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Data Security in Cloud Computing Using Elliptic Curve

Data Security in Cloud Computing Using Elliptic Curve

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Published by: Srinath Vaikuntham on Aug 25, 2012
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Sanjaya kumar jena Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering , ITER Submitted by Sumit kumar Dept. Of CSE,ITER 0911012077

         Cloud Computing – An Introduction Attributes Of The Cloud Cloud Computing Security Challenges Proposed Security Solution Elliptic Curve Cryptography How Elliptic Curve Cryptography can help? Advantages and Disadvantages Conclusion References .

winky.Courtesy: http://www.net/ .

Capacity: Unlimited Resources Scalable & Metered By Use Distribution Oriented Deployment .

Cloud Computing: Challenges Encryption concept Decryption concept .

google.com .Courtesy : www.

Data Location Privacy Concerns Privileged user access .

   Encryption Authentication and access control Intrusion Detection and Prevention .

wikipedia.org .  Elliptic curve is an algebraic curve Equation of elliptic curve Courtesy : www.

So initially p1(x1. p2(x2.y3) be the three roots of the cubic equation. p3(x3.x + 1 Let p1(x1. let (x1+x2=x3) & (y1+y2=y3) so. . so these three points are lying on the curve.y1) and p2(x2.y3). p3(x3.y1).Consider elliptic curve E: y2 = x3 .{y1+y2}).y3).it becomes p3(say) such as P3 = P1 + P2 . But after addition of p1 and p2.y2) But finally p3({x1+x2}.

Encryption algorithm: suppose sender wants to send the message to the receiveri) Sender [M] Receiver ii) Sender Public Key Encrypted Message [M’] iii) [M’] Receiver  .

Decryption algorithm: when the receiver receives the message: i) Receiver [M’] ii) [M’] Decrypted Message [M]  .

 More cheaper  Reduce the company expenditure  Increase the current storage or spaces  complete data is stored in the cloud it is very easy to take backup and restore of files .

 data can be accessed by anyone and at anytime  The other main problem in the cloud computing is Security  the possibility of being attacked or harmed even after updating your virus database .

.Cloud Computing is something that is going to change how we see computers. But it will not be able to achieve its rightful position until the issues such as data security and privacy have been resolved. It will bring down operating costs leading to wide array of new opportunities.

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