DEMOCRATIC INACTION WASTING MILLIONS For release: Immediately For more information: 630.423.

6120 Illinois 42nd district State Senate candidate Peter Hurtado today accused the state’s Democrat leadership, and his opponent, of wasting millions of dollars through failing to take any action to stem Illinois’ financial crisis. “Every day the Democrats fail to address our state’s long-term budget crisis costs the taxpayers another $12,500,000, or roughly half a million dollars an hour,” Hurtado said, “money that would go much further in the pockets of working Illinoisans. The charade of a special session last week, ostensibly to deal with these issues, even added on its own costs, and for what? Absolutely nothing.” With the Governor’s office and with majorities in both the House and Senate, the Democrat Party has the ability to exert its will and adopt a plan to solve the state’s bloated budget and long-term debt situation, but no one has shown the leadership to get the job done. “My opponent, Linda Holmes, has been silent on these issues while our state falls closer and closer to outright bankruptcy,” Hurtado stated, “but she can’t hide behind her party’s leadership and avoid her own share of responsibility for the mess we’re in. In fact, on her only opportunity to vote on pension reform this past spring, on a motion to reform her own legislator’s pension program, Linda Holmes voted nay. We elect our public officials, including our Representatives and Senators to lead and to work to solve our problems, but Linda Holmes, Pat Quinn, John Cullerton and Mike Madigan have all failed the people and taxpayers of Illinois. We need new leadership in Springfield, and need to sweep these people out of power in November.” - 30 -

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