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Log 2012

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dav http://www2.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?

id=e97c61dcd5 biodome for good food gardening is your family prepared for the food collapse from john's index card engaged in commerce within the U.S. you are in the public to be in the operate through "entities" treasury bank account is attached to normal checking account but you can not take money out of it 4126 kronos place, charlotte nc $60k 614 Council Ln Chapel Hill 27516 MLS# 1804721 beingBirthedPart3 jesus-is-savior.com/Evils in Government/Federal Reserve Scam/ quotes_on_the_federal_reserve.htm hulk, the masses big dumb green which one is stronger super man red, yellow, blue, white reggie1305.sharegivereceive.com from reginald at guard house netflix paula_morrill@hotmail.com treeman74 145537 Book Pride and prejudice Classics in large print. Austen, Jane, 17 75-1817. Request Finished 9/29/2010 10:25:07 AM 162159 Book Thirteen at dinner / Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request Finished 3/2/2011 2:30:40 PM 162160 Book The murder of Roger Ackroyd / Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request Finished 2/1/2011 9:32:50 AM 162161 Book Poirot loses a client / Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request Finished 1/25/2011 10:15:07 AM 167729 Book A murder is announced / Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request Finished 5/10/2011 9:55:24 AM 167771 Book The body in the library / Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request Finished 4/26/2011 9:50:07 AM 193821 Book The sun also rises / Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961. Request Finished 2/8/2012 11:46:02 AM 193823 Book The secret adversary / Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request Finished 2/20/2012 9:59:31 AM 193824 Book Elephants can remember Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request Finished 2/20/2012 9:31:34 AM 199675 Book Easy to kill (large print) Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request Finished 5/8/2012 9:55:38 AM 199689 Book The patriotic murders / Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request Finished 4/9/2012 9:27:16 AM 199690 Book The unexpected guest / Osborne, Charles, 1927Request Finished 4/9/2012 9:55:13 AM 199693 Book A Caribbean mystery / Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. Request

Finished 5/8/2012 9:04:26 AM B0VJNVBBBL (Submitted on May 11, 2012 2:01 p.m. ET) 200 from checking to capitalCreditCard green hurts him krypontine cant get people to go to war stop this maddness bomb or power plant which came first what do you think the weapons of the third world wars fourth will be sticks and stones been on the road a lot dr. maynard in jacksonville, fl the current state of free energy technology by peter lindermand many things have been taken off market no constitutional rights OAS Declaration of the Rights and Duties ... ron paul talked about american empire not an empirealist uses the terminology for shock ts: 0:08 neo conservative war mongers hannity, dont need big war machines aerodynamics engineer helicopter on uav, runs on fuel for 30 days us missile launching codes to china from benjamin fulford plant, chinese were allowed on the bases ts: 0:10 New World Order:The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies by William T. Still major gordon's journal running the money planes usa built 2/3 of infrastructure between first and second war worlds favored mao tse sung pick two to fight and pick one truthinthelaw@yahoo.com flouride in water, used in rat poison should aerate the water aluminum oxide filter to take out the flouride us and britain to merge colony back into britain in wall street journal uk want the us to merge all the email into a worldwide fusion center national guard, to protect the crown

going back to the crown natural born citizen Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 167 (1875) http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/historics/USSC_CR_0088_0162_ZO.html http://www.vyzygothraw.com/links.html http://www2.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?id=e97c61dcd5 biodome for good food gardening is your family prepared for the food collapse ?abstract judgement? 37signals.com under "petiton of writ" jurisdiction types end of john's index card francis jo 505-991-2354 eric has rotator cuff problem 4 different muscles looked on youtube looking for ionizer machine to regain health from ecuador register of deeds satisfaction, cancellation mehef: man with hho generator weisswatchdog.com myfax.com 5100437, myauntreg 866-290-1970 ronpaul2012.podbean.com jayrobb.com jayrobb.com protein milk shakes for diet weight loss http://www2.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?id=e97c61dcd5 biodome for good food gardening is your family prepared for the food collapse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bs92KlRJJXY preamble to constituion www.millionairenu.com/comeout.php http://truedemocracy.net/td23/34.html did you know? http://www.youtube.com/user/truthtrekker

net/td23/34.com/goldman-sachs-rules-the-world-with-trader-alessio-rastan i/ traders said goldman sachs rules the world http://archangelmichael.com/watch?v=Bs92KlRJJXY millionairenu.com from guest speakers Da vid Merrill.htm americans should know http://truedemocracy.com/watch?v=8PMujT74VuA&feature=related jordan maxwell on white man http://www.htm the general government Learn more about Lawful Money @ www.skyline of ny versus 911 cnn http://www.com/comeout. 2011 september 30 friday comet racing into the solar system and heading directly for the sun in the next 12 hours nasa pulls plug from soho satellite and other feeds then on monday night. higher rate of light energy that is what heats us up scriptures for america.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_nwo71.00 http://www. in nyc police preventing from taking their money out boa laying off 40.myprivateaudio. Michael Joseph and JOHN HENRY DOE. constitution .bibliotecapleyades. a brief update comet hit the sun on saturday morning massive explosions on sun spaceweather.php http://www.bibliotecapleyades.biz/ book of life 25.infowars.the preamble http://www.000 kickem while they are down .net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_nwo71.com/user/truthtrekker understanding the us.html you should learn republicofnc.youtube.com mentioned minor flares on the sun no mechanism for tinee comet cause the sun to explode why? dusting of snow sublimnates and causes tails .youtube. jason impromptu interview ts 0:06 boa may be tanking.htm http://www.info info about history http://www.youtube. james mccanney october 6.org/ussc/032-243a.000 same time post office layoff 160.nasa fable nasa sun will cause power grid to fail temperatures 30-40 degrees above normal high 80's day after day excited state on the sun higher rate of fusion.constitution.

cause electrical failures sun at pretty low energy levels comet coming in from southern angle coronal mass ejections sun had a tremendous amount of explosions amatuers started posted live feeds nasa has individuals posting things for people to see while live feeds still available to them sun exploded for 8 hour period usually a minute or two. sending a lot of comets our way trying to confuse people. to shut down the us socially. coincidence ts: 0:19 sun has been at the lowest ebb of energy in probably 300 years 2 years without sunspots. electrically. follow the weather supposed to have weather in the 50's now in the 80's no hard frost in wyoming sun has a highly variable amount of energy news report giant brown planet way out of solar system but way out. the grid goes down. disinformation. amazing level of energy finally spaceweather. 500 years. talking fast.com shows comet hitting the sun and resultanting explosions jm has video of hundreds of these nasa no mechanism. militarily but they get this comet now at tuesday. grab natural resources kickemwhiletheyaredown to drive into the ground ts: 0:10 nasa was given a charter to monitor the solar output did not fit the blackbody curve 50 groundbased solar monitor statiton sohos and stereo amp satellite to monitor the sun spectralscopy to measure wavelengths from the sun 2 flares were earthbound on tues and wed. cant be paid back.these banks are not our friends people in front of federal reserve root cause of problems around the world the wars. surges in the grid. since galileo nasa says we are expecting a solar flare to take down the power grid jm wait for moderate solar flare. sometimes a few seconds sun was quiescent. the so-called war on terrorism need our money back 60 third world countries in an alliance against the frs and the policies of the federal govt because they are being controlled by the international bankers imf lend. confusing information ts: 0:26 physics of what is going on with the sun .

big comet.snake like figure with tongue (the electrical discharge) mexico ruins. late 1970's published original papers on comets distinquishing factors from snowy ice balls electrical discharge of solar capacitory jm prodicts x-rays far to the sunward side of commet discovered in 1996 nasa:ion exchange. aztec quetzacoatal . light up like a light bulb hopi. now snow balls cause instability to cause the sun to blow up in 1996. more x-ray activity from bigger earth comets very energetic. see in the day pass lightening bolts to the planets interact with the sun ts: 0:36 ancients talked about wars in the skies also done a lot of work in archaeology override currents in mayan. modern civilization still focused on venus not the sun or moon how does affect winds 2 major flares toward earth. blue comets are the dangerous blue is the hot ones. continued for a long period thr magnetic field. red cooler light up like a light bulb. very high pressure cells ts: 0:40 unnamed comet. ancient. incas.nasa: movie from soho's satellite and the explosions cme before 2011 how could comet cause solar flare sun builds up a capacitor excess current of positive charge fusion engine in its surface variable light (em) and electrical charge builds up a big electrical field comet is a discharge of the solar capacitor back yard bug killer comet is an electrical discharge acts like a spark plug fusion is like an electrical fire spark plug causes more fire emit the truth. jm may be first to announce many comets hit the sun from the south particular region of the solar system come from krutz study from the 1800's studies sept 30. big nucleum many of krutz comets very small nasa fairy tale theory once upon a time. amazingly clear sky. why just comets. jet streams compress and expand winds in the troposphere solar flaring affects earth weather winds. a big iceball far away caused all these iceball something else big is going on . ionoshpere.

large amount of metals seen large planet x object coming thru the solar system may return ts: 0:49 nasa and spaceweather. 2 5 hours physics of ancient celestial disaster we are at the crossroad .com were building up solar flares jm last month show on auroras we have not had an aurora season concentrated around north and south polar regions when major solar flares. lower latitudes auroras 50 miles up in the atmosphere if up north.com 2 cd set. 1305 blew up and were then linked together gloves are off.if comet breaks up. but not solar storm.com and nasa says high. spaceweather. nasa feeding data to some little people so dont expect the trust from standard nasa. a ring around the pole and would move to lower latitutes normal: high latitutes spaceweather.. a month a year something else big is going on for a 150 years or more no one asks question in peer review buddy systems comets have meteror streams associated grain of sand to baseball size nucleus 1/4 size of moon maybe in comet . but my friday diminished all of sun going down in energy on friday sept 30 1302. 18 hours of lectures 1st 13 hours. localized. comet has streams of smaller objects spectral output of kruzt comets contain metals as barrel into the sun.. or south sunspot 1302 was big. induces an attractive force with comet. if a major planetary or stellar type object it would draw in meteroite trails this comet did not break up may come back some day may not left its meteroite stream cross many meteroite stream as earth goes around the sun thousand and thousand of meterorite streams we don't know about them small bands of rock in comet orbit meteor contain metals electric field around a comet.

