How it all began….

The Ancient Greeks believed that the gods and their world began in this very strange way. In the beginning there was nothing but a wide gaping space called Chaos. Mother Earth was the first to appear followed by Father Sky. Rains fell from Father Sky to earth and flowers and trees began to appear, rivers flowed and lakes and seas were created. Next, Mother Earth produced the hundred-handed giants and Cyclopes, giants with one eye. They decided to rebel against their father so he locked them up in Tartarus, a dark and gloomy place in the Underworld. Then Mother Earth gave birth to the Titans – more giants, the most famous being Atlas, Rhea and Cronos. The Titans released the Cyclopes from the Underworld and with their help they overthrew Father Sky. Cronos became the leader of the Titans and he had big plans to become the ruler of the universe so he locked the Cyclopes up in Tartarus again so that they wouldn’t stop his plans. Cronos, the mean Titan then married his sister Rhea! His mother warned him that he would be overthrown by one of his children just as he had overthrown his father. So every time Rhea gave birth to a child Cronos would eat it. After having five children Rhea decided enough was enough and was determined her next child would live. When she had a baby son called Zeus she sent him off to Crete. Then she wrapped a stone up in a blanket and gave it to her husband. Cronos, upon seeing Rhea with another child, promptly ate the stone and did not seem to notice the difference. Zeus was hidden in a cave on the island of Crete. He was fed on honey and goats milk and slept in a golden cradle hung from a tree. When he was grown up enough, the Titan Prometheus visited him and told him how to overthrow his father. Prometheus knew that the future lay with Zeus and the gods. Zeus put the magic potion in Cronos’ drink, which made him very sick. First he coughed up the blanket with the stone and then he coughed up all his brothers and sisters, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Poseidon and Hades. Still alive they joined Zeus in a battle against Cronos. The gods won with weapons made by the Cyclopes and the Titans, except for Prometheus, were locked up underground.

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