source code control system - all of a project's source code in a repository current state of system = the mainline developer

can make copy of mainline onto own system = checking out a working cop y / update working copy to mainline (same thing) developer develops working copy: codes and adds/changes automated tests developer carries out automated build on own dev machine - source code compiled and linked into an executable file, automated tests run. should build and test w ithout errors. code is often self-testing - (often using test driven development as a method an d xunit as a tool) developer ready to commit changes into repository but: other developers may have made changes to mainline. so: developer updates working copy first. if any clashes as a result of devs cha nges, own responsibility to fix. everyone commits to the mainline every day A continuous integration server acts as a monitor to the repository. Every time a commit against the repository finishes the server automatically checks out the sources onto the integration machine, initiates a build, and notifies the commi tter of the result of the build. The committer isn't done until she gets the not ification - usually an email.

tools to manage this process: Source Code Management tools, configuration manage ment, version control systems, repositories, or various other names

TDD: Write a test for the next bit of functionality you want to add. Write the functional code until the test passes. Refactor both new and old code to make it well structured.

FIT is most accepted solution for agile acceptance testing FitNesse - Stand alone web server - Is a wiki - Tests written in wiki text - Tests are executed from within the wiki - Translates tests into HTML - Uses FIT to execute tests - Supports test suites - Supports variables in tests - Supports test refactoring - Written in Java - Supports FIT implementations in any language story -> acceptance criteria -> automated acceptance tests -> automated unit tes ts -> executable specifications

XUnit etc Done: .every story has an acceptance test .A story is not done until passes it .Fitnesse etc Unit tests .GUI / functional tests .Selenium etc Acceptance tests .

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