com/albums/y205/MJU1983/cain_on_housingbubble1.jpg cain on housing bubble http://www.org/cmlaw4.dailypaul.html#anchor_317 http://www.photobucket.med.curetoothdecay. where you get a certificate of authority .com people in the private do not have websites james madison community call http://www. go to the county building deputy clerk of the superior court do hereby my certify seal from superior court from a court of record binding on all other courts you are the judicial magistrate here is linda's order full faith and credit free will active deed 1.edu/CME/pdfs/fw8.com/Guest-Speaker-Pages-Info.com/144648/saudi-markets-fall-over-6-gold-134060-silver-280 1-dollar-7820 copyright-name.com/144648/saudi-markets-fall-over-6-gold-134060-silver-280 1-dollar-7820 about finance <dt>grantor <dd>conveys whatever title the Grantor possesses in real estate to a grantee <dt>grantee ts: confused: 8:39-23.emory.com/watch?v=uliLfykURYo UNGRIP from david wynn miller understand harvard biz school http://www.detaxcanada.youtube.myprivateaudio.pdf certificate of foreign status angela stark and demand for lawful money http://www.notary public 2.com/admiralty/delovio-v-boit-2-gall-398.jsp?masterId=35567&cmd=tc http://www.talkshoe.26 you did not sign it acknowledge the deed in fee simple as the owner in michigan.dailypaul.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.com americanfreedomradio.pdf Delovio v Boit http://www.com/TrutherGirls_11 http://freedom-school.htm common law versus civil law (admiralty/maritime) http://i6.

kitco. as lawful owner of the real estate. this is under the seal of the clerk of the superior court recorded under Deed not under miscellaneous the previous deed went to another spot title examiner at end of the day the other file doesn not have a deed i have a public record that says i have am owner trial by record only defence by trial by record is that the record does not exist self-authenticating put this in your court files real property and interest landed estate known as your estate http://www. I ask that the record on file in the office of register of deeds b e update to show my acceptance of the deed. to execute this acknowledgmement under the terms of the deed. to me known to be the living man described in and who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged befo re me that he executed the same as his freewill and deed.html gold and silver up for reasons . under the seal (blue)R obert Allen Rytlewski(/blue) am recorded as the grantee on the warranty (grant) deed for the real estate described on the attached certified copy of said deed. Done under my hand and seal of my freewill act and deed. All of my other real property and interest attached to this real estate is to be immediately returne to me. Count of ____________________ On this ____ day of October 2011. with indefeasible title to my land and lawful owner of the landed estate known as RO BERT ALLEN RYTLEWSKI and it's real property and interest. __________________________________ Christian name: SURNAME State of North Carolina.for the from county clerk 3. It is my freewill act and deed. before me the subscriber _______________ perso nally appeared (blue) Robert Alan Ryleuski(/blue).com/ind/degraaf/oct182011. words substantive meanings you have just executed the deed to accept the deed when linda now get a certified copy with red. where do you get the certificate I (blue) Robert Allen (\blue) the living woman created in the image of god.

I don't want to cause your and grandma any problems! I just don't care. and I really can't think of any ways to create income.php?option=com_kb&Itemid=28 http://www.h tm againstthegrain http://geraldcelentechannel.org/forum/topic. I can't hold a job.ecclesia. D on't try to fix my criminal record! Realize when you are wasting your time and money! http://sirdavidandrew.com book 'Perfectly Legal' by David Cay Johnston "Commercial Liens A most Potent weapon" need a tennis ball to unlock cars keep in purse Heidi Lassiter 8392 Six Forks 919-789-8833 eyebrow tatoo 27 cft batf only think they have the right to taxes bureau atf only thing they can tax misc 2 gift tax tay: ss-4 application audio important for foreclosure raymond 4-28-11 series: death and taxes series: 45 letter stamps were considered negotiable instruments Stamp Act repealed long ago you become your Postmaster General .com/forward/page0098.archive.html americanfreedomradio http://www.edu/CME/pdfs/fw8.htm chinese cities here http://web.atgpress.kitco.com/ http://creditor-notice.com/ind/degraaf/oct182011. There is nothing you can do for me.pdf http://survivalplus. I have no joy nor hope for the future. and I am hated. Any moments that I appear to have such are a base human desire to hold on to life.info/index.org/web/20080615161217/http://www.com/2011/10/benjamin-fulford-nuclear-war-be tween. I want t o be left alone and I don't want to exist.html el hierro earthquake canary islands So far the flipping house book has let me know that I don't have the capacity to do such.asp?TOPIC_ID=230&whichpage=3 red fox stamp executivetrusteetraining. insulted.blogspot.http://www.emory. and an outcast form the general public.med.com/inform/ba008.

placing of the stamps put documents into international jurisdiction MightToSave by Ben Rueban matthew 27:11 what is truth? cipher good epistles privately song: 203: And Can It Be? http://nextivafax.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y5g2Pe08uc earl nightingale using your mind http://www.com/American_History/reference/reference_index.html all of black's law dictionaries iso shipping container http://www.com/watch?v=zJjsnbsrw4Y&feature=related http://www.youtube.executivetrusteetraining.com/?a_aid=Adr1 4.com/watch?v=xUMqYSOlpNg&feature=youtu.mindserpent.youtube.youtube.com/ after gordon call Bill 336-337-9009 2300 West Meadowview Drive 27407 suite 110 lunch meeting 800-398-7884 start: jmc_111011 yuca pennisula 65 million years ago asteroid hit earth asteroid collided with earth spray of material went out of crater at ground zero dinosaurs did not extinct dinosuar lower fossils and upper fossils standard stories nasa no physical proof of firestorms that cover the earth earth absorbs the energy locally local damage scientist proved this not a single dinosaur species repeated sing song manner fairy tale science real cause of these event large passing comets .com/watch?v=e4RuWK2Ww-4 the strangest secret earl nightingale http://www.95 per month http://www.be sherriff's stand for constitution http://www.

searchpropertydata.lawmart.html#anchor9 an unincorporated association can obtain an ein number. 1/3 can tomato soup salad.gizmag.com/fluoride-calcifier-of-the-soul/ http://www. oil.com/north-carolina-property-search-records-&-landassessments-in-nc.infowars.coregrammarforlawyers.grated cheese japanese noodles.com 741-2004 geo-data explorer http://www.com no mention nasa funding a number of web pages civilian runs about sun grazing comets looked into structure of companies no visible means of support get data from nasa open data policy only to certain supported web page food: 111112 1/2 piece of cake.com/2011/11/03/probate-court-the-largest-bu siness-in-the-world/ start:ungrip ts: 0:03 .com/purchase drowningindebtorg. mayonaise sauce. vinegar.tv dr larry bates and chuck bates FAMC Inc 3740 Business Drive. the director(s) must sign documents in their personal capacity and be liable for what they sign http://www.com A History of Commerce http://www.com/purchase http://www. but it is not a separate legal entity. itcan not enter into contracts. 4 eggs breakfast 8 points apples cliff kelly talk of chicago stompproffingyourassets 800-398-7884 anationincrisis. it can not hold real or personal property.coregrammarforlawyers.htm http://impeachrandykennedy.com/searches/difference. Memphis TN 38125 www.aazahtaxi.html remove radioctive material from water http://www.org/forming_a_charity.stayinglegalmi.com/radioactive-clean-up-absorbent-qut/20353/ http://www.plasma discharge of solar capacitor comet plasma discharge huge solar flare in october both effecting earth's weather spaceweather.wordpress.

corporation huge deception in medical. mortgage off financial. political. and corporate grid growing our own food and having our own power complexity. financial arena not to manipulate us understand their system ts: 0:13 what is the law? what law applies to every single man on this earth no man is above the law common law civil law contract law tort law property law equity and trusts sharia law christian cannon law ecclestiastical law .gain the world without an ounce of love Ben:Stewart and David:Steward love means to give back no one desired freedom ts: 0:04 the troubles that beset man slave a person who is excessively dependent on or controlled by something get rid of dependency and controls in our life Rob of the Page pag-ee family no judge has authority over own declaration of independence and his own constitution heart and mind revolt physical steps he took to become free ARE NOT PAINS TO BE AVOIDED power system and living off grid no ss. no bc. bank accounts. depends on burden on the people the people no longer want to take care off burden feeds the system earth houses built out of brick new mexico architect michael reynolds first earthship stack tires and fill with dirt sun is low and heats the building homeopath study by his wife keep you sick and make money through pharmaceuticals holding on to anger take responsibility natural person person .

hunting/gaming permit. parenthood dependent when no longer perpetual children easy to blame system a reflection of the people less frequent that we see people ready and willing to help others become self governing govern yourself or be governed by others ts: 0:17 courts.r. social security number.C. buil ding permit. vehicle registration. commericial licenses your consent to being governened sign any of those contracts then you yourself are bound those rules you have to resolve those contracts they make you think it is mandatory . socia l security card. 217. Paragraph 67 what is consent? implies that you have a choice free will choice to being governed free will to apply for or register something gave permission to create a corporation for the system is us we don't know who we are courts are acting upon the corporation man agrees to be representative of that corporation and bind ourselves to be and the terms and the conditions :driver's license. w/2 tax forms. Reference re: Secession of Quebec [1998] 2 S. birth certificate. car insurance. respect authority and do what they say that authority is based on our consent to being governed The consent of the governed is a value that is basic to our understanding of a f ree and democratic society.admiralty law natural law high law activities upon what we consent to corporations master gives the rules for the servant to follow unless behaving as a corporation THE HISTORY OF LAW we can say no at anytime model for the future rebellion against the model learning from the process childhood. gun permit. adulthood.

Georgia. he had no land. body. not a human being natural person. vassal to pope. or state vested with independent and supreme author ity does someone else over you? try to get you into a contract contract to corporate representation then they can do what every they want ts: 0:25 ask for development permit i am an individual. did not know how to fight.definitions runs for some 250 pages how can any one learn all this information ts: 0:23 at the revolution. is that a legal contract how can you use document as basis for legal system ts: 0:27 valid contract. a human being who has the capacity for rights and duties capacity. tyrant king john. normally a human being regarded as an individual legal. but they are sovereighns without subjects. Pages 471.. sign under their own free will pope innocence III say contract was invalid kings of europe wanted piece of america funded corporations kings and bankers . not a person or corporation provide me with proof of your claim that i have to follow the guidelines of the municipal government act agent had already told him that agent had tresspass on land can't have freedom unless you also recoginze that you have a duty to share what you have learned robin hood. 2. the sovereignty devolved on the people and they are truly the soveriegns of the county. Dallas Supreme Court Report Vol. in law an individual or a corporation compare artificial person. asked P ope Innocence III for help.because of the language that they use ts: 0:21 person. but up to you to exercise them person . pope owns everything to england basis of english and american law model for the american bill of rights under duress. a legal person. 472 (1793) every us individual is sovereign a sovereign: a person. and have none to govern but themselves Chisholm vs.

and appointments to the Office of Governor General and Commander-in-Chief in and over Canada shall be made by Com mission under Our Great Seal of Canada who is we? the people on this land gave permission to create the office prime minister mackenzie king and his cronies good friend with john d rockerfeller rockerfeller's lawyer by pm. at war Letters Patent creating the office of Governor General 1. set up another office. pope.genocide took place for colonize the land ts: 0:33 corporations conqueored this land 1867 British North American Act from Great Britain passed off as constitutional document people did not vote merged all the colonies into one colony us declared in 1776 still based on english common law and admiralty system 1926. order. bishops. We do hereby consitute. address date of birth vessel legal represenative of vessel you are a private in their military in the public when you hold these documents manning a military post. archbichsomes governor general . and declare that there shall be a Governor Gen eral and Commander-in-Chie in and over Canada. it wasn't the king or the people governor's general act clause 2 the governor general is a corporation sole. 1930 how to be autonomous Statute of Westminister 1951 king is no longer king of britain technically we are in anarchy 1947 created Office of Governor General Lieutentant Governon military solicitor genearl attorney general company/corporation .4 brigades officer.under ssn a commission all done under admiralty which is military 18 years old at military post name. only one individual holds t hat title office fo the king. taxpayer has officer who holds an officer commission .

