Paper 1 -organelle(animal cell,plant cell) -structure of the plasma membrane -movement of the glucose across the

plasma membrane -osmosis,simple diffusion,active transport,facilitated diffusion -visking tube -enzyme -monosaccharide,dissaccharide (process:hydrolysis,condensation) -extracellular enzymes -cell cycle (cell division-meiosis,mitosis) -cloning -vitamin A,protein (deficiency of a nutrient) -food pyramid -digestive system -factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis -energy value -respiratory system (frog,insect,human,fish) -experiment carried out to study respiration -comparisons between photosynthesis and respiration -trophic level in the pyramid of numbers -colonization,succession,climax community -kingdom -the effect of the excessive use of fertilizers in a plantation -importance of ozone layer to the atmosphere -effect of an environmental phenomenon -undangered ecosystem Paper 2(section A) -organelle (chloroplast,golgi apparatus) -movement of glucose molecules and calcium ions across the plasma membrane a)type of transport b)what happen to the plant if too much fertilizer is added to the soil c)explain the effect to the plants if the soil is waterlogged d)cell division e)food pyramid -digestive system-human ruminent -respiration in human section B -enzyme -digestive process in human -aerobic and anaerobic respiration -interaction of organism -nitrogen cycle -mangrove tree -chapter 9

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