OPEN ON: A FEMALE RAT. Well kept, soft beautiful fur. FEMALE RAT George! Help me!! PULL BACK TO REVEAL -INT. RAT AGENT CORP - MAIN OFFICE GEORGE, a agent rat, tough and strict. Watches a video feed. Another male rat si ts across, the boss, old. George watches, teary-eyed. Another rat, George’s side-k ick a friendly goofy rat named NIBBLES watches, nervous and worried for his frie nd. The female rat is pushed away to reveal -- A SNAKE, COBRA the head snake. NIBBLES Oh snake, George! We should’ve known it was those darn snakes! COBRA Hello again George. Remember me? I bet you do. GEORGE What do you want, Cobra?! COBRA The rat world to be mine! But this time I’m going slow, you go to the closed down Cotton-candy factory, then we’ll hiss. If you can take down my new set Of men. HAHAHISS!!! NIBBLES You’ll never get away with this! GEORGE I’ll say you Cindy! CINDY, the female rat yells (O.S.). CINDY Hurry! The feed cuts out. George and Nibbles turns to the head boss. GEORGE We’re going to save her! BOSS It’s too dangerous-GEORGE I don’t care, she means so much to me!

BOSS I was going to say, it’s too dangerous without your RATSAO. George nods. GEORGE Thank you sir. BOSS Now, go save her! GEORGE We will! George and Nibbles exit the room. Nibbles comes back. NIBBLES Say I don’t come back, promise not to turn my office into a work-out room? George grabs him and pulls him out. NIBBLES (CONT’D) Ow, ow, ow. Easy on the ear I just fixed it up. CUT TO: INT. RAT MOBILE - LATER A small car. George drives, Nibbles sits passenger. GEORGE I hate Cobra! He’s going to pay for this. NIBBLES You said it! Nibbles groans. GEORGE What? NIBBLES Bathroom break? George gives him a look. NIBBLES I’ll hold it for a few hours. George turns back to the road. NIBBLES (CONT’D) Don’t worry, we’ll save her. Like always. George looks to him again.

GEORGE It’s different, harder than last Time, now that Cobra’s back. On George’s worried face. CUT TO: INT. COTTON CANDY FACTORY - LATER George and Nibbles enter. IT’S HUGE compared to them, dead empty. NIBBLES I’m hungry. Nibbles goes for a large tank but George grabs him. GEORGE Come on, let’s get Cindy first. NIBBLES Holy Cotton candy, George. Look at this! GEORGE (stern) Nibbles… NIBBLES You’re right, sorry. The two continue on as -- HISS! GEORGE Get out your gun spray! Nibbles does so -- sprays himself as George does the same but -A snake attacks -- he goes flying, two other snakes grab George. SNAKE #1 We get him, boss will be happy. GEORGE NIBBLES, go get help! Nibbles runs off, as SNAKE #3 tries to follow but stops. SNAKE #3 EW! He’s using the snake spray! George eyes his. Not far away. GEORGE Where’s Cindy? SNAKE #2 Skyscraper. SNAKE #1

Dude! SNAKE #2 What? He sighs. SNAKE #1 Whatever, he’ll never make it in time. George is mad, he leaps up and gives a KICK to Snake #1’s face. Snake #1 lets go. SNAKE #2 Huh? What the -George spins gives Snake #2 a kick to the face. He lets go too. George dives for the spray gun, he gets it -- Snake #3 attacks. The two wrestle. George head butts Snake #3, he goes flying into a cotton machine. George climbs up the wall of the machine. Looks down to see, Snake #3 stuck in BLUE cotton can dy. He stumbles over to a button and presses it. SNAKE #3 WHOA!!! The machine begins to swirl. GEORGE Enjoy the ride. George hops off, grabs the spray -- as Snake #2 attacks! SNAKE #2 You’re in a world of pain! GEORGE No, I thought it was filled with ponies, rainbows, and unicorns. SNAKE #2 You’re, hisstic. The two wrestle around. GEORGE Yeah like that’s a thing. BOOM! The snake goes flying into Snake #1 and they crash into the same cotton ca ndy machine. George looks to see Nibbles. NIBBLES Holy boom, George! I have this wind thing, and -- and. George runs. GEORGE No time, let’s go!