. Declaration of Independence without your consent. Robert Ernest the payment options are not part of the charge . i was testifying. protection citizen ship. CANADA has to file with the US securites and ex admiralty govern business between corp canada = corporation license. fall under admiralty police. you can not be governed it is your responsibility to understand what governs you there are tyrannical governments complaint about inconvenient to move off train headed for a wreck ts: 0:45 interpretation act canada includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada the inclusion of one is the exclusion of all others canada is just waters [legal maxims] it is this and nothing else turtle island called by the first nations people called done thru corporation need admiralty courts you need your ships where do they fly the flags on top of peace us sec. insurance. and registration not a corporation. deriving their just powers from the conse nt of the governed. not here to submit to others authority.. corp for business for profit under their jurisdictions and benefits. i didn't have to disclose my identity what is your name? my friends call be rob link name and expired artificial person count of 3 to accept accepted Robert-Ernest: of the Page family PAGE. to be protected by that nation ts: 0:47 pulled over by police dl.canada's defacto head of state illegitimate but in fact remove yourself from people governor general and queen to deal with the public turned everything in the public registered item in the public assume you need protection from others and yourself explicitly say i do not want to be governered Governments are instituted amoung men.

had to go to letter that is not me case dismissed on lack of evidence ts: 0:53 stand as a man in front of them he knew how the game works a few men take over the rights of honest citiznes god created man in his image as kings and queens if someone in between. to serve us depenedency. power give away good bad indifferent bruce lipton.html http://www.about. teacher not disrespect. phd stand up for what i believe it took hard work end:ungrip thinkofbeeaten. environment solution within ourselves act like individuals rather than as machine choice.irs.com/od/glossaryd/g/disregardentity. i am here on ROBERT PAGE's behalf. internet.gov/irm/part21/irm_21-004-003. there is no cause for the court to be heard. detained.htm http://www. try to resolve prior to court was honorable please. there is no harm.6minutestosuccess. judge entered into plea make sure that that person is in court judge recoginize the personas not as legal person 3rd party intervener with injury stop.html .com/launch/goals http://biztaxlaw.judge: claim sovereign does he behave like a sovereign pre-notice. then i have more than one master ts: 0:55 master: pursuit of money submit to others authority without even question police. bow not to as master anything that one fears could be master we created bylaws.com/informer/index. phone bills unwind from life is about your relationships food.

uncheck 'isuspm'.html#d0e955 http://articles. htm storing gold http://solari.archive.com/articles/Options_for_Storing_Precious_Metals/ site: theAgitator.youtube.youtube.mercola.to.com http://www.youtube.com/inform/gov042.com/ robbryder http://www. restart in safe mode and add/remove 'vongo' program.the.com/inform/gov046.youtube.com/books/Walter.Americ a.com/news/kyle-bass-un-edited-buying-gold-just-buying-put-ag ainst-idiocy-political-cycle-its-simple Kyle Bass ups mike smith 601-3493 informer Notes http://web.iamthewitness.atgpress.archive.chatzy. run 'msconfig'. tap f8 for safe mode. restart computer.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/11/09/spirulina-reversed -radiation-damage-in-chernobyl-children-in-just-20-days.com/watch?v=fFIcZkEzc8I&feature=player_embedded atgpress http://web.wordpress. click to start up tab.aspx?e_cid=20111109_DNL_ art_1 spirulina http://robcourtofrecord.gov/irm/part21/irm_21-007-013r.org/web/20080610132849/http://www.org/web/20080610132900/http://www.htm http://www.com geothermal in raleigh nc computer.marko rodin teamlaw history http://www.irs.com blacksmith residential home inspector http://www.Brought.atgpress. ' isuspm' is for install shield http://www.com/3sIntel chat room from maryella agenda 21 for public officials http://www.com/watch?v=fI93jeaXGvs&feature=related vortex based mathematics . htm .http://www.Slaves.zerohedge.White/Who.com/watch?v=fI93jeaXGvs&feature=related archieve of informer atgpress.com/watch?v=Mxa_G4X8Y7k earth battery energy-earth.

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TuXJqXog1w9 http://www.htm more on the informer http://www.https://www. no exercise for a month) official north carolina Health Care Power of Attorney http://www.com 1607 HoneySuckle Road 27609 2531 7538 4 routing number for first flight cheapcheckstore.ncmedsoc.com/watch?v=m0ztJYHKIsA www.pdf simpler one from Duke http://www. $66.wellsfargo.75 (didn't weigh for weeks. To view your order you will need your order i d 27474180 and your security pin 664188.freedom-school.com/help/routing_number/index Asbestos Control Technologies Juan Escobar .25 ocean nutrient for good omega 3 http://www.duke.com/health/index.com 1323713772-966 You can check the status of your order at any time by returning to VitalChek.findmyhomeraleigh.com/id/29104695/#.919-387-9700 Karen E.org/non_members/public_resources/hcpowerofattorney2007.php?q=1266 689414 similar to previous weight111213:148.edu/aidsProject/400_01/readings/publicresources/AdvanceDirec tives/HCPOA_StatutoryForm.shtml http://www.fourwinds10.html jean keating http://abundanthope.com/admiralty/admiralty-why.net/pages/True_US_History_108/OVERVIEW-OF-ADMIRALTY-MARITIME -LAW_printer.myhomeraleigh.919-544-6750 Enpuricon .pdf antiRadiationFoods http://www.msn.htm how to diagram sentences . Johnson Raleigh Home Realty Cell: 919-793-3399 Office: 919-783-8229/Fax: 919-783-8230 www.net/siterun_data/government/corporate_u_s/news.com and selecting the 'My Order' tab.german-latin-english.freedom-school.com or www.com/diagrams.msnbc.youtube.cell:919-418-0077 answering machine: 919-954-9002 Environmental Holdings Group .law.

P.00 two more photographs I.com? check:111218:zBalance:336. Box 149 Kapaa.95 to CenturyLink card:111218: 16. 4 dschuster1@gmail.54 70.com/watch?v=O7z_hd7k9zo 27.O. should i sign the check in blue ink? should i print lower case "paula: morrill? check:111218:etf from bbt to capitalOne:490.0&loc=en_US&Requester=UPS Home&WBPM_lid=homepage%2Fct1. Hawaii 96746 800-770-8802 ext.com pw: neotaxe checks:111216 checks:111216 checks:111216 checks:111216 100.com/watch?v=Xo0ZkgqM1TE&feature=g-vrec&context=G27e556bRVAAAA AAAAAA turkey pyramids housingEducationProgram 877-511-2272 questionForMehef 1.19 twc pangea erie insurance costco 4 year CD: Key bank trust paperwork 518-243-4553 Sid or regular person 518-243-4555 http://www.youtube.00 to ProgressEnergy 5109 check:111218:etf from bbt to att 115.A.59 cleared 111220 check:111218:put 5221 plus 100 into car trunk check:111218:bbt 65.S.wordpress. Your Indoctrination from skypeLouis http://keystoliberty2.x=Track 2.com/WebTracking/track?HTMLVersion=5. NY http://wwwapps.00 14.93 3DL7MYW9L0141DX cleared 111220 card:111218: 34. durham 3704 chimney ridge pl.ups.93 to JamesMcCanney card:111218: 116.00 check:111218:bbt check to TradersJoe:around 87.youtube.65 to CITY OF RALEIGH 01293C carolinaAcademicPress:919-489-7486: coregrammarforlawyers.86 .alina owns 31 willow bridge drive.com/ money order for $25.html_pnl_trk&trackNums=932542626081&track. should i accept the signature required mail from Latham.00 954. 13 http://www.

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Nc Hghway 54 Graham 27253 MLS #72778.asp?AddrID=24 37 14+acres to be subdivided land:120101:Haw River Protected realEstate:111221:4734 Russel Road.00 check:111222:cash 200.wooded lot 2 ponds.000 46minutesChapelHll realEstate:111221:http://www.zillow.aspx land:120101:orange county gis land:120101:600 Ford.999 2.5 acres realEstate:111221:9450 NC Highway 87N.00 groceries weight:111222:145.nc.com/11/12/Solicitation2.000 realEstate:111221:http://www.co.zillow.orange. foreclosure realEstate:111221:http://www. 5 acres. Graham.thomsonreuters.00 check:111222:savingsDeposited 12. Pittsboro 27312 39.3 acres. weight:111226 collard greens breakfast 2 small sweet potatos realEstate:111226 719 B S Merrit Mill Rd Chapel Hill NC 27516 $138.co. Chapel Hill land:120101:http://server2. 89.45 acres.carolinaforestry. NC 27253 realEstate:111221:single family.com/mapnc.000.00 .com/homedetails/1650-Andrews-Store-Rd-Pittsb oro-NC-27312/2122553305_zpid/ realEstate:111221:http://www.zillow.nc.com/homedetails/4974-S-Nc-Highway-54-GrahamNC-27253/67325201_zpid/ realEstate:111221:6 acres.M. 3.000 2bed2bath 0.com/homedetails/2018-Lystra-Rd-Chapel-Hill-N C-27517/2122587688_zpid/ realEstate:111221:2018 Lystra Rd 27517 120.orange.land:120101:http://www.mindmotivations.000 realEstate:111221:29 minutes I-40W realEstate:111221:1650 Andrews Store Rd.com/homedetails/9450-Nc-Highway-87-N-Pittsbo ro-NC-27312/2123062961_zpid/ realEstate:111221:29minutesUNCtooFar realEstate:111221:tenTracts4acres40.com/homedetails/4734-Russell-Rd-Graham-NC-27 253/2122866221_zpid/ realEstate:111221:20-25mles realEstate:111221:4974 S. 70.zillow.html check:111222:deposited 300.us/OrangeNCGIS/default. Alamance County realEstate:111221:http://www.htm land:120101:countiesNC land:120101:http://server2. near Cam . too far realEstate:111221:http://www.zillow.censusfinder.pdf ronpaul solicitation www.com/north-carolina/orange/lb/orang e-county-nc-land-for-sale.us/Addresses/AddressDetail.120.5 at 8 am weight:111222:147.com Rick Collinwood heard on coasttocoastam hypnosis weight:111226 147 8 A.5 at 11 pm http://graphics.500.

