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10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business In a Slowing Economy

10 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Business In a Slowing Economy

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Published by Michael Reid
Advertising and promotions
Advertising and promotions

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Published by: Michael Reid on Jan 18, 2008
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Here are some very effective ways you can advertise your business online and it won’t cost

you a penny. All that’s needed is a little of your time to implement these strategies. As the economy gets tighter, many businesses find it more difficult to advertise their business and increase sales. It’s a struggle to find ways to promote themselves, get links, rank in search engines, and ultimately drive traffic to their websites or local businesses. With a limited budget, they are increasingly searching for free ways to increase business. If you are one of those businesses, here are 10 effective ways to promote at a low cost. 1. Google & Yahoo locals: You can set up a listing on yahoo for free. The good thing about this is that it is geographically targeted. So when someone searches from a particular city, they will find businesses listed locally. You want to be one of those listed. Set up the listing one time and you don’t have to worry about monitoring. Did I mention that people will have the opportunity to give you reviews? People with high ratings will receive preferred listings. 2. I hope you have business cards, postcards and other stationery. These should have some sort of consistency about them. A nice logo will do the job and it will help to harness your corporate identity. People will take your business more seriously and this will raise the level of your professionalism. Give your business cards to as many people as you can. It’s networking and it is powerful. Give them to family, friends, and your vendors; leave some at the local barbershop etc. You get the picture. 3. Yellowpages.com Did you know that you can get a free listing in their directory? The most basic listing is free. Why not take advantage of that. 4. Write an article like this one. If nothing else, it will help in showing that you are a professional in your field. Distribute it to local newspapers, magazines, and social networking websites. Just make sure to include a little bio with your contact information at the end of the article. 5. Email signatures. This might seem insignificant but please don’t underestimate an email signature. You can also run a little promotion. 6. There is a website called scribd.com. Your can upload anything for free. After you create your account which becomes your personal page, you can upload articles, videos, PDF or jpg files, html etc. There’s almost no restriction. They get over 10,000,000 visitors per month. You can at least get some free link back to your website. I hope you have a website. 7. Your current customers. Send them thank you cards. The ones who like and trust you are your most valuable advertising tools. They will tell others about you. Let them know you appreciate their business. Don’t wait until it’s a holiday to do this, it will be more effective to send it when they don’t really expect it. 8. Do a video. Videos are becoming more important in what is now called the “attention age.” There is so much information out there people have to be more selective on what they spend their precious time on. Videos are great in capturing people’s attention. Place your video on your website; distribute it to youtube.com, sribd.com and other video sharing sites. 9. Add magnetic signs to your vehicle. Advertise your business on a 18 x 24

magnetic car sign and place it on the doors of your vehicle. 10. Press releases, newsletters, blogs all get the word out fast and they can all be free. Even if you are not a writer you can pay someone less than $20 to write a decent article for you. These are all ways you can use to get the word out today. Set your budget and start promoting because the opportunities are great. Michael Reid Small Business Promotions, Inc. http://www.designsnprint.com http://www.submitarticlesforfree.com

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