Reliance shares forcing scrip to rise giddily. His feet was always grounded.

By depending on them and looking after them simultaneously he achieved superlative results • . He created capacity ahead of actual demand and on the basis of latent demand INTER DEPENDENCE :Dhirubhai Ambani depended on Reliance Family’ professionals and technocrats drawn by him from may quarters who were able to convert his expectations into fruitful results. And succeeded. When everyone in India would build capacities only after a careful study of market.LEADERSHIP QUALITIES EXPLANATION CONTINUED • THINK BIG THINK FAST THINK AHEAD : Ambani was not an MBA. nor an economist. he went full steam ahead and created giants of manufacturing plants with unbelievable capacities. But yet he took traditional market theory and stood it on its head.

The Amban is wouldn’t rely on paper qualifications.LEADERSHIP QUALITIES EXPLANATION CONTINUED • INTELLIGENCE: Dhirubhai Ambani was a shrewd businessman . INFLUENCE : Dhirubhai Ambani was known for his influence in political circles and his ability to acquire the most difficult licenses during the license raj • • . On the contrary whoever showed initiative got the job. He had the ability to deal with problems at right time and in right perspective PICKED BEST TALENT: The habit of plucking talent from wherever available would become a classis Reliance management strategy . He had a knack of getting right information appropriate to the situation and used it to his advantage wherever necessary .

STRONG AREA OF CONTROL: Dhirubhai Ambani was never rattled by what people used to say or talk about him . He was very clear about what he did and would say if people are talking about him that means he is getting famous. There were a number of questions raised on his integrity . He invested his entire earnings to purchase a huge stock of polyster yarn which was felt as wrong decision as cotton fabric was predominant at that time. He was least perturbed by what others thought • .LEADERSHIP QUALITIES EXPLANATION CONTINUED • RISK TAKER: Dhirubhai Ambani took calculated risks based on expected future trends. But he proved right and made him a billionaire as polyester caught the fancy of people for better value and longer wear and tear.

courageous and non conformist) Be a safety net for your team (He empowered his managers) Believe in being the best. success and money will follow (He believed in Quality) LESSONS Be a silent benefactor (He was humble. caring. generous and kind) Always stay ahead of times (Foresight) His arm around the shoulder (His motivation technique) Dream with open eyes (His visions were real) .Lessons Roll up your sleeves and help (Team player) Risk Taker (He was decisive.

Dhirubhai Ambani never followed the textbook style of management. Dhirubhai that if we have a goal and the will power to achieve it. He has provided many budding entrepreneurs hope and inspiration. he evolved a unique style. He developed his own style. this clearly establishes the relationship between Leaders and followers. And to this. he added the innate shrewdness of a Gujarati businessman. We have learned from Mr.Analysis • Mr. which combined the American style of entrepreneurship. then nothing is impossible. He was a transformational leader and influenced everyone who worked with him. His leadership was an Art and he practiced this art with perfection. Instead. Mr. People have written books on his management style and he is looked upon as a GURU of Management in India. with the Japanese focus on the latest technology. as well interpersonal exploration and development. . He created his own style of leadership and management. Dhirubhai never took leadership lessons in school or college. nor did he learn any leadership skills. which other follow even today. He learnt leadership from practice and hands on experience.

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