com/homedetails/2521-Neville-Rd-Chapel-Hill-NC-27516/212333370 4_zpid/ mls # 1794231 2.000 1.000 3 acres 600 Ford Rd Chapel Hill. Carrboro 27510 184.zillow. maybe it is not area code 919 3000 Blueberry Ln.com/homes/browse/Chapel-Hill-NC/27516/_4368067/ list of proper ties on Merrit Mill Rd http://www.000 3. no MLS number agent: Cheryl Symon 618-9886 wrote this down but it is a wrong number.900 all brick duplex carolina custom builders 'search for' abandoned car repair shop corner of Orange Grove Road and Kimbro Road27278 [4400-4999] acquarius brings the spring rains hoursu. Carboro NC 27516 by University Lake. to Crest Street many one bedroom small apartments [100-599] Crest Street 27510 510 Davie Road. NC 27516 $50. NC 27516 http://www.14 acres grass $75K Jones Ferry Rd.zillow. Pleasant Drive. Chapel Hill.com/homedetails/Jones-Ferry-Rd-Carrboro-NC-27516/2123547102_zp id/ $149.5 acres wooded MLS 1773044 http://www.zillow.000 2 acres wooded MLS 1811668 http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/Blueberry-Ln-Chapel-Hill-NC-27516/2122788045_z pid/ 806 W Nc Highway 54 Byp Chapel Hill.eron Ave and Merrit Mill Rd http://www.com/homedetails/719-B-S-Merritt-Mill-Rd-Chapel-Hill-NC-27516/2 127023275_zpid/ specific property. Chapel Hill NC 27516 $59.com/homedetails/Old-Greensboro-Hwy-Chapel-Hill-NC-27516/212333 3020_zpid/ 2521 Neville Rd.54 acres MLS 1806749 wooded http://www.zillow. MLS 1803409 http://www.com/homedetails/806-W-Nc-Highway-54-Byp-Chapel-Hill-NC-27516/2 123063905_zpid/ Old Greensboro Highway Chapel Hill.zillow.zillow. egyptian god sun god's movement thru the sky . NC 27516 10 acres $125k mls 165809 N Greensboro St. NC 27615 $35.

com/informer/2%20A%20COUNTRY%20DEFEATED%20IN%20VICTORY 1.gov/history/2478. the lamb of god crucified. virgo. dead for 3 days resurrected many other gods have the same story krishna dionysus king of kings alpha and omega mithra of persia 1200 bc worshiped on sunday numerous savior.pdf http://www. dead for three days resurrection did not celebrate resurrection until the spring solctice 12 disciples 12 constellations jesus in zodiac 12 kings of israel pagan adaptation of the cross of http://www. died on the cross.thinkorbeeaten.htm from the Article of Confederation Land Ordinance of 1785 A Country Defeated In Victory by James Montgomery http://www.html Informer King George III Kept His Colonies http://www.in. align with the 3 kings of orion belt where the sun rises on dec 25 virgin mary. aug) harvest bethelem house of bread winter solstice death of the sun stops moving sun resides in the souther cross sun.com/informer/mont.com/watch?v=KGS_92kfaUI .youtube. by a star in the east age of 30 he was baptised betrayed by judas for 30 pieces of silver astrological sirius.thinkorbeeaten. aka house of bread virgin holding wheat (sept.light versus dark good versus evil horus versu set born on dec 25 born of a virgin star in the east adored by 3 kings teacher at 12 the truth.

thrivemovement. Request Finished 2/1/2011 9:32:50 AM 162161 Book Poirot loses a client / Christie.com/news/local/story/10264503/ occupy Raleigh sunday 6:30 pm weight:111230:147. 1890-1976.com/watch?v=6pXv8W0b5Bg&feature=context&context=C390ee38ADOEg sToPDskL9aTuDHxLYwf8oCYXVCleT A Different Path vatican dome model for us capital dome ceasar would go up on the hill ceasar would rule the senate on capitol hill we have a senate up on the hill president.com/Treatise%20%27on%27%20Arrest%20and%20False%20Im prisonment. Austen.buildfreedom. Agatha. Agatha. 1890-1976.foreclosure.pdf important about arrest http://www. Agatha.com/North_Carolina_Foreclosure_Law.com (basic law information) http://ruleoflawradio. Request Finished 1/25/2011 10:15:07 AM 167729 Book A murder is announced / Christie. Request Finished 4/26/2011 9:50:07 AM http://www.%20by%20Charles%20A. Agatha. Request Finished 3/2/2011 2:30:40 PM 162160 Book The murder of Roger Ackroyd / Christie. 1890-1976. Agatha.00 about trader joe card: 111229:258.youtube.5 up weight:111230:ate lots of starches beans noodles but 25 marks john e.upperandlowercase. Request Finished 9/29/2010 10:25:07 AM 162159 Book Thirteen at dinner / Christie. hall .htm http://www.com/archive/?cat=140 foreclosure http://www. like divinely inspired gods http://www.com/solutions-what_can_i_do http://www. Jane.00 about jurisdictionary usps: 70072680000186794348 wellsFargoHomeMortgage delivered dec 27 des moines ia 50306 jurisdictionary. Request Finished 5/10/2011 9:55:24 AM 167771 Book The body in the library / Christie. 1890-1976.com/ from jordam maxwell trusts checks:111228:56.html http://stopforeclosure.wral.com/statelaw_NC. 17 75-1817.%20Weisman.weight:111228:146 interlibrary loan history Transaction Number Document Type Title Author Status Status Date 145537 Book Pride and prejudice Classics in large print. 1890-1976.

org/romney/ampad_062607/index.youtube.com fromKeepYourAssets. almonds.admiralty http://ia600308. flax seeds.bizbuysell.bananas cholesterol:120101:omega-3 fatty acides. fourth amendment right I don't consent to searches.com/Category:1783_in_law also Black's Law Dictionrary Informer http://www.rayservers. inst ead of cheese in salad.com/blog/the-us-constitution---an-estate-in-trust-abandone d burness speakman (very good) indianRestaurant:saiKrishnaBhavan indianRestaurant:10970 Chapel Hill Road cholesterol:120101:olive oil cholesterol:120101:oatmeal.com/food-grade-activated-charcoal-detox-agent/ charcoal detox kk store http://www.massresistance.htm review of charters and treaties james montgomery http://naturalsociety.com http://www.com/playlist?list=PL0C7C018EE16D13A8 http://www. salmon. I don't consent to searches. peanuts.com/?p=311 obama bari malcolm x informer black's law dictionary http://wn.php?p=179365 .cuom give drivers license and registers You have the right to refuse searches. hazelnuts. high fiber foods.org/forum/viewtopic. pistachio.com/Business-Opportunity/KK-Conv-Store-Gas-near-PittsoborNC-Cash-Flow-4-171-month/599064/?d=%2fwEFWiUyZm5vcnRoLWNhcm9saW5hJTJmY2hhdGhhbS1 jb3VudHktYnVzaW5lc3Nlcy1mb3Itc2FsZSUyZiUzZnElM2QlMmZ3RUZDWEowY3oweEpuYzljUSUzZCU zZA%3d%3d $10.detaxcanada.html http://obamarecords.000 12 informer audios http://tpuc.thinkorbeeaten. walnut or almonds moreFrom1783InLawInformer http://wn. pecans.org/crown3. 10RulesMovie.com/informer/mont.html romnie wins on Bain Capital james montgomery http://www.archive.com/he_1783_ http://www.org/17/items/practiceandjuri00clergoog/practiceandjur i00clergoog. oat bran.pdf (259) flexyourrights.us. halibut cholesterol:120101:walnuts.

then they fall out iodine not ten miles o-16.orange.5 at 9 am 4 cups tea and 3 salad at night land:120101:http://server2.aspx?PIN=97476620 46&startleft=1943840&startright=1948640&startbottom=774260&starttop=777860&activ elayer=3&query=PIN+LIKE+%279747662046%25%27 orange county gis right of self-determination http://www.us/OrangeNCGIS/default. iodine all heavier than air cfc hoax .co. hel-2 hy-1 iodine is 131 unless they detonate or another mechanism chem trails do fall out nuclear power plants after shut down how many hours before you can go in potassium iodine sea kelp blood soaks up iodine blamed on fukashima used to do radiationnetwork.nc.replaced freon hvac leak.com background radiation in nc higher than japan 15-20 dollars a pound zeolite used to clean up cheronybl will detox the heavy metal calcium benozite clay but zeolite is stronger building hyperbaric chambers for radiation decontamination moving to texas winning with code pleading http://www.jsp%3FmasterId%3D97205%26cmd%3Dtc&session_token=g9iKfySpRjwR77d2UKEs .youtube.weight:120101:147. put meter below the unit chloroforms are heavier than air radioactive fallout mushroom cloud.com%2Ftalkshoe%2Fweb %2FtalkCast.com/watch?v=RVShDph4krs david williams 2:05 patrick timpone's one radio network youtube: youtube where is the fallout coming from? 97205 talkshoe david williams $150 alwayshavecleanwater number one problem on planet fukashima cesium.talkshoe.youtube.com/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.

need water in core to start chain reaction core rods ur-235 absorbs neutron thin plates like vents water runs thru the vents 560 degree water pressurized to 2000 lbs so doesnt' boil radioactive water steam produced control rods suck neutrons when you raise rods you get 100% dont want 120-150% supercritical can not explode but it can melt down uranium can melt-down if you remove the water three back up system even if core shut down in 2 secs scram button.com/watch?v=7o-jlGiISYg David Williams paperwork needed and where to send "Case Dismissed with Cause and Prejudice: Judge bows to Sovereign" he is writing me privately . shut down in 2 secs cover for chem trails high background radiation agenda irradating everything new microwave at tsa sterilize people at airport 350 million people they are trying to kill us texas dome houses other groups are begging for information technology stolen tesla.b06Rjs18MTMyNTU1NDk1NUAxMzI1NDY4NTU1 bomb.youtube. free energy. different culture http://www. cant file with us agenda will not let them do that looking for different juris senate resolution 62 all property belongs to the state every one else is mere user occult technology of power mindset of your opponent. detonator reactor core. atomic pile. neighbor how they think we will become one right of passage.

