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Full Description - Daiquiri Dress V4 Unimesh Fits

Full Description - Daiquiri Dress V4 Unimesh Fits

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Published by: SIGpimp on Aug 25, 2012
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Daiquiri Dress V4 Unimesh Fits product code: ps_ac4452 (PC|MAC)

Vendor: DAZ 3D

Created By: Ravenhair

Required Products Aiko 4 Base Daiquiri Dress for V4 Stephanie 4 Elite Base the Girl 4 Base V4 Elite Body Shapes Victoria 4.2 Base

Full Description
Add morphs for Aiko 4, Stephanie 4 Elite, the Girl 4, and V4 Elite with this expansion for the Daiquiri Dress for V4. This classy collection also includes a new 3D dress texture.

What's Included & Features
Features ·
Clothing items (CR2 only): o Dress o Shoes o Belt o Necklace Morphs (where appropriate): o Aiko o Petite o Realistic o Stylized o Utopian o Fantasia o Sylph o The Girl o Stephanie o Caitlyn o Ella o Grace o Natalie o Paige


· · · · ·

Lily Isabelle Plus movement and adjustment morphs Additional features: o Foot Pose 3 texture maps (up to (2500 x 2500) Poser 5 Material poses (PZ2) Poser 6+ Material presets (MC6) DAZ Studio Material presets (DS)

o o o

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Mac File Size: 22.29Mb in 2 files PC File Size: 13.30Mb in 2 files Texture Template Download

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