I-Objectives: 1. Identify some items that can be recycled. 2. Find out how certain products are made from recycled materials.

II-Materials: rubber gloves, sample of wastes (recyclable & non-recyclable)

III- Procedure 1. Put on the rubber gloves & gather some items from the waste basket. 2. Classify the items into recyclable and non-recyclable. 3. Identify where the materials have come from.

IV Observations: Item Category Where it has come from

How can they be recycled? 3. What recyclable products have you found? 2. How can recycling help conserve and preserve our environment? VI Conclusion: .V Guide Questions: 1. Why is recycling metal a good idea? 4.

Observations: Food sample Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 . magnifying glass Procedure: 1.ACTIVITY 4 Consumers and Decomposers in an Ecosystem Objectives: 1. Observe and record some changes in the environment. Observe the samples with magnifying glass everyday w/in 5 days. 2. Record your observations everyday. Walk around the area and select a spot where your food sample may be placed for at least 5 days. Select a site in the school where you will do the activity. Place a marker on the spot. 2. Infer the causes of the changes. 4. Take pictures of the sample. Materials: food samples. 3. markers such as sticks or stones.

What happened to the food samples as the days passed? 2.Guide Questions: 1. Why should outdoor garbage cans be covered? Conclusion: . What may have caused the decomposition of the food sample? 3.

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