oath when turn your children to hold roman father oath to the patri he claimed to be an administrator for the account you bring a claim and you got a liability 'judge says will not have us in my court' it is his court he is a commissioner in admiralty this is an act of war soverignty is created and then Assumed Amongh the Powers of the Earth your separ ate and equal station jail. Pope 793 E. hell.000 viewed protocols to learn what it takes to be self-governing crucial to do for posterity Patriot Rabbit Hole dribble patriot mythology is a rabbit hole patriot patri oath oath to papa parents (like paranthetic) removed if call yourself a parents you remove from children and give to them jurisdiction .2d 1072 (1986) prosecutor can file charges against innocent person . Gertstein 608 F. dungeon get a black's sixth edition everything in admiralty people getting sucked into the PRIZE-ZONE (prison) two positions under international law 1.2d 654 (1979) prosecutors immune from lawsuit for conspiring with judge ninth circuit federal court of appeal in Ashelman v.about words parenthesis (effectively removed from page) removed yourself from being involved patri .agenda: tired of people going to prison in or out self-determination what is his agenda? 40. immunity of the diplomatic status 2. no immunity total responsibility to have a new system right of self-determination responsibility he just wants to be left alone it is not going to happen senate resolution 62 established trust #62 where by all property belongs to the State and I am only a "mere user" of the US property prosecutor can suppress exculpatory evidence Fifthe Circuit Fed court of appeal in Henzel v.

kitts trying to change me change my status with the system only way to get there is thru education just men.com/watch?v=UNwUwkgBBts land:120102:1004 Greensboro Road.tenths circuit fcoa Norton v. finance. one level pretty land:120102:juliaTHomes. burned home 4.com/r/CommonLaw/comments/djokx/untold_history_of_the_united_st ates_vyzygoth/ remedyRadio david williams http://www. highly educated men points of way of the peaceful warrior david millers declared war in 1954 against us population they are brilliant we have to be as well.com 602-1222 land:120102:Elite Autobody land:120102:Greensboro Road intersected with White Cross Road land:120102:South Cross Road off of Greensboro Rd land:120102:933-1422 Joe Duvall Properties land:120102:small road with driveway wooded lot weight:120102:147. road frontage 200-300 cockeyed craigs list ferguson road by farrar drive .reddit. self-determination youtube: Vyzygoth's Keith Hansen interviews David Williams http://www.62 greens plus one roll land:120102:Willis Street lot has 2 old mobile homes land:120102:house at end of street 4324 land:120102:868-3171.05 acres.2d 1375 (1980) as one of their citizens Lieber Code 1863 commander in chief from civilian side of military forming own nation-states helped Dario Busch learned more about international laws must plead (beg) in their courts no law library in st. Liddell 620 F. 746-7383 land:120102:for sale by owner land:120102:612-6550 wooded lot. health.youtube.

greensboro land:120102:pleasant drive.54 acres land:120102:MLS 1806749 27615 $35.us/OrangeNCGIS/default. east to garner.lindacraft. general warranty land::good water. ask about MLS 1806749 27615 $35.com land:120102:Renee Hendrickson? land:120102:923-1377.com/lakes-rivers-water/north-carolina. 27516 land:120102:59k. driveway land:120102:2909 Marion Road 27610.000 land:120102:3000 Blueberry Lane.org/reo/2765383924. 772-0209 land:120102:no. 3 units at $525 a month south capital to tryon. Big Valley Road land::special warranty vs. 1 acres. asbestos land:120102:600 Ford road land:120102:LindaMartinHomes. survey $350. 5. 2 acres land:120102:johnston county.orange.3 acres 193. 1796156 602-5858 craig fox land::http://geology. septic tank land::leach field. main st.craigslist. septic.nc.383-4663.shtm land:120102: land:120102: land:120102: land:120102: edwards at 1210 Old Greensboro Road near pulpit road. auto shop and mobile homes across the road off side.500 land:120102:barry slobin. then right to marion road israel still colonizing 1834 harvestar. left message land:120102:lot near corner Jones Ferry Old Greensboro land:120102:490-1829.com/3-1806749/Old-Greensboro-Highway-Chapel-Hill land:120102:714/716 Cheryl Symon land:120102:duplex off Merrit Mill land:120102:929-7100.co. crest st land:120102:old apartment buildings land:120102:Old Greensboro Road 3.com land:120102:913-2623 land:120102:carborro. mechanical reaper slaves were mostly freed 1878 bankrupt purpose of wars revolutionary.html http://server2. n. left on raleigh pines drive.208 feet road.aspx?PIN=9758401295 land:120102:clear land land:120102:Red Drum Road PruYSu. 245K mls 1796150. will call back with other lots. south raleigh triplex. on craig's list http://raleigh.618-9896 land:120102:edwards street.000 http://search. civil .

1787 feb 21 revise art of confederation us was about to renege on debt and go bankrupt so states became constitutors us did not pay back aug 4. became bound to debt federal district . pedophile create war debt. 8288a foreign investment omb. created debt 2. german freemansons king george poisoned by arsenic german 1689-1714 took over britain then took over america so there would be no king in america art of confederation. no risk for the br us corp existed before 1776 repay 28 loans us had already received first jan 1788 king george funded both sides 1.1 billion of supplies reversed lend lease uk borrowed 34. hellfire club.2 billion from us for ww2 2% annually delayed payment till 1995 original loan reduced trying to hide it in all codes and regulations king george ii and successor iii and iv agent for the pope british monarchy served the pope benjamin franklin. charge against u.was to create debt 1861-1865 lincoln was a british agent lincoln or double shot gr britain collects taxes irs agency of 6209 blocking series 300-399 reserved for us-uk tax plan until 1991 8288. 1790 created federal district to pay the debt original const was not voted before when voted.s. dotreasury withholding tax return for foreign in 1991 code changed 1040 form for payment of tax to uk bmf 300-399 rehidden debt tax pays for war debt debt collection art 6 and agreement uk only money for food housing reproduction grbr refer to america as the plantation 2006 50.

uk. for them even after wash.com/informer/mont.com/informer/mont. israel henry kissenger israel's viceroy orabrush. iman 3/6 imf 300-399 tax code to see how it is divided up br. states allegiance to us. br attorney. temp representative us bank loaned money to us really britain loaned money whiskey rebellion military role to make sure taxes are paid america is a military state http://www.html Way of the Peaceful Warrior:A Book the Changes Lives recommended by David Williams war draft is a foreign bank draft not a govt draft who is the viceroy. vatican. monarchy.anyone associated with bar treaty of verona. districts.thinkorbeeaten. pope can order an attack more on david williams http://www. 3. a fictional entity. the von batten of america vice-roy. israel. pope. 1832 sovereign pontiff must be obeyed slavery exists in the mind The United States is the East India Company Endeavor 22 4728 queen runs a change declaration.com bad breath cleaner america land owned allodial by pope religion passive obediance vatican riches.html Estates 1776.non jew to be milked taxed to international bankers person . first pres of the United States over the United States of America . israel american fund old demise queen. princes riches based on goyim accepting their imagery goyim .corporation is a person is law person does not include states const only represents corp.thinkorbeeaten.

youtube.5 down 1 lb. red white stripes east india company flags east india company britain. white. blue called the kings colors why us flag is red. few carbs yesterday dw:0:49 ghostwriter movie can not live in fear whole system created for conflict get out of the system . rather than through east india east india: exempt from taxes increase profitability drive colonial.Warren E. us ps flag tribal flag below us flag law of the flag:very powerful http://www. buy with another company flags stipulate jurisdcition native reconciliation campaign casinos. african weight:120103:146. moor. leae shareholders with nothing. drop tea prices economics 1st edition hughes account of tea party against trans-national company multi-national companies still wouldn't buy tea wipe out small competitors thomhartmann. Ensminger v. white.com/user/trec600 small business tea lobby for laws to put small business out business reduced competiton townshend act. THE FARM BANK OF WICHITA UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS East India Company flag also virginia company square of cross is called the ensign position.youtube.com aboriginal. tea act millions of towns of tea from dutch.com/user/trec600 teaPartyTrueHistory -govtSponseredEastIndiaTea hiddencolorsfilm.com http://www. india red. and blue britain is the bank hbc is the hudson bay company shareholders invest can crash company.

let 2% win to keep the game going ds:0:52 federal judges union. politician over rulership to covert rulership articles of confederations no way to add new states not enough centralized power states at war with each other wont honor tariff. no unconstitutional law art 2 section 3 pres can suspend congress and send all home liber code general code 100 martial law star chamber courts. 1999 here's the arguments. france. here's how you deflate the argument. fix with the judge. england kings alexander hamilton. internet make the right choices the day the earth stood still only at the precipice does people stand still dw:0:51 case law is common law administrative court is your common law judges decisions is your common law prosecutors can charge innocent person. federal judges train ing school. or to pay back holland. art 8 clause 1 all debt that were due and payable 55 declaration 39 us constitution only 5 from declaration bankruptcy trustees saved the us offset the debt to those who did not pledge people stil subject in until out . military courts ts:0:56 if president a king. or get them out and n ail at a later time identifies how these arguments are wrong silent weapons for silent wars teach wrong history art 1 sec 8 sweeping clause all laws necessary and proper all laws.do not collude with unrighteous kings create a better world opens neo why does oracle help us? law library.

look at us. but not easy critical thinking. crushing economy. critical actions needles in him. forces reality check. chips crisis.dones versus penhollow case wash by executive orders created district. learns to control himself encoded system neo had to see the codes to get thru simple. look at what they do to each other. motivational speaker. no i am here to save the earth from us illuminati. concentration camps. "the secr et lost" no secret. knows how to teach life skills. no governors knew they had not paid their debts no. kings courts.s. they are evil. discipline yourself william wallace. are we going to win dont like shock therpy 'the day the earth stood still' i thought you were here to help us. your ability to discipline yourself to get the task done. they want something for them dw:1:08 breaking the legs of a sheep. does not belong to me how many vowels and consonant in language? like sports events. but it doesnt mean anything unless you have freedom forrest gump. then why cant you walk how to think. 3 keys critical thinking important for the mind throws up. neurolinguistic program actions. have the power to govern themselves image: jim rome. dw:1:02 why do my eyes hurt? neo morpheus said you never use them before dw:1:05 system is trying to help i am not going to try to change them the u. right of self-determination . 3 cues to freedom not instant gratification world ts:1:11 braveheart: i want all those things.

