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Report to Plenary: Results of FGD on Transfer of CDD Implementation to MLGUs*

* Presented at the National Conference on NCDDP with KALAHI-CIDSS MT Mayors, 13-15 May 2012, Crowne Plaza, Ortigas

Prerequisite conditions to begin CDD transfer

1. Availability of funds (LCC commitment)
2. Good track record on KC/CDD implementation (LGU compliance with requirements/procedures) 3. Technical capability of MLGU (ex. financial management) 4. Plans and programs underwent participatory process (ex. KC process)

Characteristics of Fully-effective MLGUs (the gold standard)

1. Transparent operations (full disclosure)
2. Dynamic leadership 3. Established/effective financial and accounting system

4. Consultative (participatory process)

5. Readiness and willingness of LGU to accept responsibility