The two skid off. SNAKE #3 Uh, hello? Going to help us? CUT TO: INT. RAT MOBILE GEORGE Alright you know the plan? NIBBLES I got it! GEORGE Alright, it’s show time! I/E. MONTAGE The rat mobile speeds on by -Cobra in a large room, he looks down -Cindy is tied to a rope above the air, two cats are getting very hungry Nibbles eating a piece of a hotdog, George grabs his and drags him off. GEORGE Come on! We’re already here! Cobra appears. COBRA Hide, give them a little surprise. FADE OUT as Cobra slitters away, hissing evilly. RE-OPEN: INT. SKYSCRAPER - GROUND FLOOR Nibbles and George run in, Nibbles clutches his hotdog. They notice the guard is napping. GEORGE Cobra’s owner owns the place. NIBBLES Holy owner, George! Cobra’s owner owns this place. George rolls his eyes. GEORGE He knows were coming, so he must have a trap. Nibbles looks around.

NIBBLES Looks clear and dead. GEORGE Hmm, stay alert. The two crawl over to the elevator. George hops onto Nibbles’ back and crawls up t he wall. He reaches the button and presses it and falls. The doors open to revea l -- THE TWO CATS. NIBBLES CATS!!! Cat #1 leaps as George falls onto his head. The cat goes crazy trying to pull hi m off. Cat #2 leaps at Nibbles the two go flying. Nibbles hits Cat #2 on the fac e with the hotdog. The cat squeals. Nibbles throws the hotdog, Cat #2 dashes for it. George and Cat #1 are still fig hting, Cat #1 is trying to bite him as George holds onto his neck. GEORGE Watch out. Cat #1 turns to see a hotdog stop at his feet. He looks at it, chuckles. George jumps as BAM! Cat #2 hits into Cat #1 they both go sliding into the wall as Geor ge and Nibbles dash for the elevator door. NIBBLES Wait! Nibbles runs out and grabs his hotdog piece and runs back into the elevator as t he door gives a DING, the doors slide close as Nibbles snacks on the hotdog piec e as George looks at him. CUT TO: INT. SKYSCRAPER - TOP FLOOR DING! The cats turn to the elevator, as Cobra looks down. The doors open reveali ng nothing. The two cats make their way towards the elevator door they step insi de, checks it out. GEORGE NOW! Nibbles presses close door as the two fall off the the buttons, hitting every si ngle floor -- the cats lunges as they dive to the ground and rush out as the doo r closes on the cats, as the growl and yell. Cobra slitters down the wall towards the two. COBRA Oh, if you want something, you have to do it yourself. GEORGE Cobra, so we meet again.

COBRA Yeeeeessssss. So I see you took out my team, huh? GEORGE ALL of them. Now all that’s left standing in the way of my Cindy, is you. Cobra chuckles. COBRA Bring it on. Cobra opens his mouth -- shows his fangs, and hisses. NIBBLES Consider it brought! Nibbles THROWS the hotdog piece into Cobra’s throat. He chokes, coughs. COBRA What the? GEORGE Good job, Nibbles! Save Cindy I got Cobra. NIBBLES Alright George! Nibbles runs away, up a small set of stairs towards Cindy’s area. Cobra lunges, ch oking on the hotdog. George leaps attacks Cobra’s throat -- the hotdog goes flying. Cobra throws George off -George goes flying -- out the window. NIBBLES (CONT’D) GEORGE!!! CINDY GEORGE NO! COBRA I’ve done it! Cindy falls to the floor as Nibbles sniffs, sadden. CINDY You evil jerk! COBRA Shut up! You’re mine now. GEORGE (O.S.) I don’t think so! COBRA

Huh? CINDY GEORGE! George appears -- LEAPING forward knocking Cobra over. COBRA NOOOOOO FLASH TO: INT. SKYSCRAPER - LOBBY - LATER The four cats are being pulled away. George holds Cindy as Nibbles jumps happily .

CINDY My hero. She kisses George’s cheek. George face blushes. GEORGE I love you, Cindy. The two hug. NIBBLES I love happy endings. Nibbles stands next to the boss. BOSS He’s our best agent. We would be failing without him. NIBBLES Can I have a hotdog? My was ruined. The boss looks over, smiles. BOSS Get this guy a hotdog somebody. NIBBLES (smiling, then) What happened to the other two snakes. BOSS A cotton mess. The two chuckle as Cobra is dragged away. NIBBLES Is this were it fades to black and leaves a idea for a sequel? GEORGE

Hopefully it’ll be a good sequel. George and Cindy hug, and smile. FADE TO BLACK.

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