do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America http://law.7 acres..eyebrowz. "The United States of America" Articles of Confederation government 3. he was the exile previous. 50k eyebrow toupee http://www.kw.+Ensminger+v. We.south sudan.+Ensminger+v.75 lbs (5 am) weight:120106:drank water before going to bed weight:120106:slept from 11:30 pm-5:30 am weight:120106:thought had eaten mostly greens weight:120106:oatmeal for breakfastyesterday . the People of the United States.+THE+FARM+BANK+OF+WICHITA&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs _sm=e&gs_upl=34438l34438l0l35917l1l1l0l0l0l0l523l523l5-1l1l0 http://www.com/homes-for-sale/27516/NC/Chapel-Hill/Old-Greensboro-Highway/3y d-TRIANGLE-1806749.com id: spiral pw: customer 1.+THE+FARM+BANK +OF+WICHITA&oq=Warren+E.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/F3/52/337/573416/ United States of America made no claim only United States Oklamhoma territorial state http://www.html has map check:120103:12. if you dont like what the king is doing you have the right to leave therightofselfdetermination.com/wigglue.65 fresh market chicken..5 +1.com/1599-geneva-bible weight:120105:145.75 (8 am) weight:120106:147. the united States of America Declaration of Independence ecclestical trust 2.ate greens land:120104:865 Jack Bennett Road.com/watch?v=s8DvQJ7r7Rw&feature=player_embedded david william s UPU weight:120104:145. become independent key maker.75 exercised. no land:120104:MLS # 1806749. 27156 lhttp://www. shrimp land:120104:Joel Duvall Properties 933-1422 land:120104:SouthCross 2+acres.youtube. right of exile.justia. 0. Old Greesboro Road land:120104:4928 state road 1005.com/results?search_query=Warren+E.youtube.htm order the geneva bible http://christianreader.

com/blog/law/constitutional-law/constitutional-law-keyed-t o-chemerinsky/the-structure-of-the-constitutions-protection-of-civil-rights-andcivil-liberties/barron-v-mayor-and-city-council-of-baltimore/ Respublica v. collard greens sun:angry:http://hplusmagazine. 2 chocolates.jsp preparedness:http://www.casebriefs.shtml youtube:colbert grateful http://www.com/2011/02/11/mixed-messages-tantrums-of-an-angr y-sun/ sun:storm1859:http://en.craigslist. King .mapquest. United States. the People.backwoodshome. Sweers .tumblr.html 10 acres 70k http://raleigh.org/wiki/Solar_storm_of_1859 naturalpath:danJunker:http://radioamerikanow.com/docfind/provSummarySearch. 4 eggs.gov/vouchers/nc40.org/reo/2789840141.com/?p=1620 tax:https://eservices.dor.com/ weight:120106:148.dailypaul. means We. IMPORTANT http://massachusettsrepublic.craigslist.1 U. corporation.youtube.com/watch?v=am5StAnGdkE&feature=related casebriefs. 41 (1779) http://supreme.co.wikipedia.aetna.us/OrangeNCGIS/default. the Electorate of the states.aspx dentist: http://www.org/reo/2776752806.com http://www.org/pubs/come_out. we the people of the United States in Congress Assembled United States was a inter-governmental organization http://decryptedmatrix.com/77174/14th-amendment-citizenship-citizen-or-citizen craigslist: http://raleigh.nc.nc.com/maps?zipcode=27516-8896 http://server2. dates back to Roman Sena te http://www.html .com/globalist-corporations United States Corporation is owned by the Founding Fathers. from Articles of Confederation..weight:120106:half sandwich.html some think that this is proof that the United States existed before the revoluti onary war. chili.5 4 pm.S.orange.com/us/1/41/case.isr-messianic.justia.. 2 cups pesto noodles land:120106:8710 Orange Grove Rd 9749290104 http://www.do?geo1=zip&zipcode=27609&miles=1 0&provider_category=dental&search_cat=dpcp&product=DPPO|Dental+PPO&prov_country= usa&site_id=docfind&langpref=en&sortOrder=ASC&sortBy=dist&lastProvRow=0&button_f lag=S&servReqIpa=GROUPIPACAL&flagIpaFlow=&flagIpaUpdateFlow=&secureStatus=Y&flag HospFlow=M&flagUpdateFlow=&pinSearchGlbInd=Y book:ComeOutOfHerMyPeople http://www.org/?page_id=899 30 things We.

oyst er out of network go to aetnanavigator. guac amole.com to find an in-network consultant land: JoePhelpsRealty. 8 acres. but could subdivide land: Barnes 801-5208 off six forks.com/ http://www.50states.000 check120109: 25. diarrhea http://www.00 capitalOne eft (interstate) stop dentist:120109:2 regular exams and periodontal treatments per year covered. oil. Chapel Hill sold for 179k in 2006 single family.5 at 3 pm ate salad with olive oil.php?flash=true&doc=44&page=transcript 15th amend ment from the City of Washington weight:120111:147.5 acre land: 336-263-2196. garyrenigar. good investment.25 8 am Monday morning ate pie need control. corn field.com/watch?v=5C9v43NCzqg&feature=related romney advisor says it is the same as obamacare http://www. 25 marks land:120109:4125 mitchell mill road raleigh $100.com 732-1199 has 9 acres for 130k land: 8 acres near orange grove road 968-0662 off of 54 highway. salads. .wikipedia. 195k.enchantedlearning.ourdocuments.com/watch?v=XI5JjBHq8_0 romney keep what's good http://www. http://www.com. past 540. check:120109: 700.org/wiki/Flag_of_the_State_of_North_Carolina http://www.com .25 at 11pm American Pad and Paper http://www.html look for snow camp road weight:120109:150.25 at 8 am weight:120110:148.wikipedia.75 at 5 am notacitizen. $175K weight:120109:149. private $49.com/usa/flags/ http://en.com/ftlist.com via mail check:120105:12.00 oyster dr.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=i1fThdWagJ4 romney liberal weight:120110:147.youtube.11 acres.garyrenigar.900.gov/doc. small land.youtube.00 about fresh market check:120109: 72.65 fresh market check:120108: 35. motivated seller land: 1305 Meadow Ln.97 about mapshop.org/wiki/Province_of_North_Carolina British government bough t out 7/8 of the proprietors to become royal colonies http://en.

wikipedia. If you look at . 2012 (allegedly).com where diane schuster met people land:120116:http://www.duhaime.arizona.971217_rect/11_zm/0_mmm/ land wake county land:120116:http://www.-78.com/property-detail/305-Georgetown-Rd_Raleigh_NC_ 27608_4bec9e00 good aerial and property assessment land:120116:register of deeds NETWORK. supplies book:Come Out of her My People. let s realize somet vital part of everyone s life. It s a t s a vital function on our Planet. Is it the end or a new beginning with the enlightenment that comes from reason and action? http://en.com/2008/09/74855/ http://www.wnd. from Institute for Scriptual Research davidwilliams:from the 25th UN. there s a lot of talk about this year all around the world. 2012 (allegedly).com check:120109:200 140 to john for car paint. you get a lot of time to reflect on [ ]he word: APOCALYPSE means lifting the veil .662777.com -> online reputation meetup. more than 75 plants iden tified from viewpointsonline.-78.from dianeSchuster book:Wild Flavors:Didi Emmons cooking from local weeds.wikipedia.net radio book:Aquaponic Gardening by Sylvia Bernstein theaquaponicsource. a people may determine self-determination he word: APOCALYPSE means lifting the veil . building and perfecting Let s [ ] reputation. there s a lot of talk about th is year all around the world. Obviou sly.realtor. rest food check:120110:60 food. But.org/LegalResources/ElderLawWillsTrustsEstates/LawArticle-339/ Trust-Law-When-Things-Get-Nasty.aspx Ok I got the title for this session from the movie: hing Economics is a vital part of your life.org/wiki/Apocalypse It s January 2nd.edu/spotlight/learn-sarver-heart-centers-continuous-ches t-compression-cpr jewish temple in jerusalem http://www.35. When you re on the road for almost 2 weeks. you get a lot of time to reflect on [ ] http://medicine. Obviously.com/homes/27609_rb/#/homes/for_sale/land_type/35. and the LAW OF NATIONS. International Conventions the state is of paramount importance .org/wiki/Apocalypse It s January 2nd.zillow. Is it the end or a new beginning with the enlightenme nt that comes from reason and action? http://en.7 62017.647464. When you re on the road for almost 2 weeks. I Treaties.

com/realestate/Account.847 total: 239.html#pin=1704984390 is someone building on rear left corner pin: 1704984390 map name: 111322 http://www.asp?id=0111322&stype=addr&stnum=& stname=Georgetown&locidList=&spg=5 taxes delinquent: $2.600 building: 82.raleighnc.253.23 deed date: 1996 book and page: 07139 0522 pkg sale date: 9/3/1996 pkg price: $35.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast. 1813113 (wooded) 1789 Andrews Store Road.wakegov.com/index.html#pin=1704984390 http://services. ET. Pittsboro 1816627 (clear) http://services.wakegov. residential. RA) Owner: Witt.gov/imapsraleigh/index.html differences between association and corporations (legal person) limited liability .nolo.com/booksweb/PDFView. 011322 RD (Type RD.talkshoe.aspx?DocID=100310523 deed to kennet h witt land: 1650 Andrews Store Road.jsp?masterId=39904&cmd=tc angela s tark http://www.com/realestate/Account.asp?id=0111322&stype=addr&stnum=& stname=Georgetown&locidList=&spg=5 307.com/watch?v=MkJ6LrpHSNE mitt romney advoids federal reserve http://www.wakegov. 307A.com/legal-encyclopedia/five-reasons-incorporate-nonprofit-associ ation-30266.90 due 1/31/12 map of land http://maps.aspx?page=63 land:120116:realEstatePropertySearch http://services. Kenneth A mailing address: 4800 Whitehall Avenue Raleigh NC 27604-2732 land: 156.wakegov.wakegov.com/realestate/ http://services.gov/imapsraleigh/index.http://rod.youtube.087s acres: 0.raleighnc.000 BM2000-02291 map of property (gargage overline) http://maps.

license revoked.youtube.23 costco groceries delivery confirmation:03112550000224244027 nm ok black's law 5th edition online http://constitutionalgov.67 harbor freight tmesias m53-037-246 m53-037-246 administrator mitt romney on his religion http://www.com/watch?v=MV3YaInv93w cia agent says bloggers and patterns without invading rights "The State" versus "this state" http://adask.htm spooner and the post office http://patriotsoath.html why the rothschild use du to kill children and all http://rense.2 acres 39. no perk. show da the letter is this person dead .com/category/the-state-vs-this-state/ stamped. 2 acres vacant land 1.6613 Malibur dr 1 acre.00 two gas cards check:120115:103.check:120115:120.youtube.com/general93/whyrr.com/watch?v=1MRbIwshAvU&feature=g-vrec&context=G20897e1RVAAAA AAAAAg land: 6609.com/postoffice. know irs.19 walmart check:120119:9. executor not show for court put on the docket sit in the docket.wordpress. Raleigh $7k per acre will not perk 6225 Vicky Dr 3036 cotten rd 90k. lady there is better not in the first person clarence.flv other parts from frank missing from youtube http://www.us/Blacks5th.htm check:120118:47.000 negotiable near wendell evernote spiral1123 sacred Fred + Nina EFT 121711 P2. for fax.

45- irs, give to the irs, 3pm, are you alina firmer, left side police right four sheriff do you have your driver's license? gave her the look cant help you, exectutiver letter, make you an offer driving without license i make a 1099 oid you dotn understand 30sec,40sec, your case is dismissed see this letter that i wrote 2 years ago duties, everybody duties less than 4 minute land patent acknowledgement, take ownership, county recorder http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1054706869308133588# public money versus private credit http://www.myprivateaudio.com/Guest-Speaker-Pages-Info.html#anchor_337 from angela stark hjr 192 repealed http://freedom-school.com/lewis-mohr/hjr-192-and-its-legal-effect.html card:120130:80.00 pagepluswireless 336-692-8001 nancy l. starr froclickingfrog.wordpress.com card:12020249.95 clockshoppe 3PK3275150539201G. check:120202300.00 groceries and john gotomeeting.com id: email pw: my1Pangea 800 263 6317 support Understand the U.S. Constitution - The Preamble capitalnym People of the United States Posterity one group establishing something for another group People of the United States superior how to pay back the 18 million to france Paddleford case Georgia is express consent necessary

law of nation silence gives consent is the rule of business life municipal law, law of nation millionairenu.com/comeout.php silence gives rise to fraud or total agreement if you dont have political power, you have civil rights citizens means subject states are not sovereign states could take everything you have and states could live 1995 usa surrendered all rights title and interest to the us THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES -ORTHE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION POSTERITY - they know their bloodlines andrew johnson bloodlines http://openjurist.org/1/us/41/respublica-v-cornelius-sweers respublic v sweers US is body politic indianrecipevideo.com paneer butter masala bhavna paneer makhani 2 cups tomato puree 1 cup paneer (indian cheese) fenukeef leaf instead of onion 1/2 cup thick cream 1 teas ginger, garlic 1/2 teas tumeric, garma masala, red chile 1 tap kasurl methl fenugeek leaves, cashew nut paste, butter salt oil 3 teaspoons heat it up for a little bit of smoke garlic cloves, fry them up a bit cummin seeds, onions, fry half a minute or so, 1 1/2 te coriander, green chile 1 1/2 t tumeric, some add red peppers redish brown color onions light brown add ginger root add vegetables half hour on mediusm flame check:120209:400.00 bbt to capitalOne confirm B0VJNVBBBG card:120209:VISA:AAA:4264 2961 8004 6705 10/12 SVC 634 card:120209:16.88 for 2 boxes separate numbers http://www.landsalelistings.com/usa/north-carolina/land-sale-acreas/ 7 acres 49, 000 one hour from raleigh lenovo

intel centrino core 2 duo 4 gb ram 250 gb hdd win 7 pro office 2007 raman noodles in digestive system 2011 TEDxManhattan Fellow: Stefani Bardin processed vs whole foods m2a mouth2anus video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zi_DaJKsCLo book:DiagrammingTheScriptures http://www.amazon.com/Diagramming-Scriptures-Shirley-M-Forsen/dp/1609572653 http://www.moneyreformparty.org.uk/money/about_money/wizard_of_oz.php wizard of oz 427-6639 Ed $20k an acre (sounds like if this had a house) no well 3k no septic 2200-2500 construction electric, not full 7100 Buck Road Wendell close to knightdale moved house new plywood roof brick off, foam insulation needs siding foundation, car port hardwood floors lots of material 75k spent out of pocket 30k more 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath 1800 sq foot 7100 Buck Road, Wendel 2 acres can not subdivide but can put 2 buildings on lot LP altell phone may not text with pageplus software pennfoster.edu 800-471-3232 $47 for 25 months of $4400 balance pharmacy tech makeyourwishes known aarphealthcare.com/login check:120221:600 to capitalOne check:120222:mailed:120306:59.22 to CITY OF RALEIGH water,waste, watershed protection #5025 check:120222:mailed:120306:119.00 att #5026 check:120306:217.82 to ProgressEnergy #5027k

com/articles/569-going-off-grid-montana-style romney vulture capitalism http://www.89340.com/projects/622508883/global-village-construction-set?re f=akokq6 http://www.com/releases/2012/02/120209144005. garlic.ftc.youtube.358474527503978& type=3 robert's rules of order http://www.htm drlorraineday JimMayo 583-2855 land out in Louisburg http://www.goodnewsaboutgod.com/northcarolina. green onions 20 secs add green beans 2 T soy sauce 1/2 light brown sugar http://www.com/ romney ampad office depot transcriptionViaOneNote .php fresh-o-matic http://www.htm bexarotene improves alzeimers asian cooking made easy szechuan green beans dry green beans.kickstarter.kickstarter.com/projects/rhiardrouillard/design-and-build-a-tiny-hous e?ref=recently_launched http://www.com/media/set/?set=a.com tinyHouseProject http://www.4usedvending.bushstole04. cut inhalf green onion. ginger.shtm kickstarter. snap off ends.com/projects/227914806/automatic-hydroponic-growbox-thatreally-works-aut?ref=recently_launched http://www.sciencedaily.kickstarter.com/watch?v=cymaJ330nzo http://www.kickstarter.com/studies/political/jews/whats_happening.358733510811413. four dried chile pepper 1 tesp szechuan pepper corns mortar and pestle 7 min 1 T green beans then add red chile and pepper corns 10 sec then garlic.facebook.com/watch?v=UfQF3DXG-S4&feature=player_embedded#! good speech structure Nancy Duarte at TED going off-line http://www.youtube.alt-market.com/142513/roberts-rules-video-library for delegates http://www. ginger.dailypaul.vendingMachines http://www.com/projects/622508883/global-village-construction-set?re f=akokq6 https://www.gov/opa/1996/02/fresh.

msdn.900 475.htm land:wake forest Woodland Church Rd Wake Forest.com/headlines/61521-irish-constitution-halts-sheriff homosexuality http://www. t health site http://www.com/29901084 http://privateaudio. 575. 575 318.davidicke. very low volume for playback changed default from speakers to Realtec Digital Output now. no credit score one note 2007 date and time alt-sht d. 750 tax value 226K http://www. 27587.ecomagination.com/b/chris_pratley/archive/2006/03/16/553358.com/ The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy http://vimeo.carnivora. NC 27587 Granville County 4 acres. south raleigh LP 149.twopaths.html 2909 Marion Road.zillow. Wake Forest LP 175k 750.com/Dean-Clifford. $42k old mobile home and fixer-upper barn http://www.http://blogs. Raleigh 1803750.com/horticulture-discotech-led-grow-lights-power-sustai nable-farming?utm_campaign=outbrain PlantLabs for better foods foreclosure in ireland http://www.aspx 877-fact-act 877-322-8228 trans union 800-888-4213 2-20 6-8 working days.html more on dean clifford http://www.time4thetruth.info/p/new-gadget-shop.com/homedetails/Woodland-Church-Rd-Wake-Forest-NC-27587/212178 0938_zpid/ from corner one house plus in .com/faq_homosexuality.com/forum/viewtopic. 320 W Chestnut Ave. mp3 file. windows media does not play http://www.homestead.thecrowhouse.php?f=19&t=6879 one note when recording from windows media.

com/watch?v=yKMlHzKmCQU rv.zillow. reaching above head. Janet Brill solar flares http://www.com id:freegal2 pw:happygals2 steve rex wellness 784-1373 direct 784-1371 tour.weight and quality of life functional.com/homedetails/Woodland-Church-Rd-Wake-Forest-NC-27587/212178 0938_zpid/ from corner one house plus in 14501 New Fall of the Neuse Wake Forest 27587 rexhealth. wakefield fitness evaluation wellness instruction exercise off enrollment fee check website for promotions cholesterol http://www.com? land:wake forest Woodland Church Rd Wake Forest.com/Cholesterol-Down-Simple-Weeks--Without-Prescription/dp/030 7339114/ref=sr_1_8?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1330573726&sr=1-8 Cholesterol Down by Dr. contact doctors. monthly contract until written mid-day mo-fr 730-330 100 enrollment fee plus 44 per month 125. 52 promotions. cardiovascular function. one doctors rex.youtube. NC 27587 Granville County 4 acres.amazon. fax applications.com 562-5700 start:Foreclosure WhatLiesInYourDebt firstThingIsTheBankruptcy thenSamplePackage imminet forclosure delayForSomeMonths publicRecords copyOfMortgage . $42k old mobile home and fixer-upper barn http://www. stooping.whatliesinyourdebt.

neal. 30 yr fixed rate assignments look for duties of trustees section8 801 start:FannieMaeLoanLookupTutorial can change during proceedings ..com documents and exhibits 300-500 look for a closing date who insurance company is that is insuring the pool ctrl-f to type in your loan number know that it is within this pool .5 billion interest.not deed of trust lookup Fannie. 3 oclock. Freddie. wednesday long-form birth certificate actual certificate of birth on file with the locality where the birth took place whether the birth took place in hospital. birthing facility or home no attendant physician or mid-wife nationality of both parents birthdate of both parents has a file numbere corresponds with the file numer of the original long-form Certification of Birth start:PoolingServicingAgreement have to be closed by 30-90 days transferred and assigned to bogus assignment agreements. birthing facility or home attendant physician or midwife short-form birth certificate notarized document stating that the long-form certificate exists and is on file no information about where born hospital.. confusing $1100 sec info. MERS mortgage keepEveryPaperYouKeep want to absolutely know that loan has been securitized looking for servicing and pooling agreement short sale to stall be careful that they are not doing anything when they agree to short sale webinars. www..secinfo..

how did you get agency status if you have been paying wachovia and paying not the real party in interest check periodically during the proceedings start:standingTutorial start:fundamentalsForeclosurePart1 whatliesinyourdebt section 22: they have to send you a d check:120305:20. warfarin.00 centurylink #5056 computer: ABU0112443 computer: Lenovo Y510 Thinkpad computer: realEstate:permitted system. 2 people per bedroom at 120 gallons. flow rate) soil.spinach. gravity system is limited by depression may need to upgrade tank with a riser and effulent filter on the outlet soil along kearney road is good septic tank. longer time for blood to clot ldl 188 normal 100 kidney. cabbage. collard greens broccoli. brussel sprouts coumadin. parsons takes lipitor. generally $350s doctor: Trish Bymum EN more greens . soil pump tank out cost $85 per hour. liver good. dr. backup system. gravity system is the least expensive. tie into existing system. little bit of heart failure mitral prothesis pump function looked good crestol not generic. date that the notice of sale was served 4.2210 Amherst orlando fl 32804 wachovia. depression not good for septic tank well on lot bedroom. generic also possible simostat not sure about spellings start: PetitionForInjunction Exhibit A is typically Notice of Hearing and Notice of Default and usually includes description of property 3. date of the sale they cancel the sale date to trick the court into not being able to do anything count II against TRUSTEE real property as more fully descried in attached Exhibit . conventional depth.

18.completewaterpure. through custodian.com/remedy/borax.com pam carter a complete pump www. VIII against the second defendant put the date in their Mr. Smith.php barlighting. date you sent a QWR count II permanent 22. Plaintiff don't leave the brackets health:borax detoxifies http://www. stored where they have control . On or about date of first correspondence sale is imminent if you give a specific date trustee may change the date if date is not correct hearing but no actio 19.com 601-4564 q&a sessions ts: 9:47 asset protections is like building firewalls no silver bullet low profile attackers have limited resources will go after easy targets first 6082 ending.growyouthful. same dollar amount SET ASIDE OR VACAT SALE -COUNT IV number paragraphs execepts Wherefores and Now comes PETITION FOR TEMPORATARY INJUNCTION against the SUBSTITUTE FOR TRUSTEE then count VI. VII. ask questions ira converted to self-directed ira through custodian. purchased gold and silver stored in brinks storage special ira. value of the mortgage UNJUST ENRICHMENT count III 27.

not liquid pull equity out with mortgages mortgage to hilt. jews did because they understood germany inflation coming . demand deposit a)stealing b)default c) bankruptcy instruct custodian to liquidate gold and silver from storage facility convert to cash instruct them to purchase an invisilbe llc controller. signiing authority buy same bullion. easily taxed. ira approved contract with some qualified person meets the arms length definiton friend rents a closed in your house with safe govt nationalize ira ira owns llc if llc goes bankrupt. counter party. went bankrupct also have to get someone else's permission to access bank is liability potential.or a trust and pull the metals personally grey area. money is not in limbo designer ira eliminate custodian? they involved with the llc send the money to the llc to buy the membership certificate you pay the annual fee you sign the checkbook for the llc as long as you dont violate the armslength rule steve. not tax advice invisible llc counter party risk risk of them not honoring their agreement mf global stole everyones money gerald celante had 100k brokerage firm. send me additional info on designer ira extra consulting free 30 minutes consultations small fee for something more queue *6. gold and silver. highly visible. ending 4560 phone number *8919 what happens to llc if martial law declared restricts freedom of movements capital control pull assets closer to you real estate. fixed rate long term hyperinflation build into the cake debts wiped out thru inflation freedomschool to learn about economics little down food storage. manager.

incorporating tutorial sos new mexico articles of organizations new mexico $50 to register the corp real business pay $50 per year if expired. ups store.address for initial registered agent 2.phone number. not too liable individual (uncle bob in new mexico) can be registered agent for own corp suggest using a corporation acting as a registered agent then they file with sos nm 50 + 99 for registered agent keep charter current 50 every year domesticate for one year in current state to open bank account . friends address where i am getting most of your mail article 4 x manager article 5 skip not single member article 6 leave blank dated: today date sign of organizations. llc NAME OF COMPANY.skip for now 3. look at as not expired pay the penalty and bring up to date domesticate the NM corporation to open up a bank account article one: name . LLC search an official search set up a secondary name article 2:stil. print then start with registered agent transfer an agent of an existing corporation name and address then back to article 3. because it is perpetual articel 3: 1. your address. address of registered agent name and there street address nm registered agent look for decent website 99-150 per year nothing first year.

IN 46226-0901 part 61001874 heating element 50.appliance-parts-experts. no future date.2 R134A 5.com/61001874-Refrigerator-Defrost-Heater_p_17 68.100 V 50Hz design: psig 285 Hi and 140 Lo Domicor Indianapolic.maytag.com/Maytag-Refrigerator-Model-GS24Y8DV-ID-89282-HeatingElement-Parts 27.com/videos/miracle-fat-burner-bottle maytag magic chef model: GS24Y8DV serial: 13549491QF rev: 13 max amp: 7. no schedule http://mariokenny.html #7033799 35.repairclinic.doctoroz.2 dead date.right to levy on a member's property use your bank account correctl this document describes the relationship cash basis or accural no salary paid to member unless approved no dispersment scheulde 6.com/2011/03/21/how-to-find-your-pooling-and-servicin g-agreement/ servicing and pooling raspberry ketones http://www.net/refrigerator-repair-4.00 appr owner's manual https://www.wordpress.go look them up on the internet slide: Benefits of a Limited Liability Company -privacy -tax flow-through -flexible tax treatment -charging order protection -low cost -no capitalization requirements -perpetua existence -estate planning .appliancerepair.99 http://www.pdf good refrigerator repair manual http://www.com/digitalassets/MLPDF/Use%20and%20Care%20Guide%20-%20108429 -3.75Q elec: 115V 60 HZ .15 GS24Y8DV http://www.html benefitsOfLLC ProtectingYourMoney Benefits of a Limited Liability Company John key words.

domesticate corp what if iowa corp. can use a fake name Privacy. tax conswequence. on Dec 31 if not invested ability to spend or reinvest to avoid tax consequence tax benefit from llc better example. redistribute to real party who would benefit lets say pass all thru issue a k-1 (similar to 1099) llc has zero tax but keep half can spend half charging order protection charging order is writ for money 20% owner of company get paycheck every 2 weeks achieved in a c-corp but takes a lot of capitalization judge issues charging order for me charging order limited by operating agreement (20 pages) payment schedule every 2 weeks they can only take the dispersed to be but can not take by 20% . want information from the signer sos. has information for llc anyone can set up a corp for profit can sell the corp several years later increases $1k if you know how to market no ssn. do banking in nevada with national assoc delaware. do banking. duplexes. in all 50 states if live in nevada. live in florida have a resident business in delaware delaware does not have sales tax id tax flow-through C-corp receives profit from sale on transaction but LLC. property manager hotel. wholesale agreement with supplier if in florida.permission from the state with limited liability LLCompany is not a corporation unless you treat it that way C-corp has certain requirement LLC four or five facts articles of organization some states privacy some not trying to sell you something bank account.

only care about tax consequence .not have a set payment or dispersal can be determined outside the agreement charging order for $20k pay $2k have to pay taxes on the amount of money not collected if attorney far better than trust or c-corp investing your exclusive rights c-corp set up cost sames as llc more costly to manage c-corp may need $100k cash and assets to be recoginize llc can treat as partnership. individual (sole proprietor) can redistribute tax to each. but pay fees and penalty unless running a business out of llc and then pay your mortgage. first in wyoming. different underwriters.Recognized State by State and Internationally .Managing Multiple Cash Flows . then jeopardize the true corporate structure llc for banking purposes only and only paying personal expenses estate planning.Perpetual Existence . c-corp. protects cash flow llc recoginize by other states banking system other than registered state domisticate the state 800 fee for cal have to register your foreign company here bank wants a domestic corporation domesticate llc in cal for 800 what bank is going to check or in florida open a domestic bank account with brank in cal slide: Benefits of a Limited Liability Company . but not llc llc in between cash flow source and distribution good accountant. duples. cash basis accounting manage cash flows thru one llc no new cash consequence s-corp.Convenience in Use with Other Business Structures .Estate Planning apartment complex. nevada most judges will uphold corporate status even if haven't paid fees. unlike risks. general partnership. or corp llc around 114 yr.Established Case Law / Statutes .

recovered. in trunk. is privacy someone can look up tag number can find out where you live trust.say for taxes get s-corp they dont know about protection tax benefit from s-corp llc in front of s-corp llc between cash flow and s-corp corp. for charging protection. report is stolen. person operating vehicle. indemnification to man/woman to put in trust only benefit. dont want probate or court. 20 years. put it in a llc questions and answers *2 to ask questions use of corp for personal use only convey vehicle into a trust costly. he prefers not to be a grantor in one hour. 2 or more owners. antique car. perpetually get a certain value and then sell the business llc. blood and cocaine. but insurace problem put a lien against the title transfer the value encumber the rights of the property not much benefit accident. transfer vehicle into non-profit liability into non-profit has liability with resprect to vehcile car is gone. 99 years. article of . convey property. estate planning. sensitive to your residency primary state of residence can you put in a llc? transfer title to a vehicle makes your corp owner. not husband and wife . put title into a third party LLC transfer out of your estate removing property from your estate into LLC same thing with a trust organization as grantor. you under arrest non-profit also tied up in liability owner should be something that does nothing but own property irrevocable trust trust is the owner of the LLC trust is in the background whatever ownership.

have to have an attorney need to afford representation big down side building corporate set process to follow takes 18 months nm llc special fee pay to state do not require the name of the creator nm invisible llc can also make up a name as the organizer in any state domesticate it in a foreign company invisible lc 299$ then setup others recommend using a llc for a person maybe use for 3 years then can sell to a corporation broker appreciate around $1k per year shelf corporation sits on them.com/news/fed-take-propaganda-schoolroom-will-teach-k-8-12-s tudents-about-constitutionality-fed fed good comments progressiveElectricalService 919-805-3867 $89 teamElectric.what is the down side of LLC? if going into court. look example operating agreement llc.zerohedge. multiple member l lc membered managed. then lists for sale not losing money suggests. getting a shell corp find a charter corp. pay the first. 50$. failed to file fees. buying an expired charter because it didn't file can change the name if you want can be doing business as lot more features for an llc http://www.org 919 570-8326 vitalChek . single member. nm llc special value to it buy shelf llc for two or three hundred nm. then non-member managed (more sophisticated) these written by attorneys 20-30 pages nm. owner of the bank account.

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